How to Prevent CopyCat Malware from Infecting your Android Phone

With more than 14 million Android devices affected by the CopyCat malware, it has already become a global security threat. Lately, the malware has spread worldwide with users looking for solutions for CopyCat. If you also want to keep Android data safe and protect your phone from the malware, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will teach you how to backup Android and what essential measures one should take to avoid the CopyCat malware.

Part 1. What is the CopyCat malware?

In the last few years, we have witnessed plenty of global security threats and malware attacks. Though, the recent CopyCat malware is expected to be one of the biggest and most widely spread global attacks, targeting solely on Android devices. By infecting more than 14 million devices, it has gained around $1.5 million from fraud revenue.

The source of the CopyCat malware is yet to be disclosed. According to experts, it was originated from Asia, as more than 55% of the attacks were reported from Southeast Asian countries. According to Google, the malware doesn’t come from the Play Store. Mostly, it enters an Android phone via a third-party source or a phishing campaign.

Afterward, it automatically downloads a toolkit on the host device and roots it. This lets the malware have a complete control on the device. After injecting its code into Zygote, it intervenes with the natural activity of the phone and gains revenue while performing various malicious activities. The money gets transferred to the hackers as the revenue gets credited to an anonymous source.

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Part 2. How to avoid CopyCat malware from infecting your Android phone

As you can see, CopyCat is rapidly spreading the world over by infecting millions of Android devices. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that one should take necessary measures to avoid the malware. If your phone is vulnerable to a malware attack, then it is high-time to increase its security. Follow these solutions for CopyCat to protect your device.

1. Disable third-party app download

Since the CopyCat malware can enter your phone from a third-party source, it is recommended to turn this feature off. Visit your device’s Settings > Security and turn off the feature of unknown sources that allows the installation of apps from other than Play Store. After saving these settings, make sure that you download apps only from Google Play Store to keep Android data safe.

Prevent copycat malware-Disable third-party app download

2. Don’t open unknown links

If you use apps like Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, and more, then chances are that you might receive links from unknown sources. Sometimes, these links are even sent from our contacts (from an infected device). It is highly recommended not to click on these unknown links, as it can infect your device without your knowledge.

Prevent copycat malware-Don’t open unknown links

3. Download apps from trusted developers

Even though the CopyCat malware attack has not been reportedly originated from Google Play Store, it is always recommended to stay cautious. While downloading an app from Play Store, make sure that you read about the app developer. Try not to download apps from a new or unknown developer. Only go for trusted app developers that have a good reputation on Play Store. Also, read app reviews and star ratings to ensure that the app is secure and won’t cause any security breach.

Prevent copycat malware-Download apps from trusted developers

4. Update your Android device

If your device is running on an older or unstable version of Android, then it is more vulnerable to a security attack. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should update your device’s operating system. To do this, visit its Settings > About Phone > System Updates and check for updates. If a stable update is found, then simply upgrade the Android version. Though, you should backup Android data beforehand to avoid any unwanted scenario.

Prevent copycat malware-Update your Android device

5. Use security applications

There are lots of free and premium security applications that are available on Google Play Store. One of the most recommended solutions for CopyCat is having an active and secure anti-virus software on your device. This will protect your phone from any malicious attack and keep Android data safe at the same time.

Prevent copycat malware-Use security applications

Part 3. Bonus tip: Backup your Android Data

If your phone has been affected by CopyCat, then you should take some immediate measures. The best solution would be resetting your phone in order to wipe it completely. Nevertheless, you would end up losing your data in that process. To backup Android, take the assistance of Wondershare MobileTrans. Supported by more than 3000 different devices, it works on every leading version of Android (including Android 7.0).

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You can download it on your Windows or Mac system and backup Android data with a single click. This will keep Android data safe, letting you restore it afterward without much trouble. To backup Android files with MobileTrans, follow these steps:

Step 1. Download and install MobileTrans from its official website right here. Launch it and select the option of “Backup your phone” from the welcome screen.

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Step 2. Connect your device whenever you wish to backup Android. Wait for a while as the application will recognize your device and provide its snapshot. From here, you can also select the kind of data files that you wish to backup.

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Step 3. After selecting the backup Android files, just click on the “Start Transfer” button to initiate the backup. Wait for a while as the application will backup Android data on your system.

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Once it is completed successfully, you can simply remove your device safely and view the recent backup Android as well.

We are sure that after performing these necessary measures, you would be able to protect your Android device from CopyCat malware. Go ahead and follow these solutions for CopyCat and also inform your friends and family about these precautionary measures as well. If you have any doubt about CopyCat or different ways to keep Android data safe, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.

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