Android Stuck in Factory Mode: How to Exit Android Factory Mode

You’ve often heard that recovery mode will solve about any problem your Android device is experiencing. This is mostly true and one of the components of Android’s recovery mode, factory mode or factory reset is one of the most efficient ways to solve various problems on your device. While factory mode is often a good thing, there are times when your device can enter factory mode on its own. Other times, you can safely enter factory mode but not know how to get out.

Fortunately for you, this article will explain all aspects of factory mode and especially how to safely exit factory mode.

Part 1. What is Android Factory Mode?

Factory mode or what is commonly known as factory reset is one of the options available for you when your Android device is in recovery mode. Several options are available for you once you enter Recovery mode on your device but few are as effective as the wipe data/ factory reset option. This option is useful in solving a whole host of problems that your device could be experiencing.

If you have been using your Android device for a while now and its performance to be less than ideal, a factory reset might be a good solution. That is however not the only problem a factory reset or factory mode can solve. It will also work for a number or Android errors that you may experience, problems caused by faulty firmware updates and also tweaks made on your device that may not have worked as expected.

It is however important to note that a factory reset or factory mode does often result in the loss of all your data. Therefore a backup is necessary to protect against this data loss risk.

Part 2. Backup your Android Device First

Before we can see how to safely exit factory mode, it is important to have a full backup of your device. We mentioned that a factory mode will likely erase all the data on your device. A backup will ensure that you can get your phone back to its original state before the factory mode.

In order to do a full and complete backup of your device you need to have a tool that will not only ensure that you backup everything on your device but one that makes it easy for you to accomplish this. One of the best tools in the market is MobileTrans Phone Transfer. This software is designed to enable you to create a full backup of your device.

MobileTrans Phone Transfer

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Follow these very simple steps to use this MobileTrans Phone Transfer software to create a full backup of your device.

Step 1. Launch the software and choose "Back Up Your Device"

Run the software on your computer and you can see all features displayed in the primary window. Choose this one: Back Up Your Phone. It allows you to get your device backed up entirely with one click.

android factory mode

Step 2. Plug in with your device

Then plug in with your device to the computer. When your devic is detected, you can see the window below. All data that you can backup on your device is displayed. Check the ones that you want.

android factory mode

Step 3. Start backing up your device to the computer

After choosing the file's type for backup, click "Start Transfer" to begin backing up your device to your computer. It will take you a few minutes, depending on the storage of the data.

android factory mode

Note: You can use the feature of "Restore From Backup" to restore the backup file to your device, when you have the need later.

Part 3. How to Exit Factory Mode on Android

Having a backup of all your data will eliminate the risk of losing any of your data. You can now safely exit factory mode using one of the 2 methods below. These two methods will work on a rooted device.

Method 1: Using “ES File Explorer”

To use this method, you will need to have installed file explorer on your device.

Step 1. Open “ES File Explorer” and then press the icon on the top left corner

Step 2. Next, go to “Tools” and then turn on “Root Explorer”

Step 3. Go to Local> Device> efs> Factory App and then open factorymode as text in the “ES Note Editor” Turn it ON

Step 4. Open keystr as text in the “ES Note Editor” and change it to ON. Save it.

Step 5. Reboot the device

android stuck factory mode

Method 2: Using Terminal Emulator

Step 1. Install Terminal emulator

Step 2. Type “su”

Step 3. Then Type the following:

  • rm /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
  • rm /efs / FactoryApp/ Factorymode
  • Echo –n ON >> / efs/ FactoryApp/ keystr
  • Echo –n ON >> / efs/ FactoryApp/ factorymode
  • chown 1000.1000/ efs/FactoryApp/keystr
  • chown 1000.1000/ efs/FactoryApp/ factorymode
  • chmod 0744 / efs/FactoryApp/keystr
  • chmod 0744 / efs/ FactoryApp/ factorymode
  • reboot

  • You can also exit factory mode on unrooted device by going to Settings> Application manager> All and the search for Factory Test and “Clear Data”, “Clear Cache”

    As much as factory mode can be a useful solution to a number of problems, it can be quite annoying when it pops up unexpectedly. Now you are equipped with 2 effective solutions to help you safely exit factory mode if ever you find yourself in this situation.

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