How to Enhance Your OneDrive Security Best Practices

Written By Axel Nash | Oct 28,2020

With the gaining popularity of today’s technology oriented scenario, Microsoft’s OneDrive file security has become a rapidly mounting business by providing great convenience to the users for sharing and synchronizing data and information in a safe and secure way.

Part 1. What does OneDrive security provide by default?

By Simply looking at the name ‘OneDrive Security’ we can get the idea about what it is meant to do, however, to get an insight about its features and benefits just keep reading. OneDrive secure possesses some encryption measures by default, similar to most of the data sync and share providers. For instance, the files stored in all the accounts of OneDrive secure are coded in transit by utilizing SSL, whereas, only OneDrive for enterprise also gives rested encryption which means that the data that is kept on the personal account are susceptible. Moreover, OneDrive for Enterprise also allows encryption per-file which enables a separate encryption key for each file, which clearly indicates that in case a malicious activity is performed then only a single file can be accessed rather that the entire account.

All in all, OneDrive file security comes with the two-factor authentication feature which provides extra security to the information stored.

Enhance onedrive security

Part 2. What should we do to enhance OneDrive Security

Although, there are numerous techniques to enhance the OneDrive secure, but we have described the most effective methods to do the same.

Create a strong password: The first and the foremost vital thing is setting a strong and unique password. This is mainly due to the fact that there are numerous online services which make use of your email ID to confirm your identity. If a stranger gets access to your account, they might try and reset your password by utilizing your email and gain passwords for other applications such as shopping and banking. Also, there are other things that one needs to keep in mind which are mentioned below:

a) Never use the same password for different accounts

b) Instead of using a single word such as “password” or “Alpha” use multiple words like “Pure786” or “Tiger123”.

c) Avoid using common passwords such as “password” or your name or DOB which can be easily guessed.

d) Make use of symbols or uppercase letters in your password to make them unique and hard to guess.

Enhance onedrive security -passwords

Insert security details to your Microsoft account: Information such as your contact number, security question and answer and an alternative email address can be added to your account for improving the security level. By doing this, you will be able to recover your password and verify your identity whenever your account gets hacked.

Enhance onedrive security -verify the identity

Use two-step verification. Another great way to improve the safety feature of OneDrive secure is by making use of two- step verification. This method ensures security by requesting you to enter the security code which is provided to you second time whenever you try to sign in from a non-trusted device. This process is also referred as two-factor authentication and sometimes called as “2FA” by some users. This method is extremely useful as if someone has somehow guessed your password but still it will be nearly impossible for him to hack your account.

Enhance onedrive security -two- step verification

Back up your OneDrive files: In this, prior to using this feature to back up your data you first need to choose the location where this data will be saved. You can either choose an externally linked drive, like a USB drive, or you can save the files to a drive which is already on the network. Hence, these are the optimum options for saving your backed-up files against any system crash or issues.

Another thing to keep in mind while performing this technique is that the file history tends to back up the copy of files that exist in the music, pictures and other desktop folders along with the offline files which are saved on your PC. And all the other files won’t be saved unless you manually add them to these folders.

Enhance onedrive security -file history

The procedure to do this is as follows:

1. Tap search after you swipes in from the top right corner of the screen. (In case you're using a mouse, point towards the corner at the lower-right of the screen then click search after raising the mouse pointer upwards). In the search tab type File History settings and further select the settings for file history.

2. Moving on, now click the Select a drive, and select the source whether network or external drive that you aim to choose.

3. Finally, Turn the File History to switch on mode.

Part 3. Tips

1. Get more free storage

The existing stored offered by Microsoft is only 15 GB to the new users, for those who hardly store any content like photos, music etcetera in the cloud storage this should be enough, however, if you do opt for this storage most of the times then you might need more than this. There are some tasks that you can do to get more than the allotted storage such as Bing bonus, Samsung mobile bonus and lastly the camera roll bonus.Use these expert techniques to extend your free storage limit.

2. Embed file into web page

With the help of inbuilt options in OneDrive, you can now access the embed file or any image that was just created or uploaded, this is due to the great compatibility of OneDrive and the web version of Word, outlook etcetera where many people create stories, create excel sheets, notes or even create presentations in PowerPoint.

3. Password protect OneDrive on mobile

This has been repeated a number of times, the main point of protecting your data or files stored on OneDrive is through you non-shared password, this is not just applicable to the PC’s or Laptops but also mobile phones.

4. Directly upload Office files to OneDrive

To understand this, simply open any product by office it can be excel or word or any other product on your windows device. Now from windows machine move on to the file then save and then select OneDrive. In future save all your files here for enhanced security.

5. Create shared image album

In order to create this, start with making a folder in your OneDrive. You will see an info button on the corner of the folder, and tap on that button and move to the sharing section. Now simply invite your friends or contacts by tapping on “Add people”. By doing this you will be able to achieve the direct link or even share or email it on the social websites.

Overall, this article will surely help you towards achieving enhanced OneDrive File security and keep your confidential information safe.

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