2 Stepwise Methods to Backup iPad to Computer [100% Free Solutions]

Written By Axel Nash | Sep 17,2020

A while back, when I was using my iPad Pro, the device stopped working, and I ended up losing all my data in the process. This made me realize how important it is to backup iPad to a computer regularly. After all, if I had a backup of my iPad Pro saved, I could have easily used it to restore my files. Well, the good news is that there are some smart methods to backup iPad to PC. In this post, I will let you know how to backup iPad to a computer using two smart techniques.

backup ipad to computer

Method 1: How to Backup iPad to Computer with iTunes

If you have been using iOS devices in the past, then you must be familiar with iTunes. Developed by Apple, it is a freely available desktop application that runs on leading Windows and macOS versions. The application supports every major iPad model and can take a backup of your device on the local computer storage.

Using iTunes, you can backup iPad Pro, Air, Mini, and all the other models. The backup will include your photos, music, videos, documents, and a few other data types. There is also an option to encrypt your backup that you can implement. Later, you can use iTunes to restore your backup as well. To learn how to backup iPad Pro to computer with iTunes, you can follow these instructions.

Step 1: Connect your iPad to PC and launch iTunes

To start with, you can just take the assistance of a lightning cable and connect your iPad to your computer. Also, from the list of installed applications on your computer, you can launch an updated version of iTunes.

backup ipad to computer

In no time, iTunes will automatically detect the connected iPad and will let you know. You can go to the devices section from the top panel of iTunes and select your iPad from here.

Step 2: Backup iPad to PC

Once your iPad is selected, you can go to its Summary section from the side panel of iTunes. Now, to backup iPad to a computer, please visit the “Backups” section under the Summary tab.

Here, you can view an option to backup iPad to the local computer storage or iCloud. Select the “This Computer” option from here and enable the feature to encrypt your backup (if you want to). In the end, just click on the “Back Up Now” button and wait as iTunes would take an extensive backup of your iPad to the computer.

backup ipad to computer


Later, you can restore your backup from iTunes as well. For this, you have to click on the “Restore Backup” button under the Backups section of iTunes instead and pick an existing file to restore to your iPad.


  • • The process to backup iPad to PC via iTunes is a bit complicated
  • • It can be time-consuming as well
  • • Some of your iPad content (like app data) might not be included in the backup
  • • Users often encounter compatibility issues while restoring an iTunes backup

Method 2: Backup iPad to Computer in One-click using MobileTrans – Backup

Since iTunes can be a complicated approach to backup iPad to computer, you can consider using MobileTrans – Backup instead. With just a single click, it can take a complete backup of your iPad to your computer. If you want, you can maintain multiple versions of iPad backup files and can later restore them to any device of your choice.

  • • MobileTrans – Backup supports 8000+ devices, including every major iPad Pro, Air, Mini, and other models.
  • • With just a single click, you can backup your iPad data, including your photos, videos, audios, documents, calendar, notes, bookmarks, voice memos, reminders, and so much more.
  • • You can backup iPad to PC as many times as you want and maintain different versions of backup without overwriting anything.
  • • Later, you can take the assistance of MobileTrans – Restore to extract the backup content to your iPad or any other device without any compatibility issues.
  • • MobileTrans – Backup is available for free, is 100% secure, and will not need jailbreak access as well.

Since it is a DIY user-friendly application, anyone can learn how to backup iPad to a computer using MobileTrans in the following way.

Step 1: Connect your iPad and launch the application

If you don’t have MobileTrans – Backup installed on your computer, then you can first visit its website and download it for free. Now, you can connect your iPad to the system, and launch MobileTrans. From the provided options on its home, kindly pick the “Backup” module.

backup home

Step 2: Backup iPad to computer

MobileTrans will automatically detect the connected device and would display its snapshot on the side. From the middle, you can just select the type of data that you wish to include in the backup (like your photos or videos). After making the relevant selections, click on the “Start” button and let MobileTrans backup iPad to PC automatically.

backup ios 01

When the backup process is completed successfully by MobileTrans, you will be notified, and can safely remove your device.


  • • Extremely easy to operate
  • • It is a 100% free solution
  • • No compatibility issues
  • • Can maintain different backup versions

Now when you know how to backup iPad to PC, you can easily keep your data safe. From the available options, MobileTrans – Backup has to be the best method to backup iPad to PC with just a single click. The application supports all the major iPad models and can take an entire backup of your device. You can manage multiple backup versions on your PC and can later use MobileTrans – Restore to extract a saved backup to the same or any other device in a jiffy. Go ahead and try this freely available tool and never lose your iPad data again!

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