How to Backup iPad without iTunes

Written By Axel Nash | Mar 25,2020

Data is the prime source for the proper functioning of business across boundaries. It is the foremost duty of every individual to handle the data optimally for further reference in future. It is a wise practice to set a routine backup process of your gadgets to avoid data loss due to a catastrophic situation like loss, damage issues. Learn how to backup iPad without iTunes in this article and adopt the best way to carry out this activity. The backup process relates to data management and it depends on the individual to choose one of the effective methods, which are in practice at the current situation. You can backup your gadgets using different platform like iCloud, iTunes, third party software etc. In this article, you will learn how to backup iPad on iCloud and third-party software,

Part 1: Backup iPad to PC without iTunes

Choose an incredible third party tool to backup the iPad without iTunes. The Mobile Trans from Wondershare is efficient software to handle data transfer between gadgets. You can rely on this program for quick lossless data transfer. If you have any plans, to switch to a new device then immediately make a backup of your old device for the ease restoration process. The backup procedure assists you to save the data in a secure place for future retrieval. It is the right procedure if you want to back up a huge amount of data at a time without any loss.

Take a quick look at the below steps for iPad backup to PC without iTunes through Mobile Trans tool.

Step 1: Launch the tool

Enter the web address ‘’ in your web browser and download the Mobile Trans app depending on your OS. You can go for a Mac version if you own a Mac PC else download the Windows version of Mobile Trans. Install the program by following the wizard and hit the tool icon to proceed with the backup process.

Step 2: Link your iPad

Use the USB cable to connect iPad with your PC. Ensure proper positions of the source and destination devices. Make use of a hassle-free USB cable to connect the gadgets. This connection plays a vital role in lossless data backup. Any flaw in the cable leads to unwanted issues during the backup process.

attach devices

Step 3: Choose ‘Backup’

In the home page of the Mobile Trans app, you must select the ‘Backup’ option to save the files in your PC. This option serves as a gateway to carry out all sort of backup procedure without any interruptions.

backup home

Step 4: Select the files

Choose the files and data, which need a backup. It is enough if you click the checkbox to select the displayed items. You can select any number of data from the displayed list, which needs a backup. Then press the ‘Start’ button to commence the backup process.

You have to wait for a few minutes until the procedure completes successfully. You can check out the files in your PC with the folder name ‘Mobile Trans backup file’. You can make use of this folder at the time of restoration.

start transfer

Part 2: Backup iPad to iCloud

When you make a backup in the iCloud platform then the data is accessible from any iOS devices at any time and anywhere. It is a convenient method of data backup. The iCloud platform is virtual storage, which organizes your data for easy retrieval. This platform establishes a connection with all your iOS devices effortlessly for easy retrieval of data.

A detailed stepwise procedure to backup iPad data in the iCloud platform was as follows

Step 1: Reach Apple ID

In your iPad, go to ‘Settings’ and hit the ‘Apple ID’. This ID is available at the top of the screen. The iOS gadget users have credentials to log in to the Apple platform to access the in-built programs of Apple. Make use of those credentials to log in to your authorized apple account.

reach apple id

Step 2: Access iCloud

You have to select the ‘iCloud’ option from the listed items. This option opens the iCloud storage and displays all the stored data in an organized format.

access icloud

Step 3: Enable backup

In the ‘iCloud’ screen, you must turn on the toggle button of the ‘iCloud Backup’ option. Then hit the ‘Ok’ button to authorize the changes made in the iCloud platform. This action permits automatic synchronization procedure without any pop-up messages. By enabling this option, you authorize the iPad backup on the iCloud platform.

enable icloud

The above steps enable the iCloud to make a backup of your gadget regularly. The first backup process takes a few minutes to complete the procedure. It has to handle many data for the first time. The further backup process finishes in a few seconds because it saves only the changes you made with your previous available data. It refers to an update process. This procedure happens frequently to avoid the loss of the latest updates made on your iPad.


Finally, the discussion has to end in this conclusion part related to the backup iPad without iTunes. There are multiple methods available to enable a backup process in the iOS gadgets. Choose an effective backup procedure, which ensures lossless data and easy retrieval. Despite data size, the backup should take place at a faster rate without compromising on the quality factors. The Mobile Trans from Wondershare is a perfect choice and highly recommended by experienced professionals. The user-friendly environment of Mobile Trans app assists the users to complete the transfer process quickly without any technical issues. Basic computer skills are sufficient to operate on this software. It is the perfect app for the beginners as well for the professionals. Discover and explore Mobile Trans tool and use the functionalities according to your needs.

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