20 Tricks That Your Can't Miss When Switching to A New iPhone 7

As you may already know, Apple has release its newest smartphone, known as iPhone 7. Many existing iPhone users will be looking forward to upgrading their current devices. There will also be some Android users who are itching to make the switch to iOS.

If you are considering getting the new iPhone 7, read these useful iPhone 7 tips to get you ready to exploring this new device.

Part 1: Tricks for Android users switching to a new iPhone 7

We know you love your Android device but perhaps it is time to try your hands on an iPhone. With the new iPhone 7 coming out, it is a great time to migrate from Android to iOS. If you are totally new to iPhone, here are some great tricks you can use when you are ready to switch to a new iPhone 7.

  1. Contacts and calendar details that are synchronised with your Google account, you will be able to import them from your Gmail account on iOS. This will sync all the data that you have on your account to your new iPhone 7.
  2. Contacts that are locally saved on your Android device, you will need to export them to your SD card (Contacts > Menu > Import/Export). Once you have them on your SD card, transfer them to your computer and save them on your Gmail account. From there, export them on your new iPhone. Alternatively, you can download iTunes on your computer and use it to transfer the contacts from your SD card to the new device.
  3. Media files are best transferred using iTunes. Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your Android and iOS devices to your computer via USB cables. Drag and drop files from your Android device into iTunes---it will then automatically sync with the right folders on your iPhone 7. Alternatively, you can always transfer media files using any cloud storage services.
  4. Download Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV and Google Play Books to access music, movies and books you purchased on Google Play. You will instantly get your collection through this method.
  5. If you mostly stream and "download" music from a streaming service like Pandora, Slacker and Spotify on your Android device, there is probably an iOS-compatible version for your favourite music streaming apps.
  6. Following the steps used to transfer media files, any types of documents can be transfered via iTunes. It will automatically sync with your iPhone 7 so you can be assured that your documents will be in the right folder. Alternatively, you can always transfer documents using any cloud storage services.
  7. If you use your Android to browse the internet, chances are that you have a large bookmark library.  Transfer your browser (Chrome, Firefox or IE) bookmarks to Safari  via iCloud.
  8. If the only reason you are prolonging the switch is because you cannot part with your Google apps and services, we would like you to know that there are Google apps and services run on iOS too. Here is a list of iOS-compatible Google apps and services that you can continue to use freely on iPhone 7: Gmail, Chrome, Google Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Docs, Hangouts, Google+, Google Earth, Google Search, Google Play Books, Google Play Music and Google Translate.
  9. Download the Move to iOS app  that allows Android users to transfer content from their current Android device to iPhone 7 wirelessly. The app is able to let you transfer ontacts, message history, media content like photos and videos, web browser saves, as well as mails, calendars content, and more without any problem.
  10. If you are sure that you will be changing to an iPhone 7, find out which accessories that you will need to purchase due to incompatibility. It would be wise to purchase "standard" accessories (battery backups and earphones) in advance because you will be lured to purchased iPhone-7-exclusive accessories. They are nice to have but not necessary.

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Part 2: Tricks for iPhone users switching to a new iPhone 7

The iPhone 7's release means that a new iOS will be launched as well. Even if you are a long-time Apple user, here are some awesome new features Apple has under its sleeves for both phone and operating system. Here we will give top 10 tips about iphone to iPhone 7 transfer.

  1. There have been speculations that Apple will not include the 16GB model for the new iPhone 7  because it will simply not be enough storage space for the average user. This is especially true in a world filled with high definition everything.
  2. If you are currently at the edge of maxing out your storage,  iOS 10 is coming with a new storage optimisation option  that will help you manage your storage better. Users will be able to instruct their device to remove tracks that have not been played for a while---this will be especially useful for 16GB device users that still plans to hang on to their devices.
  3. You will be able to  share your current location with family and friends  in the new and improved Messages app. The app is said to be more contextually aware and will alert users to share their location when someone asks "Where are you?".
  4. Apple finally decides to make  removing pre-installed iOS apps an option ! It is a good thing especially when not many people are using apps like Stocks, Compass and Weather. It also allows many users to be able to have only one email app that works best for them.
  5. Speaking of email apps, the upgraded Mail app will make it easier to unsubscribe to mailing lists . While reading an emailer, iOS 10 will give you an "unsubscribe" button readily at the top of the page---this will make it easier for your to remove yourself from the list without squinting at your iPhone to find the right link.
  6. Live Photos has been working great. So, what will make it more awesome? Well, combining Live Photos features with filters  of course!
  7. A dream come true for many people: inline video playback . Users will be able to resize the video button once it starts playing in full-screen mode in mobile Safari.
  8. Users will be able to turn Read Receipts on/off individually  so that you only get notifications that matter.
  9. If you are trying to fix your bedtime, iOS time will have you covered. There is a  new Bedtime tab in the Clock app  that will remind you when bedtime is near and help you regulate your sleeping pattern.
  10. You will be able to  control the intensity of your flashlight  and avoid being accidentally blinded in the middle of the night.

Regardless if you have been using iPhone for a long time or new to iPhone, these iPhone 7 tricks will surely help you look forward to the new iPhone 7 and iOS 10.

Part 3: How to Transfer from Android/iPhone to iPhone 7

There is a easy and quick way to transfer to iPhone 7, no matter your phone is iPhone or Android. With this Phone Transfer, you can switch Android/iPhone to your new iPhone in one Click, including the contacts, videos, music, phones, app etc. That is MobileTrans. It has free trial version, and you can try it. It has lots of functions. Not only one-click transfer, but also it can backup to you PC, and restore from iCloud, iTunes, Kies, Blackberry and OneDrive with MobileTrans. So try it and you will like it.

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Step 1.Download and install MobileTrans. Then launch it, and you will see the interface as below.

switch to a new iPhone 7-launch mobiletrans

Step 2.Connect your old Phone and new iPhone 7. Then click on "Phone to Phone Transfer". It will pop up a new window to let you select the files. Check your desired files and click "Start Transfer".

switch to a new iPhone 7-Phone to Phone Transfer

Step 2.After you click the button, MobileTrans will transfer the data to your new iPhone. That's all. Easy!

switch to a new iPhone 7-select files

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