6 Ways to Fix Share My Location Not Working on iPhone

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For iOS users, ‘Share My Location’ is probably one of the most reliable features as it allows them to share their real-time location with friends and family members. Parents often use “Share My Location” to keep an eye on their children’s whereabouts and ensure they aren’t roaming around a bad neighborhood. The real-time location updates of this feature are highly accurate, which means your friends and family members will always have details about your whereabouts.

In addition, “share my location” also serves as the primary feature for iPhone’s “Find My iPhone” and allows users to locate their stolen/lost iDevices in no time. However, even though “share my location” works effortlessly almost all the time, there are situations when users might encounter issues with the feature.

If Find My iPhone is not sharing location on your iPhone either, this guide will help! Today, we’ll walk you through different methods that you can implement to fix the “iPhone share my location not working” on your iDevice.

Method 1: Make Sure to Enable Location Services

Remember that “Share My Location” or “Find My iPhone” will not work unless you have enabled the location services on your iDevice. These features are location-based functionality that needs to access your phone’s GPS services to deliver the desired functionality. So, before everything else, go to the Settings menu on your iPhone and ensure that the “Location Services” is enabled. If “Share My Location” still doesn’t work, proceed toward the next solution.

enable location service iphone

Method 2: Enable Share My Location on Your iPhone

If the above method didn’t assist, the next step to fix Share My Location not working would be to enable Share My Location. It’ll also be necessary to manually enable the latter so that you can share your location with friends and family members. Enabling “Share My Location” on an iPhone or iPad is relatively easy. All you have to do is follow a few easy steps to get the job done.

Start by opening the “Settings” menu on your iDevice and then click on “iCloud.” Now, tap the “Share My Location” option and toggle the switch to enable the feature. Once the feature gets enabled, your phone will automatically start sharing the location with others.

share my location iphone

Method 3: Allow Permission to Find My iPhone

It’s worth understanding that by default, only a few selected applications are allowed to access the location services on an iPhone. So, if you struggle to share your location via “Find My iPhone”, you’ll first have to allow permissions to “Find My iPhone”. To do this, open “Settings and select Privacy.” Then, tap on “Location Services.” Then, hit “Find My iPhone” and choose the permission to “While Using the App.”

Method 4: Sign In to iCloud

Like you cannot access “Share My Location” without enabling location services, you cannot use the feature without signing into your iCloud account.

Many users who have recently purchased their iPhone/iPads jump straight to sharing their location and don’t create the iCloud account first. If that’s the case, go to the “Settings” menu and create your iCloud account first.

icloud sign in

Method 5: Restart iPhone to Fix iPhone Not Sharing Location

If location sharing is still not working on your iPhone, you may also want to restart your iPhone. Restarting an iPhone is one of the most effective solutions to tackle a wide variety of technical issues, and “share my location not working” is one of them.

restart iphone

So, press the “Power” button and swipe the power slider to turn off your device. Then, wait a few seconds and long-press the power button again to turn on the iPhone. Once your device is turned on, go ahead and check if “share my location” is working correctly or not.

Method 6: Contact Apple Official for Help

Finally, if you can still not access “share my location” on your device, the last resort would be to contact Apple’s customer support. However, there are many situations when unexpected software glitches are the reason behind the said error. In this situation, the only way to resolve the issue would be to get in touch with Apple support and follow the steps to troubleshoot the problem accordingly.

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Share My Location is a remarkable feature of Apple’s ecosystem that allows users to share their location with friends and family members. However, unexpected software glitches in many cases might restrict users from properly using the feature. If you also face similar issues, the above methods will help you troubleshoot the problem without any hassle.

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