How to Backup Android Apps –Top 3 Ways to Backup Android Apps

For various digital devices, may it be your PC, tablet or a phone, there are two important situations you come across someday. One is concerning good news when you consider purchasing a new, probably upgraded or more powerful device. Here obviously you would like to transfer all your important contacts and application data (may be even whatsApp chats). So you would be looking some easy way out to do transfer all your desired data to new device. The second scenario pertains to bad news or accidental situation wherein your device may get either damaged or lost due to theft of your negligence thus depriving you of your valuable and sensitive information which may be kind of irreparable loss as well. For this purpose all the users know and they do religiously keep a backup of their data, photos, call logs, music lib, and contacts and so on, preferably on some other device like PC.

How to backup Android Apps

In order to either transfer or backup Android apps all users, novice in particular, would like to know the best software available in the market that may be easy to use fulfilling all their requirements perfectly, as well as affordable. Android backup app providing this functionality are theme of this article.

In this article we will be discussing in the first part about MobileTrans, as to how it may help you backup to PC and how it may help you to transfer Android apps to another Android phone. This is best backup app for Android. In second part we will discuss Titanium and it is another very important Android backup app software you may need additionally to transfer Android apps from one Android to another. Finally in the third part of this article we will talk about Google’s features that allows automatic backup as well as Backup Apps from Android to another Android via Google servers.

Part 1. How to Backup Android Apps with One Click

Fear of crucial data loss always looms around Android users, may it be due to virus which may sneak in any time or any such reason. Therefore Android apps, all images, documents, videos etc. are needed to be secured by keeping a regular backup and best strategy is to Backup Android apps to PC.Like ‘copy and Paste’ to backup Android apps to PC, there may be many other options available but here we will discuss one of best option that extends ease of use through one click option to backup all desired apps, contacts, videos, documents etc. MobileTrans is an amazing tool from products line of Wondershare, to transfer Android apps data to PC or to iPad/iPhone. Its best backup app for android with main features as below:

• Quick and easy transfer of music, messages, contacts, calendar, videos, photos etc.
• Depending on size of data it takes around ten minutes to complete backup.
• Compatible fully with Mac 10.2 and Windows 10.
• Compatible with all major providers such as T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.
• Works flawlessly with Nokia, ZTE, Motorola, HUAWEI, Google, Sony, LG, HTC, Samsung, Apple, and many more smartphones as well as tablets.
• User friendly, transfers contacts and apps data just in one click.
• Allows Free Trial for the user’s confidence building.

Try It Free Try It Free

How to backup android apps.

Step 1. First of all download MobileTrans and install it on your computer. From primary window select ‘Backup your phone’.

How to backup Android Apps-download MobileTrans

Step 2. Connect phone using USB. It will detect your phone automatically, confirming via display message. Select the files desired to be baked up. Then click ‘Start Transfer’ button.

How to backup Android Apps-start transfer

Step 3. Finally on completion of backup you may review/confirm backed up of files using ‘settings’. You may change the location of backup at destination.

How to backup Android Apps-setting

Part 2. Backup Android Apps to Another Android with Titanium

Titanium backup is one of the best solution for scheduled backups that can be restored also any time. This way user may have a snapshot of all Android contents regularly.

How to back up on Android using Titanium Backup

Step 1. Download Titanium Backup application on rooted Android which facilitates app backup and restore.

Step 2. Start it and grant root privileges. Some disclaimers will be asked and so will it proceed. Your phone must be USB debugging enabled now.

How to backup Android Apps-usb debugging

Step 3.Following window have three tabs. Select here ‘Backup and Restore’ tab. This will show backed up contents as well as left overs (with warning triangle).

How to backup Android Apps-Backup and Restor

Step 4. As per following display you may then select Run (next to Backup all …) to process backup of apps. Alternatively tap Run (next to Back up all Sys data) if system data is to be backed up.

How to backup Android Apps-

Step 5. Titanium will take a while here to create your backup. On completion your backup will appear with date label which subsequently can be used to app backup and restore the saved contents.

Part 3. Backup Android Apps to Another Android – Google’s Support

Google has provided ‘Backup my data’ and ‘Automatic restore’ options which may be flipped on while Google account has to be linked. Therefore all user’s apps data and important data pertaining to passwords, phone settings etc. are automatically sent to Servers. So all the stuff will be picked up on to new Android phone without any effort or re-entering password to network.

How to backup Android Apps-google

Other device makers like Samsung have their own backup support features linked to Samsung account. Interestingly you can enjoy ‘pick and choose’ to backup with either of two. That means you may use Google account to backup photos, emails, contacts, but may use Samsung to save Text and calls, which can’t be saved by Google.

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