How to Backup iPhone to Mac/PC

We know that your iPhone keeps very important data and information of your messages, photos, your favorite songs that you have purchased from iTunes, your contacts and many more. So backing up of your data has become essential thing. Your data can be lost due to any situation such as while taking iPhone backup when not connected properly, upgrade, jailbreak or lost etc. Here in this post we will see how to backup iPhone to Mac easily using the traditional ways and give you a second choice to have your iPhone backup.

Part 1. How to backup iPhone to Mac/PC in 1 Click

The best way to secure your data is by using the best recommended tool Wondershare MobileTrans which will take your iPhone backup easily and with utilising less effort. You should maintain a regular backup just in case you lost your phone or if stolen. However, there are number of ways you can transfer your data but MobileTrans is a wonderful and powerful app that will transfer your data easily with one-single click.

Once you have got a new iPhone, it become necessary to transfer the data, but if you already have a backup of your data on your PC, then you can directly connect your new iPhone and restore the data. Well here you do not need to ask as how to backup iPhone to Mac/Pc? Here we will explain along with steps using the tool MobileTrans.

Key Features:

  • Easy backup iPhone to Mac or PC.
  • MobileTrans can transfer contacts, Music, Apps, Videos, Messages, Photos, and Calendar etc bewteen phones or to PC/Mac.
  • It is specially designed for all phones and supports over 3,000+ phones including iPhone, Windows Phone, Symbian and Android.
  • MobileTrans supports all various models of all devices as it can be used with cross-platform.
  • This tool makes sure that files will be back up with full quality.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 11 and Android 8.0.

  • Try It Free Try It Free

    Steps for how to backup iPhone to Mac with MobileTrans

    Step 1. Download and install Wondershare MobileTrans

    A primary window will opened when you’ll run the application

    How to Backup iPhone to Mac or PC-downlaod MobileTrans

    Step 2. Connect iPhone to Mac

    Select the ‘Back up your phone’ mode from the window. Use a USB cable to connect iPhone to Mac or PC and make sure it is detected properly.

    How to Backup iPhone to Mac or PC-backup your Phone

    Step 3. Backup iPhone to Mac or to PC

    choose the files and click on ‘Start Transfer’. Make sure your device is connected properly to Mac until the process is completed

    How to Backup iPhone to Mac or PC-start transfer

    Part 2. How to backup iPhone Data to PC with iTunes

    There are numerous ways used to backup iPhone to Mac or to PC and this includes device settings, app data, Home Screen and app organization to configure. Photos and videos are backed up only if you have enabled on your iPhone and Mac. Taking backup of your data is very important as there may be many situations where it would cost you to replace all the lost data, stolen or severely damaged data. If you own an Apple Mobile device then iTunes may be the best options as iTunes is the best music player which also helps you in managing your mobile device too. iTunes creates the backups of your iPhone right on your computer.

    How to backup iPhone to Mac/PC

    Before you make a backup of your iPhone using iTunes, check the latest version of it by go to Help > Check for updates. But often it’s not necessary. There are two ways by which you can back up iPhone device.

    Backup iPhone to Mac by using Wireless Sync method:

    Step 1. Make sure your iCloud is turned off.

    Step 2. Simply Go to the settings > iCloud storage & Backup and toggle iCloud Backup Off.

    How to Backup iPhone to Mac or PC-Wifi sync

    Step 3. Go to Settings > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync and select your PC from the list.

    Select the ‘Sync Now’ option as by default it will automatically sync when your device will meet the below three conditions.

  • Screen is locked.
  • Device is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Device is plugged into power source.

  • Backup iPhone to Mac by using USB cable method:

    Step 1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your Computer.

    Step 2. Make sure your iCloud is turned off on your iPhone.

    As, you cannot create backup using iTunes when iCloud is enabled, simply go to the Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and then turn off the iCloud Backup switch.

    How to Backup iPhone to Mac or PC-off icloud

    Step 3. Choose Backup

    In iTunes, right-click on your device which you’ll see on the leftmost pane under devices and choose backup form the list.

    How to Backup iPhone to Mac or PC-backup


  • It is available free and supports online music & apps downloading.
  • iTunes can backup messages, camera roll, documents, saved games and many more.
  • It supports devices such as iPod, iPad and iPhone.
  • Cons

  • Process works bit slowly and interface is frozen.
  • It do not show the iTunes Backup files on Mac.
  • Part 3. How to backup iPhone Photo to Mac

    Have you got some great pictures on your new iPhone 6, need to have backup and transfer your data to Mac, then this is no at all a big issue. iPhone 6 backup can be done quickly and easily without using any software and without using Internet connection. Yes you can view your images on the big screen and edit them in any of your inbuilt application. Here we have bought an easy way from where you can take your iPhone 6 backup with only by connecting your device to Mac.

    Steps for how to backup iPhone to Mac

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac using a USB cable. On the screen you’ll see the notification Trust or Don’t Trust option. Tap on Trust to continue,

    Step 2. Your iPhone will notify and ask you to choose what happens with this device,

    Step 3. Click and tap the notification and choose the Import Photos and Videos option. By default it will show all the pictures and will be saved in your ‘My Pictures’ folder.

    How to Backup iPhone to Mac or PC-transfer photos

    Hope you enjoyed the article and understand that how with using simple ways you can backup iPhone 7/7s6/6s/5/5s/4/4s to Mac or PC and keep your photos sync between your Mac, PC and other iOS devices.

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