Top 5 iPhone Backup Software and App – How to Backup your iPhone Quickly and Eff

You will find people asking their friends, relative and colleagues that what to do when you have lost your contacts from iPhone, or are there any iPhone backup software available. Usually, you understand the importance of backup when the situation comes when the device is crashed or freezes. So make sure you have taken back up of all your iPhone data from the computer whenever you have added any new data. This iPhone backup can help you when you’re original once get deleted or lost. Here we will share top 5 iPhone Backup Software or Apps to help you backup your iPhone data. After you read them, you will know how to backup iPhone quickly and effectively.

Part 1. Best iPhone Backup Software – Wondershare MobileTrans

Wondershare MobileTrans is very useful tool, whenever you’re upgrading phones, switching to a different device or changing carriers that time we know the cell phone companies will help you out to retrieve your contacts back but what about other data which you have collected since very long. With wondershare MobileTrans you don’t need to leave your data behind. Grab all your data with using this tool in three simple steps as it comes with supporting all devices efficiently.

How to backup iPhone-Wondershare MobileTrans

Wondershare MobileTrans is one-click transfer software available which can transfer data from Phone to Phone. Using this iPhone backup software you can transfer the information which includes contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, photos, music, videos and other documents without any risk or loss of data. MobileTrans can easily take iPhone backup, Android backup or WinPhone to the computer with restoring them back to any devices. This tool supports 5000+ devices and different networks.

How to backup iPhone-Mobiletrans backup

Key Features:

  • Users can easily take iPhone backup and retrieve the data back without any issue.
  • You can transfer any time of data and backup them anytime you want.
  • It supports all operating system and transfers the data and text directly between two cross-platform.
  • The user can delete the data permanently from the original device.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 10.3 and Android 7.0

  • Try It Free Try It Free

    How to backup iPhone-Mobiletrans interface

    Part 2. Top 2 iPhone Backup Apps to Backup iPhone Data

    Check out the best iPhone Backup apps that will help you in creating the online backup for your contacts so that you can restore your contacts between multiple iOS and also other devices. Here we have top 2 iPhone backup tools for storing contacts. These tools will save your time and transfer contacts easily on your new iPhone.

    1. My Contacts Backup

    My Contacts Backup is the simplest way to backup iPhone contacts. It does not require signing up before using the application. The iPhone backup contact is simple and incredible. Your backup will be created in .vcf format and this file will be sent through an email. The .vcf file is most commonly used format and even possible to import contacts to other devices. You can export your contacts through the .csv format that is the notable feature of this software.

    How to backup iPhone-my-contacts-backup


  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • You can backup coasts in the cloud.
  • It is available free.

  • Cons:

  • Storage is limited.
  • UI design is quite ugly.

  • 2. iDrive Lite

    iDrive Lite is generally used for contacts backup. One can share the contacts on multiple devices and platforms in addition to backing up and restoring them. You just need to sign up for the free account before using this application, so contacts can be perfectly managed from the internet through the website. iDrive will share contacts between different iDrive accounts.

    How to backup iPhone-idrive


  • Seems very nice and have all functionalities.
  • Restore and backup is very easy.
  • Free version offers multiple features.
  • Contacts can be shared between contacts into various iDrive accounts.

  • Cons:

  • You need an iDrive account.

  • Part 3. Best iPhone Backup Extractor

    The best iPhone Backup extractor is iBackup Extractor which can extract files from iTunes or iCloud backups and automatically returns a copy of your recovered iPhone. Your iBackup extractor locates iCloud backup folder reads the Info.plist and Manifest.plist files so it let you extract the files based on the variety of other files types. It allows preview and select the backup file of iTunes and choose whatever contents you want to download. iBackup extractor can extract iMessage, Call logs, bookmarks, calendar and other data from iTunes backup.

    How to backup iPhone-ibackup


  • It can extract files form any iTunes Backup of iOS devices.
  • It is available on Mac and Windows computer.
  • Free trial is available to extract 50 items and can retrieve deleted iPhone data.

  • Cons:

  • It cannot fully scan iTunes backup.
  • It has few Export-formats available.
  • It cannot extract data from iCloud backup.

  • Note:

  • Info.plist is a file that tells you which folder corresponds to which device.
  • Manifest.plist contains an encoded manifest.
  • Part 4. How to back up iPhone to iCloud

    We know that Apple user may occasionally encounter the file accidently lost, damaged or device lost. Before facing this situation be careful and store your important information such as Photos, contacts, music, messages on iCloud backup which provides easy and reliable backup solutions. iCloud allows you to manage your iPhone backup information and choose documents you want to keep in the iCloud.

    iCloud will automatically back up your iPhone data under Wi-Fi when they’re plugged in, locked and connected to any power source. You simply have to choose backup your iPhone to iCloud manually.

    Simply you need to tap on setting and turn on the iCloud Backup if it’s off and then tap on the Back up now. Before your backup is completed, iPhone will give you an estimated time and the progress bar you can watch too. Your backup time largely depends on the speed of internet connection.

    How to backup iPhone-icloud backup

    Hope you enjoyed our article and have found it useful. This amazing Wondershare MobileTrans uses the one-click phone-to-phone transfer software. It can also transfer content between phones on different networks and can also come with zero quality loss & risk-free.

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