How to Backup iPhone/Android Photo – Top 5 Photos Backup software

People are crazy to click photos and are collecting the funniest snaps of their friends and family members. We are sure you’ll be having a decent reason to move your photos from one device to another. If you have already decided to move all your iPhone photos or Android Photos to backup on your Mac or PC, here we have discovered the list of top 5 Phone photo backup software which will help to transfer your Photos from any iOS device or any Google Android smartphone without losing any important data. After reading this article, you will never confuse about how to backup photos for iPhone or Android.

Part 1. One click to Backup iPhone/Android Photo

How to backup iPhone-android photo- top 5 photos backup software-transfer

There is much painless migration of your backup software available in the market but Wondershare MobileTrans is one of the best photo backup tools that can transfer your data in just one single click and you can have iPhone backup photos and Android Photos easily. MobileTrans is the best tool which works with simplicity, easy to use. Not only has this MobileTrans easily worked with Android Photo Backup and many other platforms. There are several ways to back up your images and videos but here an easy one is MobileTrans which do the job really very quickly and without requiring an Internet connection. The main aim to use this tool is to copy all your images in just one go and downsides to any other device within few minutes.

Key Features of MobileTrans

  • One click to Backup iPhone Photos and Android Photos.
  • This tool is trusted by millions of users.
  • It takes less than 3 minutes to transfer your data.
  • It comes with zero hacks and zero data loss.
  • It supports all versions such as Windows, Mac, and iOS.
  • MobileTrans uses phone to phone feature to transfer the data between two cross-platform mobile devices
  • Fully compatible with iOS 11 and Android 8.0.

  • Try It Free Try It Free

    Steps for how to take free iPhone photo backup to your computer

    To take iPhone photo backup to your computer you need to choose ‘Backup your Phone’ option from the primary window of Wondershare MobileTrans. This tool lets you backup your whole device and so you can restore when you need it.

    Let’s check how to Phone backup photos can be done using MobileTrans

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone to Android to the computer

    Run the program on your computer and connect your device to the computer. You need to click on ‘Backup your phone’ option and wait until the program detects your device.

    How to backup iPhone-android photo- top 5 photos backup software-Backup Phone

    Step 2. Choose the file and start Backup

    In the middle of the window, you’ll see the different file types. Select the Photos and click on ‘start backup’ button. Wait until the transfer is being finished.

    How to backup iPhone-android photo- top 5 photos backup software-start backup

    Step 3. Bacup iPhone Photo to Mac/PC or Backup Android Photo to MAC/PC

    Once your backup process has been completed you can click on the pop-up window to access it. Simply you need to go to the setting and find your backup file.

    How to backup iPhone-android photo- top 5 photos backup software-backup

    Part 2. The Other Top 4 Photo Backup Software

    Photo Backup Software - Google drive

    Google Drive serves as an automatic backup point for your photos. You can preserve your special memory from childhood to adulthood. You can upload your photos and videos from any Android or iPhone devices and can access them from any devices with the same account by signing in. Google Drive can resolve your queries such as how to backup android photo, how to backup iPhone photos as Google drive is a free iPhone photo backup tool as well as Android photo backup tool. So try out this with using following steps.

    How to backup iPhone-android photo- top 5 photos backup software-GoogleDrive


  • You won’t lose anything unless you want to.
  • It can work with multiple locations.
  • You won’t get Google’s nifty tricks.
  • It offers 15 GB Storage free of charge.
  • Photo Backup Software - Dropbox

    We know you require too many backups tool for your important files and since iPhone backup photos often are the very crucial part. So, an automatic backup solution would be a good idea for the best iOS photo backup solution as well as Android photo backup. So here we have Dropbox that offers a direct photo access and the photos are back up to the cloud. Using iCloud it will back up all your photos safely.

    How to backup iPhone-android photo- top 5 photos backup software-Dropbox


  • Dropbox allows 2GB of free storage space and referring signup will give you up to 18GB of storage.
  • Pro Paid solutions will offer from 100GB to 500GB at monthly rates.
  • It offers excellent simple solution for other layers of backups.
  • Best iPhoto Backup Software - iPhotos

    iPhoto is the indispensable tool which keeps your photos easily accessible from all in one place and resolve your query of how to backup photo by using this tool. Depending on your backup you make a copy on your hard drive. Instead, choose only the specific folders that you need to backup. Simply you need to export the database and exports all your photos in various qualities. If you’re using iPhoto that means you’re a Mac user and this tool will automatic backup your photos at the regular intervals.

    How to backup iPhone-android photo- top 5 photos backup software-iPhoto


  • It is easy to use and you just connect your iPhone to Mac.
  • Your photos are there automatically.
  • It is a powerful editing tool.
  • Best Android Backup Software - One Drive

    Microsoft’s OneDrive is a strong cross-platform service that comes with numerous benefits. Users get 5GB free storage data. For this, you should have an OneDrive account. The service is formerly known as SkyDrive is a free tool that will enable you to store the files online and retrieve them through a web browser. You need to simply install the one drive on your PC and sign in using your account, later you’ll be asked to upload the photos and videos on your device. Simply turn on your photos so it will automatically upload the files after clicked and saved.

    How to backup iPhone-android photo- top 5 photos backup software-one drive


  • Photos can be stored in the categories format.
  • You can add subject to each picture by which you can simply search the picture using that name.
  • With using one-click backup and restore tool MobileTrans you can easily move your data from one device to another, including photos, music, videos, contacts, messeages, etc. iPhone photo backup software and restoration has now become easy with this best Wondershare MobileTrans tool. Now forget about data loss or phone stolen situation, you can restore your iPhone and Android device photos and videos whenever you want to.

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