How to Restore iPhone from iCloud

Sometimes data might lose accidently and also most of them are the purchased from the iTunes Store, but you have done one good job of storing your data backup in iCloud as iPhone users do have the habit of keeping a copy of it. During this time you might be wondering as for how to I restore my iPhone from iCloud. You do not need to worry about recovering your data as you’re now at a right place. Here we have tutorial based on how to restore iPhone from iCloud backup.

Part 1. How to Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup in One Click

There are several ways and solutions used that explain how to restore iPhone with iCloud backup. Among them, one is iPhone reset to its factory settings which can work for restoring data but the customizations that you have set over since a long time will be deleted. The what would be the best way to get a backup of iPhone from iCloud? No worries here we have third party tool dr.fone - Backup & Restore which works best as a data recovery tool and can get back your data with using a 1-click feature.

dr.fone - Backup & Restore is specially designed and developed for those users who have different networks & devices such as Samsung, HTC, Apple, Sony, Nokia, Oppo, Oneplus and more. This tool is capable enough to recover iPhone from iCloud backup along with almost all important files such as contacts, video, photos, call logs, music and more. Even you can transfer the calendars easily. Follow the below steps for how to restore iPhone from icloud backup with a 1-click tool.

Steps for iPhone restore from iCloud

Step 1. Download dr.fone and sign in iCloud using your account

Simply download the dr.fone software and run the program. A primary window will open, select ’Restore from Backup’ option from all listed modes. Now, select the iCloud from the resultant choice and then sign in to your iCloud account.

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restore iphone from icloud-Install the MobileTrans

Step 2. Connect your device to Mac and make sure your device is recognizable

Connect your device to the computer using the USB cable and wait until your device is recognised by the tool. Now, select the iCloud backup files that you want to transfer. Wait until the iCloud backup is being downloaded.

restore iphone from icloud-Connect your iPhone -Step 2

restore iphone from icloud-Connect your iPhone -Step 2

Step 3. Now, Click on ‘Restore to device’ to begin the process. You can also choose to clear the data if you want to before copy them.

restore iphone from icloud-icloud start copy- Step 3

Part 2. Bonus Tips: Restore from iCloud Backup Not Working

Most people choose iCloud backups manually over iTunes way and it is good too as it saves a lot of your time in not connecting to the computer. For most of them, iCloud works perfectly fine without any issues. The problem comes when a simple rebooting becomes complex. There is a situation where the first iCloud appeared to work fine but later it shows that your backup has been and it shows the message such as ‘The last backup could not be completed’.

At last, you end up with saying, how do I restore my iPhone from icloud if my iCloud backup is not in working condition? Sometimes you might face a situation like this and fail to restore fully. So, how do I fix this restore error as Why I can’t recover iPhone from iCloud backup? If you have faced this situation then it means there is a problem in loading the iCloud servers. So to resolve this problem we have to mitigate the problem and check the iCloud system status.

In fact even in normal circumstances, you need to also check the capacity of your iPhone as the speed of the data connection may sometimes fall. Normally it takes an hour or two to complete the restore from your iCloud, but sometimes it takes a full day to complete the process and if it takes longer than that, then you have to think about interrupting the process. Simply do not switch your device off, which might cause more problem and makes it difficult to solve. Here we have steps to restore iPhone with iCloud easily and fix a stuck iCloud backup restore.

Steps for how to restore iPhone from icloud backup

Step 1. Open Setting a dialog will ask to click on iCloud, so select storage > Manage Storage.

restore iphone from icloud-select storage backup

Step 2. You have to select the device name in which to take backup from, make sure you have selected the camera roll and enable it. This will ensure that even the photos and videos are backed up. This will take a long time so you need patience while the data is being restored.

restore iphone from icloud-backup

We hope with using our post you can easily get the backup of iPhone from iCloud data although you are experiencing problems in backups, while dr.fone - Backup & Restore would be the ideal choice as it does not rely on iCloud servers.

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