How to Restore Photos from iCloud

We all have some beautifully captured images that are very valuable to us but due to mis-touch or some other fault it can get deleted. Many iOS users even today do not have any idea on how to restore Photos from iCloud. So for all those out there, we have come up with two very unique but easy solutions to help you restore photos from iCloud backup. You simply have to keep reading this to know more about how do I restore photos from iCloud Backup. So, just keep on reading this article.

Part 1. Click to restore photos from iCloud to iPhone/Android/Win Phone

Most people have a wrong idea that restoration processes are quite long and for Apple devices it must also be pretty complicated isn't it? However, the reality is far from the truth. You can restore pictures from iCloud in just a simple step using the MobileTrans from Wondershare, which helps the user to retrieve pictures from iCloud backup with just a click of a button. It also supports backup of all data and collects everything from contact to messages, photos, songs, videos and so on. It supports all the major operating system like Android, iOS, Symbian and others. It is much faster than most of other available toolkits and creates a secure and private back up in just a couple of minutes. It also has the facility to restore a selective part or the entire back up data and helps to restore data from other destinations like iTunes backup, Kies backup, BlackBerry backup, OneDrive backup and many more. This toolkit is one of the most trusted ones worldwide with the highest ratings and the most number of positive customer reviews.

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How to restore photos from iCloud -MobileTrans

Now that we know much about this wonder toolkit, let us proceed to follow the steps carefully and learn how to restore from iCloud Backup.

Note: You must follow all the steps to the exact detail to get the best result.

Step 1. Sign in with your iCloud account

How to restore photos from iCloud -sign in

In order to start the restoration process, you have to connect your iOS device to your computer and ensure that it is properly detected. Launch the MobileTrans application and click “Restore from Backups” and then click on “iCloud”

Step 2. Download iCloud Backup

How to restore photos from iCloud -download backup

Once you have successfully logged into your iCloud account, all your iCloud back up will be visible on the screen. However, before you start with the process to restore iCloud Photos, you have to wait for the iCloud back up to be completely downloaded. It will take some time as it depends on the amount of total files you have stored on your iCloud account.

Step 3. Restore iCloud Backup to the iOS/Android Device

How to restore photos from iCloud -restore

Once you have successfully downloaded the complete iCloud back up file on your computer, click on the Start transfer button to begin the restoration process. During the entire process, just ensure that the USB debugging isn’t hampered to conduct a successful transfer

Note: Just in case you want to replace files on your device, you just have to tap on “Clear Data” before you start the process of copying.

Part 2. Retrieve your lost iPhone photos from iCloud to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

If you want to retrieve photos from iCloud backup without using any third-party tool, follow the method given below to restore iCloud Photos to iPhone or iPad directly from iCloud backup file.

Note: All data stored on your iPhone will be permanently erased after you restore pictures from iCloud backup file.

Step 1. Update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS.

Navigate to the Settings on your iPhone screen and then click "General" > "Software Update" to get the latest iOS version.

Step 2. Check iCloud backup settings on your device.

How to restore photos from iCloud - backup

Go to your device settings, tap on "iCloud" > "Storage & Backup". Now you have to check whether the iCloud backup appears at the end of the window. Generally, you would find the iCloud backup there only after you have backed up your iPhone.

Part 3. Bring back all your iPhone photos from iCloud backup

Tap "Settings >General". Touch the Reset button to find and erase all content fromthe settings option. Find setup assistant, and then tap on "Set up your device", finally go to "Restore from a Backup". Now, you can backup and restore all the data including photos on your iPhone from the iCloud backup.

How to restore photos from iCloud -iCloud backup


There are some useful tips to restore pictures from iCloud backup. You must keep them in mind while conducting this process.

  • Always keep all the data on your Device backed up for future reference
  • Never disconnect your device from computer during the transfer process
  • Try to conduct the transfer in a fast internet connection
  • Never use any third party toolkit. It might compromise your privacy.
  • Lastly, try to use MobileTrans. They are the best in this field

  • So, in this article we talked about the top methods to restore iCloud photos. However, among both of them, we would suggest you to go for Wondershare MobileTrans as it has millions of users worldwide with a lot of positive reviews. Even the restoration process is so easy that an amateur with no technical knowledge can also finish it very easily. So if you have no idea on how to restore photos from my iCloud Backup then MobileTrans should be your savior. Moreover, MobileTrans does not pose any risk to your device. Just keep in mind and follow all the steps to the exact detail to complete the task in the most successful manner.

    Hope that you guys really enjoyed reading this article on how to restore photos from iCloud!

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