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2016-03-28 02:26:28
sms by mouna

sms 2013 à 2015

2016-03-26 12:13:10
This simply works by Julie

I got a new phone and needed to transfer contacts, texts, call logs and other misc files to the new one. I tried several apps out there on google play. I paid for Phone Copier Express from Mobileedit. I tried a google solution, SMS back up programs, on and on. It was all a headache and none of it worked. I purchased MobileTrans as a last resort today. This installed and had the transfers completed successfully in under ten minutes. 10 minutes. Boom. Problem solved. This app is a no brainer purchase you will not regret.

2016-03-23 06:15:34
Two of the most useful pieces of software I have ever used/owned - “MobileTrans” and "MobileGo” by Scott Cran

I am not a very technically apt person when it comes to computers or telephones and when I got myself into a situation of having to upgrade 2 phones from Android to iPhone, I found myself avoiding it like the plague. I told a colleague of mine and he laughed and told me that it was very easy and all that I needed was two software programs from a company called “Wondershare”. He explained that he would normally only recommend one program which was “MobileTrans”, perfect to transfer whatever you require from your old phone to the new including Android to Apple iPhone. The other he suggested was “Wondershare MobileGo” which is an Android Manager and would be perfect for my three children and their HTCs and Samsung phones/tablets. I followed his advice and my kids and I could not be happier with the result. I had completed my two upgrades/transfers in under an hour including full backups and even managed to erase everything from both old phones. My children have reported back to me that the “Wondershare MobileGo” is really useful and has already saved their arses more than once. I could not have asked for more complete and efficient products. Thank you “Wondershare ”. Kind Regards Scott

2016-03-10 08:29:59
Best by George Banica

Good, fast .... doing the job.

2016-03-03 10:44:07
probably the best software by Siddharth Sheth

its very good software when compared to other softwares in the market!!!

2016-03-01 18:10:27
Wondershare MobileTrans Review by viet phong

verry good

2016-02-23 08:42:01
very good by Kezia Silva


2016-02-23 00:35:25
Excellent tool, excellent customer support! by Thalia

Very user friendly, and I got immediate reply from customer support to my questions.

2015-05-08 01:19:55
Terrific phone coverting software by Matthew Trompf

I bought this so I could transfer everything from my Mum''s Samsung Galaxy S2 to her new iPhone 6, which was very easy.

2015-05-08 00:30:48
amazing software by ahsannassem

This program has helped me in transferring many files between devices without a hitch. I am a happy customer and would recommend to all who are looking for such a program.