5 Things You Need to Know About Hard Resetting Samsung Phones

Want to hard reset your Samsung phone? If your answer is “Yes”, below are the five most important things that you must know before proceeding. Check them out! And you will know why you need to hard set Samsung Phone and how to reset samsung Phones safely and quickly. It's worth noting that you should back up your Phone data before resetting.

Part 1. Why People Want to Hard Reset Their Samsung Phone?

There are lots of reasons why people want to hard reset their Samsung phone. You can check some of the possible reasons below.

  • Selling – You may want to hard reset your phone and wipe all your personal information from it if you want to sell your phone to an unknown person and don’t want your data to be exposed unnecessarily.
  • Obnoxious Behavior – Another reason that may encourage you to hard reset your phone could be that it has started behaving obnoxiously lately, and you know that it would take you ages to configure its settings back to default. Hard resetting is an easy and quick solution to such issue.
  • Permanently Locked – If you have protected your phone with the password or swipe pattern and have entered a wrong one multiple times in attempt to unlock it, the phone gets unlocked. In such situations you may want to hard reset your phone and restore it to its factory defaults, i.e. with no lock pattern or password.
  • Slow Performance – If your Samsung phone has started performing slow, it is probably the right time to hard reset it to its factory defaults. Doing so would erase all the unnecessary and junk files from its storage, thus making it work as a brand new device.
  • Data Erasure – You may also want to hard reset your Samsung phone if you don’t want to remove each data from your phone individually. Hard reset is one of the easiest and quickest ways to clean up your phone.
  • Part 2. What Do You Need to Do Before Hard Resetting Your Samsung Phone?

    Before you proceed towards hard resetting your Samsung phone, there are a few precautions that you must take in order to play safe with your expensive device. These precautions are:

  • 1. Backup Your Phone Data
  • You definitely don’t want to lose your important data until you are planning to sell the phone off to some unknown person. With that said, backing your data from your phone would have been extremely challenging without any third-party tool. Thanks to Wondershare MobileTrans as this program allows you to back up your phone’s data to your PC in a few easy steps that are given below:

    Step 1. Choose "Back Up Your Phone"

    To get started, run the program on your computer after downloading and installing it. Then choose "Back Up Your Phone" from the primary window.

    hard reset samsung-Back Up Your Phone

    Step 2. Connect your Samsung and choose file for backup

    Now, connect your Samsung device to the computer. When it's detected, you can check file types that you want to back up on your device. Just check the item that you want to backup.

    hard reset samsung-Connect your Samsung

    Step 3. Start to backup your Samsung phone

    After confirming the files, click "Start Transfer" to begin backing up your Samsung phone. It's quite simple.

    hard reset samsung-Start Transfer

    Note: You can use the feature of "Restore From Backup" to restore the backup file to your device, when you have the need later.

  • 2. Power
  • This is important. Ensure that the phone’s battery is at least 70% charged before performing the hard reset. If the battery is low and dies during the process, you may brick your phone and need to take it to the customer care center for proper solution.

    Part 3. How to Hard Reset Your Samsung Phone Using the Hard Buttons on Your Device

    You may want to hard reset your Samsung smartphone using the buttons on the body of the device when everything else fails to work. For example, if you are unable to unlock the phone that has been permanently locked due to multiple failed attempts to unlock it, the only option you are left with is to use the hard buttons to hard reset your phone. The step-by-step instructions to perform a hard reset using the hard buttons are given below:

    a. Power off your Samsung smartphone that needs to be hard reset.

    b. In the powered off state, press the Home + Power + Volume Up buttons together until you see the Android logo on the screen.

    c. Wait until the initial steps are being performed by the phone automatically.

    d. On the next screen that appears, use the Volume Up or Volume Down keys to select (highlight) the wipe data/factory reset option.

    e. Press the Power button and follow the instructions from there to hard reset your Samsung phone.

    f. Once the phone has been hard reset, power it on and start using it normally after going through the initial setup wizard.

    Part 4. How to Hard Reset Your Samsung from the Phone Settings

    In case there is a minor issue with the phone and you are able to access it normally, you can hard reset it from within the Android operating system itself. Instructions to get this done are as below:

    a. Power on your Samsung phone.

    b. Open the Apps drawer by tapping its icon from the Home screen.

    c. From the displayed icons, tap Settings.

    d. On the Settings window, under the Personalization section, tap Backup and reset.

    e. On the Backup and reset window, under the Personal data section, tap Factory data reset.

    Note: Optionally you can check the desired checkboxes under the Backup and restore section as needed before tapping the Factory data reset option.

    hard reset samsung

    f. Once on the Factory data reset window, tap RESET DEVICE to hard reset your Samsung phone.

    how to hard reset samsung

    g. After the phone is reset and restarts, complete the initial setup process and start using your smartphone normally.

    Part 5. How to Hard Reset Your Samsung Phone Using the Master Reset Code

    This is the simplest but at the same time extremely risky method of hard resetting your Samsung smartphone. All you need to do to is to dial the master code which is *2767*3855# or *2767*2878# for the latest devices, and #*7728# for the old models.

    WARNING!! This method does not ask for any confirmation before hard resetting your smartphone. Think twice before using this method.

    how to hard reset samsung

    Devices that Can Be Hard Reset Using Any or All of the Above Methods

  • 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 4/3/2
  • 2. Samsung Galaxy Note
  • 3. Samsung Galaxy E7
  • 4. Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3/S2/S1
  • 5. Samsung Galaxy Duos
  • 6. Samsung Galaxy Tablets with Calling
  • 7. Samsung Galaxy Grand
  • 8. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
  • 9. Samsung Galaxy Core 2
  • 10. Samsung Galaxy Trend
  • Hard resetting your Samsung phone becomes mandatory sometimes. However before performing hard reset on your phone, you are strongly recommended to get fully equipped with the information about the procedure and the advantages and disadvantages that it has.

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