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Many people would agree that nine out of ten times we use our smartphones for WhatsApp. As the time goes on instant messaging has become a necessity, WhatsApp Messenger provides an unparalleled cross-platform service which is absolutely safe and encrypted.


In this article, we shall learn about some WhatsApp tricks and tips to use the App better. These WhatsApp tips will enable you to enhance your WhatsApp using experience and use the App like never before, so that you can be free to do more with your messaging app. To find out more about these simple WhatsApp tricks and tips, keep reading.

Part 1. Tips about how to use WhatsApp

In this segment, we will focus on the basic functions performed by the App and master some WhatsApp tricks to make its general day-to-day use more efficient.

We all know, once downloaded WhatsApp creates its icon automatically but what we might ignore is that it is possible to create a shortcut of a particular contact’s conversation also by clicking on ”More” and tapping on “Add Shortcut”. This WhatsApp tip is very helpful to reach the desired contact directly without having to open WhatsApp again and again.

Changing the size of the font to suit your eyesight is a WhatsApp trick you must know. Just visit WhatsApp settings and select “Chats”. Now select “Font Size” and choose one that your prefer.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-Changing font

If you are bored of the same background screen and want to replace the same to an image or wallpaper of your choice, this WhatsApp tip can help you. All you got to do is go to WhatsApp Settings and select “Chats”. Herein you will find an option to change the default wallpaper to something of your choice.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-background

This WhatsApp trick comes in handy when users intend to read a message yet do not want the sender to know. Follow this WhatsApp tip to get rid of the two blurred ticks often referred to as reading receipts. To disable read receipts go to WhatsApp Settings and select “Account”. Now under “Privacy” deselect the “Read Receipts”.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-Privacy

Sometimes it is necessary for words and phrases to be styled differently. In order to make your text appear bold or in italics, just place it between two stars ( * ) and underscore ( _ ) respectively.

It is also possible to mark conversations/messages as unread by following this simple WhatsApp trick. Just open the App and long press the conversation you wish to mark. Now tap on the “Mark as unread” option.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-Mark as unread

There’s another WhatsApp trick that helps you listen to your voice messages without anyone else having to know. Just bring the speaker close to your ear for the sensor to detect the message as a usual call. It will automatically switch speakers and you can listen to your message discretely.

Another useful WhatsApp tip is to mark all your important messages as Favourite to make it easier to locate them in future. Just long press on the message you wish to mark and then select the “Star” option. you can find all “Starred Messages” in WhatsApp settings.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-Star

This useful WhatsApp trick helps you share contacts, photos, videos, other files and your location via WhatsApp. Just tap on the attachment clip text to the contact’s name on their window to select your desired option.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-share locations

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Part 2. WhatsApp messaging and Group Chats tips

A striking feature of the App is enabling its users to simultaneously chat with multiple contacts in one go. This segment aims to introduce certain helpful WhatsApps tips you must keep in mind while using the group chats feature of this Messenger App.

In order to chat quickly, you can enable “Enter is sent” option in Settings. Also, while you are at settings make sure to switch on the “Low data usage” option to manage your data allowance.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-Enter is sent

Whatsapp tips and tricks-Low data usage

If you are part of WhatsApp group and wish to add or alter an administrator, just go the group info and long tap on the name of the contact. Now tap on “Make Group Admin” and it's done.

If you wish to delete a particular conversation, just go to that contact’s chat and then on its settings. Now tap on “Clear Chat”. Follow this WhatsApp trick to get rid of all unwanted chats.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-Clear Chat

Part 3. WhatsApp security tips

Smartphones are considered as a replacement for personal computers storing information and content which is private to the users. In order to keep the contents of WhatsApp secure, here are a few WhatsApp tips to do so.

To keep the App locked, you must download “App Locker” or such other Apps to secure the App using a PIN.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-App Locker

Another smart way to keep your App private is by hiding your last seen status, profile photo and status. This WhatsApp tip is followed by many. Just go to Settings and select “My Account”. Now tap on “Privacy” and adjust everything from there.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-hiding status

To give your WhatsApp some additional security you can enable the two-step verification. Just visit WhatsApp settings and select “My Account”. Now tap on “Verification” and set your desired method of verifying the accept details whenever you log in from another device.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-Verification

Finally, if you wish to deactivate your account, tap on the “Delete my account” option in “My Account” in “Settings”.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-deactivate

Part 4. WhatsApp blocking and muting

WhatsApp comes equipped with a unique feature to block or mute a particular contact only on the App and not otherwise. Follow the WhatsApp tips given below to make better use of this function.

The WhatsApp trick to block contacts off it is very simple. Open the contact’s chat, go to settings and tap on “Block”/“Block this user”. Follow the same procedure to unblock, if required. You may also report certain contacts as spam while blocking them.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-WhatsApp blocking

It is also possible to mute a particular contact on WhatsApp by going to that contact’s chat settings and tapping on “Mute” as shown below.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-WhatsApp mutings

It is observed that WhatsApp groups are constantly active and disturb the user with notifications every now and then. It is possible to mute the sound/vibration alert for group chats by visiting the group’s settings and muting it. Interestingly, only the group notifications are put-off here but if any member of the group messages you separately, you will still get an alert.

The blocking feature also prevents unwanted contacts to audio/video call you on WhatsApp. To see the list of blocked contacts on the App, all you have to do is visit settings and find the list in “Privacy”. Please, not that the contacts are only blocked from calling/messaging you via WhatsApp and not otherwise.

Part 5. Restoring WhatsApp messages

This segment aims to provide you with four ways to back-up and restore your WhatsApp messages and other related content in just a few clicks.

In order to take a back-up of your chats on Google Drive, visit WhatsApp Settings and select “Chats”. Now tap on “Chat Backup” and select “Back Up”. Your chats will successfully be stored on the Drive and you can restore them to WhatsApp on any other device as soon as you sign into Google on that device.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-restore whatsapp

To use your e-mail account to backup your chats, open any contact’s chat window and go to its settings. Now tap on “More” to email the conversation to yourself or any other mailing ID.

Whatsapp tips and tricks-backup

Another useful WhatsApp tip is that your conversations are automatically stored in the device’s internal memory or your external memory card.

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The above mentioned WhatsApp tricks and WhatsApp tips have been helpful for WhatsApp many users across the globe. These WhatsApp tips not only make the Messenger App more useful but also gives an extra edge to its existing features. With the advancement in technology, nothing is impossible and providing you with these WhatsApp tricks it is a sincere endeavor to make this instant messaging App look more lucrative and efficient.

So go ahead. try these WhatsApp tricks and enjoy using the world's best instant messaging App in a more refined way.

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