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"How to save WhatsApp photos on Android? I have got some important photos on my WhatsApp y deseo guardar las imágenes de WhatsApp en la galería."

If you are regularly using the app, then you might have got a lot of important photos stored as well. To make sure that you don’t lose them, consider saving them to a secure location.

Ideally, you can save WhatsApp photos to the device’s local storage or Gmail on Android. In this guide on how to save WhatsApp photos on Android, I will cover both of these scenarios in detail.

Parte 1: How to Save Photos from WhatsApp to Android’s Gallery?

Sometimes, users find it hard to browse or access the photos that they have downloaded from WhatsApp. Ideally, all the photos that are downloaded from WhatsApp are saved on your device. You can go to your Android Gallery and access these photos under the “WhatsApp Images” folder. Here’s how you can learn how to save WhatsApp photos on Android.

1. Firstly, launch WhatsApp on your Android and go to the conversation thread where your photo is present. Just tap on the download icon to save this photo on your device.


2. You can find all the downloaded photos on your device’s Gallery. Just go to the Gallery app and look for the “WhatsApp Images” folder. Sometimes, the folder is present in the “Other” section on Gallery as well.

If you want, you can just copy pictures from the "WhatsApp Images" folder and paste them anywhere else.


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Parte 2: Alternativas para Guardar Fotos de WhatsApp en Android

If you own an Android device, then you can explore all kinds of ways to save your WhatsApp photos, videos, and other attachments. To help you save time, I have discussed two of the simplest solutions here.


Method 1: Save WhatsApp Photos on Android with Gmail

As you know, all Android devices are linked to a Gmail account by default. Therefore, if you want, you can take the assistance of the linked Gmail account to save your WhatsApp data as well.

In this way, you can maintain a dedicated backup of your WhatsApp chats and can later even restore them to the same or another device. To learn how to save WhatsApp photos on Android via Gmail, follow these steps:

1. Simply unlock your Android, launch WhatsApp on it, and go to its Settings by tapping on the hamburger icon on the top.

2. Browse to its Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and tap on the option to backup data on Google Drive from here. Just make sure that your WhatsApp is linked to an active Google account.


Additionally, you can also visit the auto backup feature here and set the frequency for an automatic backup like daily, weekly, or monthly. You can even choose if you wish to include videos in the backup or not (your photos will automatically be included in the backup).


3. To get back this content, just reinstall WhatsApp on your device and make sure it is connected to the same Google account. Use the same phone number while setting up your WhatsApp and the app will automatically detect an existing backup. You can just tap on the “Restore” button to get it back.


Method 2: Save WhatsApp Photos on Android to a computer with MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer

If you are looking for a one-click solution to save your WhatsApp data directly to your computer, then consider MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer.

This user-friendly solution is a part of the MobileTrans and supports every leading Android device out there. Using it, you can save all the WhatsApp exchanged media, chats, voice notes, etc. directly to your computer.

You can even transfer WhatsApp messages from your android to another android. To learn how to save WhatsApp photos on Android directly to your system, follow these steps:

Aquí tienes un video tutorial para ti. También puedes conseguir más vídeos en la Comunidad de Vídeos Wondershare.

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1. Para empezar, conecta tu dispositivo Android al ordenador y ejecuta la aplicación haciendo clic en la opción "Respaldo&Restauración" desde la página de inicio de MobileTrans.

WhatsApp Backup home

2. Una vez que la aplicación se inicie, ve a la función "WhatsApp" de su barra lateral y haz clic en ella.

ios whatsapp backup

3. This will automatically initiate the backup process as the application would save WhatsApp photos (and other files) to your system. Kindly be patient while the backup is completed and make sure that the device stays connected to the system.


4. When the backup process is 100% completed, the application will let you know. If you want, you can view the backup data from here as well.

backup whatsapp on android

Parte 3: How to Stop WhatsApp from Saving Photos on Android?

As you know, by default, WhatsApp saves all the photos shared by our contacts. This can consume a lot of space on your device and make it cluttered as well. If you want to stop WhatsApp from automatically saving photos on your device, then simply make the following adjustments.

  1. Unlock your Android and go to its Settings > Data and Storage Usage options. The Setting menu can be launched by tapping on the three-dot icon at the top of the WhatsApp home.
  2. Under the Data and Storage Usage settings, go to the Media auto-download field. This will give you options to customize the automatic download of media when your device is connected to WiFi, cellular data, or roaming.
  3. Just tap on the field of your choice and disable the “Photos” option from here. Similarly, you can turn off the auto-download feature for videos, audios, and documents as well.


There you go! After reading this guide, you would certainly be able to save WhatsApp photos from Android to your Google account or the local storage. If you want, you can also disable the auto-download feature on WhatsApp to save space on your phone. To back up and restore your WhatsApp data like a pro, you can simply use a professional tool like MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer. Go ahead and give these suggestions a try and share this guide with others to teach them how to save WhatsApp photos on Android in an instant.

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