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Ultimate Guide to Transfer Data to New iPhone

Before Transfer
1: Check the battery status of your old smartphone and the new iOS device. It is recommended to have at least a 60% charge on your phone's battery.
2: If you are transferring your data wirelessly, then make sure that both devices are connected to a stable WiFi network.
3: To avoid any unwanted loss of your data, consider taking its backup from your old device to any other secure location.
For iPhone users
Use iCloud/iTunes to backup iPhone, but the backup is not viewable and inconvenient to restore to Android phones. If you don't prefer, you can check an alternative way.
For Samsung users
Use Smart Switch to backup your data on Samsung phones. It's a pretty good way for people to switch from an old Samsung phone to a new phone.
For other users
Usually, every smartphone brand has its own official data management tool, but most of them are unfriendly. To do it easily, please continue reading to find a way.
Before Transfer

All-in-One Solutions For You

Phone to Phone Transfer in One Click by Mobiletrans
Phone Data Transfer
• Widely transferred data across the bridge.
• Selectable, secure, and fast to transfer data.
• Support to transfer by MobileTrans App too.
WhatsApp Transfer
• Transfer and backup every WhatsApp content.
• Transfer WhatsApp between Android and iPhone.
• Support to transfer WhatsApp data without a PC.
Android to iPhone Common Solutions
Transfer Your Data with Move to iOS App
• Install the Move to iOS app on your Android device.
• While setting up your iPhone, choose to transfer data from an Android device.
• Launch the Move to iOS app and connect your Android device to your iPhone.
• Select what you wish to transfer and start the process.
It provides a direct wireless transfer solution between Android and iOS devices.
It is a bit complicated to implement and can only transfer a handful of data types.
Transfer Data from Android to iPhone Manually
• You can export all contacts from Android to the connected SIM and later import contacts from the SIM card to your iPhone.
• Go to your iPhone’s Account settings and choose to link your Google account on the device.
• Visit the Google account settings and enable the sync options for contacts, calendar, etc.
• You can also manually take a backup of your Android data on your PC and later move it to your iPhone.
This will not include the assistance of any third-party solution.
It is the most time-consuming solution to move your data. Also, you can’t transfer all data types in one go with this approach.
iPhone to iPhone Data Transfer Common Solutions
Use Quick Start
Place both the devices in close proximity. During the setup, you will get a Quick Start option and tap on it to continue.
Verify the displayed Apple ID and tap on the “Continue” button.
When an animation is displayed on your new iPhone, hold the old iPhone over the new one and adjust the position to ensure the animation is centered in the viewfinder.
Finally, select the target backup and select the suitable restore.
It's free and easy to use with the same Apple ID.
You can only use this solution on the iPhone setup process. So if the device is already setup, you'll have to erase it first.
Through iTunes
Connect your old iPhone to the system, launch iTunes, and go to its Summary tab.
Visit the “Backups” section and click on the “Back up Now” button to take its backup on the local system.
After taking the backup, connect the new iPhone and go to its Summary tab on iTunes.
Click on the “Restore Backup” button and select the backup file to restore on your device.
The process is free, and it supports all the leading iPhone models.
While restoring an iTunes backup, the existing data on your new iPhone would be deleted.
Via iCloud Backup
Go to your old iPhone’s Settings > iCloud and take a complete backup of your data.
Start setting up your new iPhone (you need to reset it if you already use it).
Choose to restore data on your iPhone from an existing iCloud backup.
Log in to your iCloud account and select an existing backup to be restored on your iPhone.
The option is provided while setting up an iPhone, and you don’t have to connect your devices to a computer.
It will erase the existing data on your iPhone. Also, only 5GB of space is provided to every iCloud account that can easily be exhausted.

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