Terms and Conditions for the MobileTrans Contests

  1. By participating in the contest held by MobileTrans (mobiletrans.wondershare.com), the participant agrees to the following conditions:
  1. Please note that MobileTrans (mobiletrans.wondershare.com) holds the right to cancel or alter the contest or its terms whenever it wants, without giving any prior notice. It is recommended to read this page of terms and conditions timely to stay updated with all the norms.
  1. By participating in the contest and submitting your entry to MobileTrans (mobiletrans.wondershare.com), you confirm that your content follows these conditions:
  1. With this, MobileTrans (mobiletrans.wondershare.com) solely reserves the right to disqualify any entry or participant without prior notice. If the participant does not comply with the terms and conditions of the contest, they will be disqualified by MobileTrans.

Copyright Declaration

  1. By submitting your content (like photos or videos), you grant MobileTrans (mobiletrans.wondershare.com) the right to use the submitted content without any charge. This would include the publishing of your content, distributing it, displaying it, translating it, or any other needed use, even if the entry has not won the contest.
  1. Whenever the submitted content would be used, MobileTrans (mobiletrans.wondershare.com) agrees to mention the full name of the participant however needed.

Prize Claiming and Policy

  1. If you have won the competition, then MobileTrans will email you regarding the prize collection and policy within 30 days of the announcement of results.
  1. In case if MobileTrans is offering a monetary prize, then it will be paid in USD via PayPal. Please note that the final transferred money to your PayPal account will be subjected to the PayPal fee in your country. The deduction of the PayPal fee will be the responsibility of the winner (or the receiving party).
  1. The transfer of any monetary prize will be made within 30 days from receiving the details of the payment from the winning party.

Kindly read the terms and conditions carefully, and if you have any queries, feel free to contact us.