MobileTrans respects your privacy and takes a careful attitude towards user information security. When you install MobileTrans, upon your agreement, MobileTrans shall, out of providing data transfer services, improving service quality and data collection accuracy, collect and process some data related to your mobile device and data types.

Before using the Application, please read carefully the following privacy policy which provides you, as the user of the Website and/or Application (the “User” or “You”), with the relevant information regarding the various processing of personal data implemented by MobileTrans, and frequently learn about the privacy policy updates. If you disagree with the following privacy policy, please stop using the Application and uninstall it.

MobileTrans fully comprehends the importance of your personal information, and will be devoted to protecting the security and reliability of your personal information. MobileTrans shall be committed to maintaining your trust, and abide by the following principles to protect your personal information:
1) Compliance of rights and obligations;
2) Explicitness of goals;
3) Agreement upon choosing;
4) Minimum utilization;
5) Security assurance;
6) User participation;
7) Publicity and transparency.

Meanwhile, MobileTrans shall take sufficient security measures to protect your personal information by adhering to the mature security standards in the industry.
The following information shall be collected during data backup:
1) Device model type;
2) Device manufacturer;
3) Types of transferred data;
4) Data transfer status (success or failure);
5) Log data (for example, service use time and duration).

The following information shall not be collected:
1) Detailed data transferred from your old phone to new phone;

1) To provide you with services or functions, such as to transfer data;
2) To optimize MobileTrans products and services and improve user experience based on your tool use and the log data;
3) To deliver ads (customization ads and sponsorship contents) and promotion information;
4) To evaluate and analyze the market, customer, product, and service (including the query of your opinions on MobileTrans products and services, and customer polls).

To ensure that the Application run properly, MobileTrans shall save a “token” file on your device. The token is an identity verification mechanism. The user submits account data to the server initially. The server generates a character string (token) based on specific policies. The token character string contains some user information and will expire after some time. The server transfers the token character string to the client end, which will save it and add it in the subsequent requests.

Without your consent, MobileTrans shall never disclose your information to a third party for its own marketing or commercial purposes. MobileTrans, however, may disclose your information to the following entities:
1) Associated enterprises
Your information may be shared with an associated enterprise;
2) Business partners
Your information may be shared with a business partner of MobileTrans;
3) Service providers
Your information may be shared with an enterprise that provides services to MobileTrans or acts on behalf of MobileTrans;
4) Other entities upon your consent on information sharing
Apart from the disclosing situations described in the privacy policy, your information may be shared with a third party upon your consent on information sharing or request for information sharing.

MobileTrans has used protection measures that comply with industry standards to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, exposure, use, modification, corruption, or loss, and will take all feasible measures to protect your personal information by ensuring that all collected information is used only on the purposes specified in the privacy policy.

In case of security events concerning your personal information, MobileTrans shall, by complying with related laws and regulations, notify you of the following:
1) Basic situations and possible implications of the security events;
2) Counter measures taken or to be taken;
3) Comments that advise you to prevent or lower risks proactively;
4) Rescue measures.

MobileTrans shall inform you of the event situations by emails, mails, phone calls, notifications, etc., and dispense announcements in a reasonable and effective manner if it may be impossible to inform affected users one by one. Meanwhile, MobileTrans shall report to authorities on how the security events are addressed by complying with the requirements of supervision departments.

According to the laws, regulations, and standards in China, and common practices in other countries and regions, MobileTrans ensures that you have the following rights on your personal information:
1) Access your personal information
Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, you have the right to access your personal information. Some information may be collected anonymously and therefore cannot be accessed.
2) Rectify your personal information
You have the right to demand information rectification when finding that your information processed by MobileTrans is incorrect. Some information may be collected anonymously and therefore cannot be rectified.
3) Delete your personal information
You can demand the deletion of your personal information in the following situations:
a. Your personal information is processed by violating laws and regulations;
b. Your personal information is collected and processed without your consent;
c. Your personal information is processed by violating the agreement;
d. You no longer use the MobileTrans products or services, or have cancelled your account.
Some information may be collected anonymously and therefore cannot be deleted.
If deciding to follow your deletion request, MobileTrans shall also demand that its related entities that hold your personal information should delete it in a timely manner, unless the cases are otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, or such entities have obtained your permission independently of MobileTrans.
When your personal information is deleted from related services, MobileTrans may not synchronize the information deletion in the system immediately, but will delete the required information during backup updates.
4) Change the authorized scope
Each service function requires some basic personal information for implementation. Refusal to provide such information may result in the failure to deliver the corresponding services to you. You can grant or cancel your permission anytime on the collection and use of additional personal information.
5) Limit the auto decision of the information system
In some service functions, decisions may be made based on non-human decision-making mechanisms, such as the information systems and algorithms. If such decisions affect your rightful benefits, you have the right to demand an explanation from MobileTrans, who will, therefore, provide proper redressing measures.

In principle, MobileTrans will use a database within the jurisdiction of People’s Republic of China to store the personal information collected and generated in the jurisdiction of the People’s Republic of China.

Occasionally, MobileTrans may change this privacy policy. In this case, new versions shall be released in a timely manner, and you are therefore encouraged to periodically note MobileTrans-released notices regarding privacy policy changes. Contact us in the following ways if you have any doubts concerning the privacy policy of MobileTrans.
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Address: Haitian Road, Software Industry Base, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China