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Check How Data Transfer Works Using Different Methods.

Designed for the non-tech savvy, MobileTrans ensures anyone can move their data from their old Android to a new iPhone.
1. Launch MobileTrans on your Mac or PC.
2. Head to the Phone Transfer > Phone to Phone.
3. Choose the data needed to transfer and click the Start button.
Supported data: Photos, Music, Videos, Calendar, Bookmarks, Contacts, Text Messages, Voice Memos, WhatsApp chats, media, and stickers
Are you wondering if you can transfer data from Android to iOS directly? Apple welcomes you with its Move to iOS app.
1. Set up your new iPhone until you reach the App & Data screen.
2. Tap 'Move data from Android' on your iPhone.
3. Turn to your Android phone and open the Move to iOS app.
4. A 6-digit code will appear on your iPhone.
5. Enter the code and connect to the iPhone-generated Wi-Fi on your Android.
6. Choose the data to transfer.
Supported data: Photos, Videos, Calendars, Bookmarks, Contacts, Messages, files, settings, mail account, WhatsApp chats
Don't want to use any app? You can sync your data from your Google account to the new iPhone.
1. On your Android device, go to Settings > Google and tap on Sync Now.
2. Add the same Google account to the new iPhone.
3. Sync data with your iPhone.
Supported data: Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Notes
Android allows you to back up different data to your Google account. However, it is not as easy as iPhone backing up to iCloud. Nevertheless, you can still restore data to your new Android.
1. Go to Settings of the Google Photos app to back up photos and videos.
2. Open the Settings app, select Google > Backup and tap Back up Now.
3. Set up your new Android until you reach Copy apps & data screen.
4. Choose 'can't use old device,' then sign into the same Google account.
5. Tap Restore.
Supported data: Photos, Videos, Contacts, SMS messages, MMS messages, App data, Call history, Settings
Even though you can back up your Android phone to a Google account, you can also use other apps designed for specific phone brands.
1. Transfer to Samsung - Smart Switch.
2. Transfer to Huawei - Phone Clone.
3. Transfer to Motorola - Motorola Migrate.
4. Transfer to LG - LG Mobile Switch.
5. Transfer to Oneplus - Clone Phone.
Supported data: It depends on which app you are using
Compatible with almost all Android phone brands, Mobiletrans makes it a breeze for you to switch to a new Android phone.
1. Connect both Android devices to your computer.
2. Launch MobileTrans and go to Phone Transfer > Phone to Phone.
3. Select data and click the Start button to begin the transfer.
Supported data: Photos, Contacts, Text messages, Videos, Call logs, Voice Memos, Contact blacklist, Calendar, Apps, Music, WhatsApp messages, attachments, and stickers
You don't have to back up your old iPhone to transfer data to the new one. Quick Start lets you move data between two iPhones directly.
1. Keep your old and new iPhones close enough.
2. On your old iPhone, A popup window appears. Tap Continue.
3. Use your old device to center the animation on the new iPhone.
4. Enter the passcode of your old iPhone on the new one.
5. Tap Continue to transfer data from your old device to the new one directly.
Supported data: All data on your old iPhone
Taking forever to back up your iPhone to iCloud? Alternatively, you can use iTunes to back up your old iPhone and restore the backups to the new one.
1. Connect your old iPhone to Windows PC using a cable, then open iTunes.
2. Click your iPhone icon and select Summary to back up your old device.
3. Set up the new iPhone, and tap Restore from Mac or PC.
4. Relaunch iTunes and connect your new device to your computer.
5. Head to Summary and click Restore Backup.
Supported data: Almost all data and settings
Backup iPhone to iCloud makes data transfer between iOS devices simple. However, it might take several hours to finish the backup process.
1. On your old iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Backup to back up your old iPhone.
2. Set up your new iPhone until you reach the Apps & Data screen.
3. Tap Restore from iCloud Backup and choose the latest backup file.
4. Sit back and wait for the process to complete.
Supported data: Almost all data and settings
MobileTrans allows you to migrate data from an old iPhone to the new one without backup. Meanwhile, it features fast transfer.
1. Launch MobileTrans, then choose Phone Transfer > Phone to Phone.
2. Connect both iPhones to your computer.
3. Select the data needed for the transfer and begin the process.
Supported data: Photos, Music, Videos, Calendar, Bookmark, Contacts, Text Messages, Voice Memos, Notes, Voicemail, Ringtone, Alarm, Wallpaper, WhatsApp chats, and media
Google finally released the Switch to Android app to help people jump on the Android ship from Apple. You can move data from an iOS device to an Android effortlessly.
1. Install Switch to Android on your old iPhone.
2. Set up your new Android phone and connect two phones via QR code or Wi-Fi.
3. Choose what content to copy from your iPhone and disable iMessage.
4. Tap Start request to copy photos from your iCloud account to Google Photos.
Supported data: Photos, Videos, Contacts, and Calendar events
Surprisingly, you can also back up data on your iPhone to Google Drive. Though only limited data types are supported, the method is still worth mentioning.
1. Install Google Drive on your old iPhone.
2. Log into your Google account and go to Settings to back up your data.
3. Log into the same account on your new Android and restore the backup.
Supported data: Photos, Videos, Contacts, and Calendar events
Capable of cross-platform data transfer, MobileTrans frees you from worrying lose essential data when switching from iPhone to Android.
1. Connect your iPhone and Android phone to the computer.
2. Open MobileTrans, then go to Phone Transfer > Phone to Phone.
3. Tickle desired data types and click the Start button to begin data transfer.d
Supported data: Photos, Contacts, Text messages, Voicemail, Videos, Voice Memos, Contact blacklist, Calendar, Reminders, Alarm, Ringtone, Music, WhatsApp data

How To Deal With Your Old Phone

Don't just throw away your old device. It may be worth some bucks if it is still in good condition. Even if it's not, the materials are still valuable for some money.
MobileTrans – Phone Backup & Restore Tool for Everyone
Whether your old phone is Android or iPhone, MobileTrans lets you back up it to your computer for free. So, you do not need to go through the tedious backup steps on Android or run out of iCloud space on your iPhone. What's more appealing is that it allows encrypting your backup files, never overwrites existing backup files, and restores the backup to any phone you like.
Dr.Fone Data Eraser – Wipe & secure your phone data
Do you know that you can recover data from your Android or iPhone after factory resetting it? As a remedy, we provide you with Dr.Fone – Data Eraser (iOS/Android), an efficient data-erasing tool that permanently wipes out all kinds of data from the Android or iPhone and protects your privacy.
How to safely prepare your old phone for sale >>
If you want the best price for your used smartphone, just head to the SellCell website. SellCell will list all the offers for your old phone from the buyback vendors so that you can see your device's best price immediately.
uSell does not buy your old phone. Instead, you can browse through offers from trusted buyers from this platform. Once you agree on an offer, you'll send your phone with free shipping and receive the payment within five business days.
Amazon's trade-in program functions similarly to its retail store. Simply search for an electronic item, enter any necessary information (storage, screen size, etc.), and then select the device's condition. Then, Amazon will then make an offer for your old phone.
eBay is the premier place to sell something online, but it can be a little complicated. You must be honest whether your phone has an issue or you can get in trouble with the site. You can put up your old phone for auction or choose a Buy It Now price.
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