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Best Phones for Kids: A Parent's Guide [2024]

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Originally published Nov 25, 22, updated Jun 07, 24

The current age belongs to smartphones, and avoiding them is impossible. So now, if you want to be aware of your kids' activities, you need to buy them a phone. But the question is, are there any specifically designed and developed phones for kids?

Surprisingly, the answer to this question is that there are phones specifically for kids. Stick with the article as we review different smartphones for kids so that you can make an informed choice.

Part 1: 4 Best Phones for Kids and Pre-teens

When discussing the best phones for kids, there are many contenders. We have discussed below the 4 most popular devices for kids alongside their pros and cons:

1. Gabb Z2: Best Phone for Kids with No Internet

Gabb Z2 is among the best devices for small kids. The device lacks internet, meaning no web surfing or social media for your children. However, it has over 14 pre-installed apps like music, camera, messages, etc.

The device's GPS feature allows you to locate the device in case your kids have misplaced it. It has good battery life and supports external memory cards. The fingerprint sensor, front and rear cameras, Bluetooth, etc., provide the smartphone feeling to kids.

gabb z2

Price: $149.99


  • The Gabb Z2 has no internet access making it extremely safe for kids' usage.
  • It has the GPS location feature, allowing you to always keep an eye on places your kids' visit.


  • There is no parental control app available in Gabb Z2 for you to keep an eye on your child's activity.

2. Jitterbug Flip 2: Best Flip Phone for Kids

Jitterbug Flip 2 is a phone primarily designed and developed for senior citizens. The device has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface and many emergency functions. A combination of these, alongside no internet support, makes Jitterbug Flip 2 an ideal phone for kids.

When using Jitterbug Flip 2, you can use Amazon Alexa to give voice commands. There is also an emergency button once your kids are in danger. The device has a big and bright menu and a great battery life.

jitterbug flip 2

Price: $99.99


  • It is a distraction-free device as it has no internet support. There are many games available on it.
  • The device also has dedicated options for kids with special needs.


  • Jitterbug Flip 2 is designed for adults and aimed at senior citizens. So, it could not be fully compatible with kids' needs.

3. Palm Phone: Best Cell Phone for Kids in Emergency

Palm Phone, as apparent by the name, can easily be fitted in a palm of a person. The phone is best suited for kids who are ready for a phone but can't carry large, bulky phones. It works well with all major parental control apps available.

The device can be connected to the internet and does not have a headphone jack. The battery life of Palm mobile is a mere 800mAh and doesn't last much. It has a front camera and a rear camera for your kids to take photos and possess 32GB memory to store them.

palm phone titanium

Price: Starting at $149


  • Parents can use it to monitor their kids' activity.
  • Palm Phone has a very compact and durable design.
  • The Palm phones also support fast charging.


  • The phone size might be too small for big
  • It also has many apps which could be distracting for kids.

4. Pinwheel Slim 5: Safe Phone for Kids with Parental Control

Pinwheel Slim 5 is an excellent cell phone for kids due to its many superior features. It does not provide support for the internet or any social media apps, saving your child from the toxicity of the internet. You can customize the parental control settings to fit your needs.

Pinwheel Slim 5 has a list of over 400 safe apps for children. These apps include music apps, drawing apps, stress-relieving apps, etc. You can control your child's Pinwheel Slim 5 device remotely and keep an eye on his phone activity. It is a perfect phone if you want a device to grow with your child.

pinwheel slim 5

Price: $199


  • When using Pinwheel Slim 5, your kids can only talk with approved contacts.
  • You can view the text and call they receive on Pinwheel Slim 5 on your smartphone.


  • It isn't easy to set up a Family Google Link account in Pinwheel Slim 5.

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Part 2: 4 Best Phones for Teenagers

If you have kids in their teenage period, you need to find the best phones for teenagers to keep them safe and happy. So here we have the four most popular smartphones among teens for you.

1. iPhone SE 3rd: Best iPhone for Teenagers

When finding the best iPhone for teenagers, the newly revamped and released iPhone SE 3rd takes the hot seat. It is an excellent device with a 4.7-inches display and a powerful A15 Bionic chip. In addition, you can enjoy the benefits of the iPhone 13 at half the price.

It is the cheapest iPhone you can buy for your teenage children. You can buy it with different storage specs ranging from 64GB to 256GB and 4GB RAM. The battery capacity is 2018mAh, and it has decent battery life.

iphone se third generation

Price: Starting $429


  • It has a speedy and efficient performance compared to its older versions.
  • iPhone SE 3rd has better camera results and battery life than older versions.


  • The display size is relatively small.
  • It still follows the old design.

2. Samsung Galaxy A32 5G: Best Samsung Phone for Teens

If you are interested in the best Samsung phone for a teenager, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. It is a handsomely built smartphone with a 6.5-inch display. The device has four cameras on the rear and a front camera. It fully supports 5G networks.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is an excellent smartphone at the given price. You will get 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM in Samsung Galaxy A32 5G; if you need more, you can add an SD card.

samsung galaxy a32

Price: $204.99


  • It has an excellent software upgradation policy.
  • Samsung Galaxy A32 5G has competent cameras and long battery life


  • The device has a low-resolution display and mediocre speakers.
  • The internal storage is limited too.

3. Google Pixel 6a: Best Smart Phone for Kids and Teenagers

The Google Pixel 6a is a solid mobile for your teenage children. It is a highly secure device, and its Titan M2 security chip makes it invincible against hacking, spying, or tracking. The display is 6.1-inch AMOLED, and it has an excellent design.

The 4410mAh battery is a solid addition with over 12 hours of video playback. In addition, Google Pixel 6a's dual cameras provide excellent results.

google pixel 6a

Price: $499


  • The cameras of Google Pixel 6a have solid performance.
  • It has an excellent battery life and supports fast charging.


  • There is no headphone jack or support for external memory cards. It lacks wireless charging too.

4. Motorola Moto G Power: Best Phone for Teens with Large Battery

Motorola Moto G Power is a powerful contender for a good phone for a teenager due to its affordability. The camera setup of Motorola Moto G Power is decent and well-suited as children are concerned. It follows a simple design with a 6.5-inches display. Although its internal storage, 32GB, is insufficient, you can use an external SD card to increase the storage space.

motorola moto g power

Price: $249.99


  • It comes with a large 4000mAh battery and an excellent battery life.
  • It is an affordable smartphone.


  • Not enough internal storage space.
  • It also doesn't support fast charging.

Part 3: FAQs

1. What is the right age for kids to get their first mobile phone?

There is no specific right age for kids to have their first mobile phones. It depends upon many things, from their daily routine to mental maturity. However, experts believe that the middle school period, or the age of 10-14 years, is suitable for kids to have their first mobile phone.

2. Why should kids have their own phones?

The reasons kids should have their phones can vary depending on different situations. For example, it is possible that your kid commutes long-distance, stays at home alone, has an unreliable schedule, etc.

3. What should you do before buying a phone for your kids?

Before getting a phone for your kids, you must do some preparation work, including setting up screen time limits and parental controls. And it would be best if you talked to your kids about what they might see online and agreed on some ground rules.

The Closing Thoughts

It will be challenging to avoid giving your kids smartphones, as many of our modern lives revolve around them. The best thing you can do is that instead of buying expensive phones, start with less risky phones for kids. By doing this, you can keep them safe during their most vulnerable years and make them responsible phone users.

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Axel Nash
Axel Nash Jun 07, 24
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