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What Should I Do if the Software Keeps Saying the Registration Code is Invalid?

mobiletrans article partie 1 By Holly McQuillan, Product Manager | Updated on October 10, 2019.

Look at this article to troubleshoot if MobileTrans says your registration code is invalid.

Check the module on MobileTrans

Check if you are registering the module for which you bought a license. One license can register and activate one module unless you buy a license for all modules on MobileTrans.

Check your computer

The licenses for Windows and Mac computer differ. Ensure you register on Windows after you bought a license for Windows computer and vice versa.

Verify your e-mail address

When you buy a license, Wondershare sends an e-mail to you with the registration e-mail and code. Confirm you enter the accurate e-mail and registration code.

Check the spelling

Check the spelling carefully. It’s suggested to directly copy and paste the e-mail and registration code to the register box. Make sure no blank is left at the beginning, or the end, of the e-mail and registration code.

If it's still not registered successfully, please contact our support team. To figure out the issue quickly, you’d better take an image of the registration window and send to the support team.

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