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The data in your phone matters! Contacts you're using to connect with others, photos and videos with your family and WhatsApp chat history with your friends... They are all your memories and stories!
Why are you trying to transfer these stories to new phone? Share your story with us and win a free license or $100 cash!
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Story Submission Guidelines

  • Video Story: Shot a 30 to 60 second video about yourself and your story, we will send you $100 cash as a gift.
  • Photo Story: Write down your story with MobileTrans and take a selfie. We will send a MobileTrans one year Plan license.
  • To create a video or photo story, please include these information: why you need to use MobileTrans, how you learned about MobileTrans and what's your feelings about using MobileTrans.

How we select the winners

We will select the videos or photos according to veracity and richness of your story, everyone has the chance to win. The quantities of the prize are not limited. We will submit the selected videos and photos directly to our YouTube channel and Facebook. You can subscribe to our channel to stay informed. Besides, we will notify you with the email you submitted if your story is selected.

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