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How to Transfer Data from Oppo to Oneplus

Axel Nash

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"I am worried about how to transfer data from Oppo to Oneplus."

Getting a brand new mobile and using it is an exciting moment, but it is quite daunting when it comes to transferring. Yes, it serves to be the primary concern that needs importance else there are high chances of losing important documents or media files. No matter how challenging the transfer process is, it isn't ignorable, but we can make it relatively easy with specific approaches. While finding an effective method is a challenging task. We have grabbed this opportunity to bring out the best reliable solution supporting enormous file size transfer in a few minutes. Today, let's look at how to transfer data from Oppo to Oneplus hassle-free with two innovative methods.

Method 1: Transfer data from Oppo to Oneplus with MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

As the first method of making over the transfer process, we have MobileTrans in the store that offers astonishing performance. Beyond phone transfer, it comes up with other options like WhatsApp transfer, backup, and data restoration between devices. We have chosen MobileTrans as it is known for reliability, safety, and does the complete transfer job with little effort from your side without any information loss.

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Now, coming to the point of data transfer from Oppo to Oneplus, a manual is on how to do efficiently is below.

Step 1: Launch MobileTrans and Choose “Phone Transfer” option.

Download and install the MobileTrans application on your computer. Launch it and tap on the "Phone Transfer" tab from the welcome interface or primary window.

phone transfer home

Step 2: Establish a connection between devices

Now, connect the devices, Oppo, and Oneplus to the desktop using the USB cords. MobileTrans will automatically detect both the phones and ensure that the source and destination devices are in the right place. If not, you can also flip over to swap their positions.

phone transfer android to android 01

The contents on the old Oppo device will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Choose data to transfer from Oppo to Oneplus

You can now choose the data, for example, contacts, photos, and app that you want to move to Oneplus by ticking on the checkbox. Once complete, click on the "Start" option on the end that makes the job done.

phone transfer android to android 03

MobileTrans will automatically start transferring the destined data from Oppo to Oneplus and never disconnect the devices until the Oneplus device gets restored with all chosen data completely.

That is how to move data from Oppo to Oneplus successfully with the aid of MobileTrans.

Method 2: Transfer data from Oppo to Oneplus with Oneplus switch

Do you know what would be our next method to assist us in transferring data from Oppo to Oneplus? Yes, you are right! With Oneplus Switch. The app introduced by Oneplus makes the transfer process between Android devices to Oneplus device an easier one. You can transfer all sorts of data like web history, audio, videos, and applications to the new Oneplus 7T from any Android devices like Oppo.

Here is a complete guide that depicts how one can follow to transfer data from Oppo to Oneplus with Oneplus Switch.

Step 1: Install Oneplus Switch on both the devices

Download and install the Oneplus Switch on both oppo and Oneplus device. Grant a few permissions that will be helpful for data migration.

Step 2: Start with the “Settings” on the new device.

Navigate to the “Settings” session on your Oneplus device and tap the “Advanced” option. Now, select the “I’m new phone” option on Oneplus 7T following, which you are redirected to the page to choose the device or old device model.

After a glance over the instruction, hit the “Continue” button.

oppo to oneplus transfer 4

A QR code will get generated on the new Oneplus device that you need to scan with your old Oppo device.

Step 3: Connect the devices with QR code

On the old Oppo device, click on the “I’m old phone” option and using the camera, scan the QR code generated on the new device. Both the devices are now connected.

Step 4: Choose the data to transfer

You can now choose the data like application and contacts that you want to send to the new or Oneplus device. Tap the "Start" button, and the data transfer process will get initiated.

oppo to oneplus transfer 5

Once complete, you will get notified with a success message, and this is how to transfer data from Oppo to Oneplus device using Oneplus Switch.


Thus, after hunting over multiple transfer methods, we have brought the two best Android transfer methods along with a detailed step-by-step illustration on how to transfer data from Oppo to Oneplus. Well, we hope and expect you all to find them valuable as well and now leave it up to your hands on choosing the right one as per your convenience. But as a little help from our side, we would like to recommend you of giving MobileTrans a try as it is the choice of professionals in carrying out all the transfer processes, including the iPhone!

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