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Transfer Data from Huawei to Samsung: 3 Smart Solutions

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

“Is there any smart solution to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung directly? I have a new Galaxy phone and am looking for ways to perform a Huawei to Samsung transfer.”

A Samsung user recently posted this query on a leading website about phone transfer. The situation is pretty common as many users migrate from one smartphone to another frequently.

While moving, many of us end up losing our data, but we don’t have to. If you choose the right way to transfer from Huawei to Samsung, you can easily migrate to a new phone with no data loss. This post will teach you how to use tools like MobileTrans and Smart Switch to move from Huawei to Samsung.

Method 1: Transfer Data from Huawei to Samsung with MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

If you are looking for one of the easiest solutions to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung, then take the assistance of MobileTrans – Phone Transfer. A part of the MobileTrans application, it can directly move all kinds of data from Huawei to Samsung. Moreover, besides Android to Android, it also supports the transfer of data between iOS and iOS and iOS and Android.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Transfer Data from Huawei to Samsung Easily

  • Supports 6000+ different mobile devices.
  • Transfer data from Huawei to Samsung with a few clicks.
  • Supports 18+ data types, including photos, videos, contacts, messages, and more.
  • Easy to use and no technical experience is needed.
  • Support Android 4.6 and above, including the latest Android 12.
  • Support WhatsApp transfer and phone backup & restore.
Free download
Free download
4,085,556 people have downloaded it

Learn how to perform Huawei to Samsung transfer using MobileTrans. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Phone Transfer tool

Firstly, install and launch MobileTrans on your PC or Mac. Next, go to the “Phone Transfer” module from the dashboard and then choose "Phone to Phone."

mobiletrans home 01

Step 2: Connect your Huawei and Samsung phones to computer

Now, connect your Huawei and Samsung devices to the computer. If the Huawei phone is listed as a destination (or Samsung as a source), then use the “Flip” button to correct its position.

phone transfer ios to android 01

Step 3: Transfer data from Huawei to Samsung

Select the data types and click on the “Start” button to begin data transfer. You can enable the “Clear data before copy” option to wipe the existing data on the target phone.

phone transfer ios to android 02

Step 4: Wait for the Process to be Completed

Afterward, sit back and wait for a few minutes. When the process is completed, you will be notified so that you can safely remove both phones.

phone transfer ios to android 04

You can also watch the video tutorial:

Method 2: Transfer Data from Huawei to Samsung with Samsung Smart Switch

To make it easier for users to move from an Android or iOS to a Samsung Galaxy phone, the company has come up with a dedicated app – Smart Switch. You can just install the Smart Switch app on both devices and connect them wirelessly. Many people think that they can easily use Phone Clone to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung (a product of Huawei), which is a common misconception. Of course, you cannot phone clone Huawei to Samsung, but if you're switching from Samsung to Huawei, Phone Clone is one of the suitable transfer tools for you. 

Please note that both phones' Bluetooth and WiFi features are enabled beforehand. Ideally, the application can transfer your media files, documents, contacts, messages, call logs, and other important data types. To learn how to use Smart Switch to move from Huawei to Samsung, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Smart Switch and select the phone type

Firstly, go to the Play Store and install the Smart Switch application on both devices. Then, place both the phones nearby and launch the Smart Switch application. You can just select the type of source phone (Android, in this case). Also, mark your Huawei as the sending and Samsung as the receiving phone.

huawei to samsung transfer 2

Step 2: Connect both the phones

Now, you need to connect both the devices wirelessly, and to establish a secure connection, enter the displayed one-time generated code on the phone.

huawei to samsung transfer 3

Step 3: Transfer your data from Huawei to Samsung

That’s it! Once both the devices are connected, you can select the type of data you wish to move. Mark your choices and tap on the “Send” button to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung. Receive the incoming data on your Samsung and access it once the process is completed.

huawei to samsung transfer 4

Method 3: Transfer Data from Huawei to Samsung with Google Sync

If both the devices are linked to the same Google account, you can sync your data between both devices. This would be an ideal solution to transfer from Huawei to Samsung with your contacts, call logs, messages, etc. Apart from syncing, you can also take a backup of your data on Google Drive and later restore it to Samsung. Please note that there should be enough space on your Google account beforehand to perform Huawei to Samsung transfer in this way.

Solution 1: Sync data between both the devices

To start with, unlock your Huawei phone, go to its Settings > Account > Google, and turn on the option to sync your data. You can select what you wish to sync (like contacts, Gmail, app data, and so on).

huawei to samsung transfer 5

Now, go to the same settings on your Samsung phone and enable the option to sync your data on it. This will move the synced files on your Google account to your Samsung phone.

Solution 2: Backup and Restore Data via Google

You can also take a backup of your data from your Huawei phone to your Google account and later restore this backup to your Samsung. Firstly, go to Huawei phone’s Settings > Backup & Restore and choose to backup your data on the Drive.

huawei to samsung transfer 6

Now, while setting up your Samsung phone, choose to restore data from an existing backup. First, select the existing backup and pick the type of data that you wish to move to start the restoring process.

huawei to samsung transfer 7

MobileTrans vs. Smart Switch vs. Google Sync

When you know about three different ways to transfer from Huawei to Samsung all kinds of data, you might wonder about the best method. For your convenience, I have quickly compared these options here.

MobileTrans Smart Switch Google Sync
Time Extremely fast Medium Slow
Mode of transfer Wired connection Wireless Wireless
Data support Extensive Extensive Limited
Devices supported Extensive (6000+ devices supported) The Target phone has to be a Samsung Extensive
Compatibility issues None Sometimes None
Ease of use Extremely easy A bit complicated A bit complicated
Limitations Needs to install the desktop application Limited to Samsung phones, compatibility issues with data Google Drive storage consumption, network data consumption, slow
Other features Device backup and restore as well as WhatsApp transfer solution None None

There you go! After following this guide, you would certainly be able to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung without any trouble. If you don’t want to encounter any compatibility issues, simply pick MobileTrans - Phone Transfer as your Huawei to Samsung transfer solution. It supports all common kinds of data, every leading device, and offers tons of extra features as well. Download it once and use it as many times as you want to move from one phone to another irrespective of any limitations.

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