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Backup all data from your android or iOS devices to PC/Mac to avoid data loss.
Transfer Google Photos to Gallery [iPhone, Android & PC]

Do you wonder how you can move photos from Google Photos to your gallery? Here, you’ll find a complete step-by-step guide to transfer your photos to the device.

Posted byNicola Massimo|2023-11-01 19:19:14
How to Transfer Photos from Google Drive to Google Photos

Discover the easiest way to move your photos from Google Drive to Google Photos with our step-by-step guide.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-11-01 19:19:12
Step-by-Step Guide on How to Unsync Google Photos

We offer you efficient methods to Unsync Google Photos on your iPhone and Android. Our steps will help you easily disconnect Google Photos from your device.

Posted byNavkiran Dhaliwal|2023-11-01 19:19:08
How to Restore Photos Disappearing from Android Gallery

We provide reasons behind your photos disappearing from your Android Gallery. Our solutions will help you find lost photos from your Android photo Gallery.

Posted byNavkiran Dhaliwal|2023-11-01 19:19:00
How to Transfer Photos from Android to Mac: Complete Guide

Wondering how to share images from an Android phone to a Mac? This article shows you 4 easy methods to move photos and files from an Android to your Mac.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-11-07 13:37:53
Is Google Drive Safe: How to Make Google Drive More Secure

Is Google Drive safe for your files? This article offers you all about Google Drive’s security, including tips to make Google Drive more secure.

Posted byRafael Kaminski|2023-11-01 19:18:58
Amazon Photos vs. iCloud: Which Should You Use in 2023?

Are you trying to decide to use Amazon Photos or iCloud to back up your photos? This article reveals all you need to know about both apps.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-11-01 19:18:06
Does iCloud Back up Photos? Everything You Need to Know

Want to know how iCloud backs up your photos and videos? This article reveals all you need to know about backing up photos to the cloud. Learn more.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-11-06 16:37:55
How to Turn Off iCloud Photos [2023]: The Easy Method

Are your iCloud photos using up your space? Or do you see pictures on iCloud that are not yours? Learn how to switch off iCloud Photos in these situations.

Posted byNavkiran Dhaliwal|2023-10-09 18:48:54
How to Delete iCloud Photos: Simple Methods Revealed

Master the art of deleting iCloud photos effortlessly! Preserve memories with our guide on how to remove iCloud photos from your device.

Posted byNicola Massimo|2023-10-09 18:48:56
How To Make iCloud or iPhone Backup Faster

If you're looking to back up your iPhone quickly and easily, this guide will show how to make iCloud backup faster. Keep reading!

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:42:41
Most Effective Ways to Backup iPhone Photos to External Hard Drive

Don't know how to back up iPhone to external hard drive? Read this guide and find out the best ways to operate.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:18:04
How To Backup Photos From iPhone to Mac With or Without a USB Cable

Wondering how to backup photos from iPhone to Mac? This article will walk you through the easiest ways to operate with or without a USB cable.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:42:41
How To View iPhone Backup Files With 5 Methods

This guide will walk you through each step of how to access and view iPhone backups. Moreover, we'll introduce you to MobileTrans, a program that makes it simple to back up your iPhone.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-26 09:22:56
A Guide for Prices of iCloud Storage

The article thoroughly analyzes iCloud backup costs, options, and storage space. Check your storage consumption, and learn about a backup option, i.e., MobileTrans.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:44:23
2 Effective Ways To See Backups on iCloud

With this precise guide, you can access iCloud backups on iPhone, Mac, and Windows devices. Discover how to use MobileTrans to export and back up your iCloud data.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:42:41
Best Way To Turn Off iCloud Backup on iPhone

Discover the reasons why you need to turn off iCloud backup and find an alternative backup solution using MobileTrans. Follow the guide with pictures to turn off iCloud backup easily!

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:44:22
A Guide To Backup iPhone 5 by 4 Methods

Take no risk to back up your iPhone 5 and do it now. Use MobileTrans, iCloud, iTunes, and the Mac Finder on Catalina or Later, among other techniques, to make it possible.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:44:22
How To Backup iPhone to Dropbox

Protect your priceless memories, contacts, and crucial data with easy clicks. Using our detailed instructions, you can say goodbye to the risk of losing data and ensure safety.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-26 09:27:09
How To Backup iPhone SE Without iCloud

Backing up iPhone SE without using iCloud is easy with other efficient apps. You can use MobileTrans, iTunes, and Google Drive for iPhone SE backup.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:44:20
How To Back Up iPhone X/XR/XS in 4 Ways

Whether upgrading from an older model or simply wanting to be secure, take the appropriate steps. This article will demonstrate how to back up your iPhone X, XS, or XR.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-26 09:25:40
A Complete Guide of How To Backup iPhone 6/6s

Learn how to back up your iPhone 6/6s with this comprehensive guide. Find the best backup options to protect your valuable data. Each option is very effective.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-26 09:25:00
A Complete Samsung Messages Backup Guide: 5 Tried-and-Tested Solutions

If you don't want to lose your texts, this would be a must-read Samsung message backup guide. Get to know the 5 best ways to back up text messages on Samsung.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:18:01
How to Back Up Samsung Notes?

Discover the best ways to create a Samsung memo backup. This guide will show you the three ways to backup Samsung Notes.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:17:59
3 Methods for Xiaomi Backup and Restore with One Click

Looking for ways to perform Mi backup and restore, but can’t find a simple solution? Here are not one, but three different methods to do Xiaomi backup and restore.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:17:59
Change SIM Card on iPhone: Everything You Need To Know

Unsurprisingly, some folks don’t know how to change the SIM card on their iPhones. So, in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about switching from one SIM card to another on any iPhone.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:17:58
How to Backup iPhone to Computer?

How to backup iPhone to a computer? In this article, we have explained how to back up the iPhone to a computer or Mac. Read more!

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:42:41
How to Backup iPhone to OneDrive?

Are you finding an alternative to iCloud for iPhone data backup? OneDrive can be a great choice for photos and video backup, check out how to back up iPhone to OneDrive instead of iCloud!

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-26 09:20:56
How to Fix iPhone Not Backing Up?

Why your iPhone is not backing up? Here are some methods to fix my iPhone won’t back up, read more for details…

Posted byNavkiran Dhaliwal|2023-09-12 21:44:17
How to Back up iPhone: All Possible Methods

Want to backup iPhone without making any mistakes? This iPhone backup guide will teach to the different methods you can opt for to execute iPhone data backup anyway in just a few clicks.

Posted byNavkiran Dhaliwal|2023-07-24 15:42:41
Backup iPhone 8 and 8 Plus: 4 Methods

Are you looking to switch your iPhone 8/8+ to the latest iPhone? Then it's vital you backup your iPhone 8/8+ data. This guide will show you the step-by-step process to backup iPhone 8/8+ using 4 reliable methods.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:42:41
Where is iPhone Backup Stored on PC

If you've been wondering where does iPhone backup go on PC, read this article to get heads up on the exact location to find your iPhone backups to without hassle.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:42:41
3 Ways to Backup iPhone App Data

Want to backup iPhone app data? We've explained the best three ways you can complete the task without requiring any technical knowledge on this page. So, keep scrolling.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:42:41
Backup iPhone to Google Drive: 2 Amazing Methods

Do you want to backup iPhone to Google Drive? This article will show you how to backup iPhone to Google Drive instead of iCloud in a few clicks using 2 effective methods.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:44:16
10 Best iPhone Backup App and Software in 2023

Not every iPhone backup app and software that claims to be the best online has all it takes to satisfy users' backup needs. However, we've curated a list of the top 10 best iPhone backup apps and software that are worth trying in 2022.

Posted byNavkiran Dhaliwal|2023-07-28 11:22:07
Backup iPhone 7/7 Plus: 4 Methods

Are you upgrading from iPhone 7 to iPhone 13? The next step is to back up the data files to your PC. Wondering how to back up an iPhone 7/7 Plus? Keep on reading to know more!

Posted byNavkiran Dhaliwal|2023-07-24 15:42:41
How to Backup Text Messages on iPhone without iCloud?

How to backup text messages on iPhone without iCloud? If you want to backup messages, read more for amazing and simple methods…

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:44:07
A Complete Guide on Backup iPhone to iCloud

iCloud is the best option for iOS users to backup their data safely. So, backup your iPhone to iCloud today using this complete guide shared in this article.

Posted byNavkiran Dhaliwal|2023-09-12 21:44:06
How to Backup iPhone without iCloud?

Upgrading to a new device or sending your iPhone for repair? It's time to backup your iPhone. Here's How to Backup iPhone without iCloud with easy methods. Learn how to do it here!

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 17:40:16
How to Backup iPhone without Wi-Fi

If you don't have Wi-Fi access but you're looking to back up your iPhone, this article will give you a heads up on the most reliable solutions to backup an iPhone without Wi-Fi.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:44:05
How to Backup and Restore Samsung S9/S9+?

Looking for how to backup and restore Samsung S9/S9+ data? Well, there are no better ways to backup and restore Samsung S9/S9+ data other than using the solutions mentioned on this page. So, keep reading.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:43:57
Complete Guide To Backup Samsung S8 - 5 Methods

If you don't know how to back up Samsung S8, this guide will teach you the best method to perform the operation flawlessly within a few clicks.

Posted byNavkiran Dhaliwal|2023-07-24 15:42:41
How to Backup Samsung Gallery to Google Photos/Drive

Don't want to lose your Samsung gallery photos? The backup option will be the top solution. Today's discussion will show you the effective ways to backup Samsung Gallery with Google Photos and Google Drive, including the best bonus method.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:43:54
How to Backup Samsung S10/S10+/S10e?

Data backup gives us an option to rely on whenever we lose access to our important data. In this article, we will teach you how to backup the Samsung S10 series without compromise.

Posted byNavkiran Dhaliwal|2023-09-12 21:43:52
How to Backup Samsung Secure Folder?

Want to backup your Samsung Secure Folder contents? Here we offer you different methods to conduct this job for you.

Posted byNavkiran Dhaliwal|2023-09-12 21:43:50
Backup Samsung Notes to Google Drive

Have some meaningful text in Samsung Notes? You must Backup Samsung Notes to Google Drive, and this article will teach you how!

Posted byNavkiran Dhaliwal|2023-09-12 21:43:49
Backup Samsung Contacts to Google Account

Want to put your contacts in a safe place? You will need to create Samsung Contacts Backup to Google, and this article will tell you how!

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 21:43:48
Best Samsung Backup Software & Apps

Do you need reliable and successful Samsung backup software to ensure a perfect backup result? We have right here! This article teaches about the top Samsung software for PC and apps.

Posted byNavkiran Dhaliwal|2023-09-12 21:43:48
Samsung Photo Backup: How to Backup Photos on Samsung

Do you have a lot of photos on your Samsung device that you want to back up? Keep reading to learn how to backup photos on Samsung.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
How to Backup Sticky Notes on Windows Computer

How do I keep sticky notes safe? Restore and backup sticky notes with this step-by-step guide for Windows 10 and Windows 7.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
How to Backup Contacts to Google Drive

Google Drive is a file synchronization and storage service to also explore for backup aspects. So, let’s discover how to backup contacts to Google Drive with various methods.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
Vivo Cloud Backup: Complete Guide and Best Alternative

Vivo is a Communication Technology Company known for its exciting tech gadgets where one of which is Vivo Cloud Back-Up. Featured is the way how it works.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
3 Methods to Sony Xperia Backup

In this guide we take a look at 3 methods to perform a Sony Xperia backup. Your backup will serve to secure your device’s data.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
How to Backup Text Messages on Android?

Do you want to backup Android messages? Looking for reliable applications to establish this process? Get ready to explore glimpses on unique methods to carry out the backup and restore process.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
5 Verified Ways for iPhone Backup Contacts

Are you worried about how to backup contacts to iCloud? Don’t worry, you're in the right place. Here is the guide for the 5 different ways for iPhone backup contacts. You can also backup contacts to i

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
Top 3 Ways to Backup iPod Music

Learn how to backup iPod music in three different ways in this informative post. We have provided a stepwise tutorial to backup iPod music in no time.

Posted byNicola Massimo|2023-09-12 20:32:38
How to Backup Files to OneDrive: A Complete Guide

Learn how to backup files to OneDrive in three different ways. We have provided a stepwise tutorial, letting you backup to OneDrive content from PC or mobile.

Posted byNicola Massimo|2023-09-12 21:43:33
4 Easy Methods to Backup Photos on Android

Want to backup photos on your Android device so that you can give your phone for a routine tune-up? Explore these four methods to backup photos on Android at ease.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
6 Foolproof Solutions to Backup iPad and Avoid Any Data Loss

Do you have important data on your iPad that you don’t want to lose accidentally? Here are 6 different techniques to backup iPad that anyone can implement.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
How to Backup Nokia Contacts, SMS, Music, Video, Photos in 1 Click

Want to backup Nokia contacts, video, SMS, music and more to PC? No problem. The article offers you two easy ways to help you out.

Posted byNicola Massimo|2023-07-24 15:40:07
How to Backup iPad to Mac - Top 3 Ways to Transfer iPad Data to Mac

This article will suggest you three popular and easiest ways to keeping an iPad data backup to Mac. Check here to find out how to backup iPad to Mac.

Posted byNicola Massimo|2023-07-24 15:40:07
Backup iPad to an External Hard Drive with/without a Computer

Do you know you can backup iPad to an external hard drive? Get to know different ways to backup iPad to an external drive with or without a computer right here.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
3 Best Ways to Backup Samsung Phones/Tablets on Computer or Cloud

Do you know there are different tools to backup Samsung phones these days? In this post, I have listed the 3 best ways to backup Samsung Note and other devices.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
An Ultimate Guide to Perform Vivo Backup and Restore in 2 Different Ways

Do you have a Vivo device and you can’t seem to backup or restore your data? Here is a detailed Vivo backup and restore guide that will resolve your doubts.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
4 Ways to Transfer & Backup Files from Xiaomi to PC/Cloud

Learn how to take Xiaomi backup to PC or cloud in this complete guide. It has included different solutions to transfer files from Xiaomi to PC via USB as well.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-27 17:49:54
Complete Guide on How to Backup Huawei P9/P20 Pro to PC 2023

Get to know how to backup a Huawei phone to PC directly right here. The guide has listed smart solutions to backup up Huawei P20 Pro, P9, P10, and other models.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
HTC Backup App: An Ultimate Guide and Best Alternatives

Backup HTC phones like a pro by reading this guide. It has included a stepwise solution to take HTC backup to PC and has listed the best HTC backup alternatives.

Posted byNicola Massimo|2023-07-24 15:40:07
5 Methods to Backup Samsung Galaxy S20/21/22 to Avoid Data Loss

Looking for the most easiest and effective ways to backup Samsung phone to PC? Well, this article will certainly for you. We’re going to explore some the best practices to backup Samsung phone today.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
3 Methods to Backup Photos from iPhone to PC

Have you decided to create an iPhone backup? So, let's reveal the three popular methods to backup photos from iPhone to PC below.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-08-02 17:32:48
3 Easy Methods to Backup Notes on iPhone

This tutorial will help you to explore how to backup notes on iPhone. The content is containing the answer to all your questions regarding iPhone notes backup.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
How to Backup Music on iPhone: 4 Free solutions

Do you want to backup music on iPhone but confused on how to make it quickly? You will get to know the various ways revealed in our today’s article.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-09-12 17:40:09
Backup iPhone without iTunes: Proven Solution

Prefer backup iPhone without iTunes? Here is an ultimate guide to backup an iPhone to Windows PC and Mac without using iTunes and restore iPhone. Read on!

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
Complete Guide to Backup iPhone to Mac

Do you want to back up your files from iPhone to Mac as you are about to change your phone for a temporary basis? Here is a complete guide to help you backup iPhone to Mac.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
Best 4 LG Backup Apps to Backup LG Phone

If you are an LG device user, knowing about LG phone backup is a must. In this article, we will introduce some useful apps for the same.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
How to Backup Android Contacts to Mac

Here are some ways about how to backup Android contacts to Mac, including wondershare MobileTrans -simple one click way and manual way.

Posted byNicola Massimo|2023-07-24 15:40:07
Motorola backup 101: Ultimate Guide to Backup Motorola Phone

If you want to learn how to backup Motorola with various tools and software, then you are at the right place. Keep reading and discover tools for moto backup.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 15:40:07
How to Backup OnePlus to PC?

Do you want to learn how to backup the OnePlus device? Then, you at the right place to explore the optimum ways of the backup process. Quickly scroll down the article for exciting facts on data backup

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-27 17:35:52
Android Contacts Backup – Top 3 Ways to backup Android Contacts

Today we will share top 3 ways to backup Andorid contacts. After reading them, you can know how to backup android contacts easily and effectively. Detailed steps here.

Posted byRafael Kaminski|2023-07-24 15:40:07
How to Backup Huawei – Top 2 Huawei Backup Ways

Backing up Huawei data is really important when we want to switch new phone. Here top 2 huawei backup software to tell you how to backup huawei Phone.

Posted byRafael Kaminski|2023-07-24 15:40:07
Top 5 Android Backup Apps/Software – How to Backup Android Data

Today we will introduce top 5 Android backup Apps and software to backup Android data. MobileTrans can transfer all data with a single click only.

Posted byNicola Massimo|2023-09-25 15:08:10
Fix iPad not Backing up: Expert iCloud and iTunes Solutions

Is your iPad not backing up to iCloud or iTunes? Learn how to solve the iPad won’t back up issue and its alternatives by reading this troubleshooting guide.

Posted byAxel Nash|2023-07-24 16:18:13