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All You Need To Know About MIUI 11

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Like it or not, one can't ignore the Xiaomi's MIUI. It is very popular in the world due to its unique features and regular updates. The latest update of Xiaomi for its devices is MIUI 11.

Xiaomi is the first organization that introduces the idea of a phone management app. It doesn't only rely on producing edge hardware to maintain its foothold, but also work on regular software updates.

The latest is Xiaomi MIUI 11 with a range of new features, including new UI design, always-on display, dynamic wallpapers, women's health, and more. Further, it offers the best in-house custom ROM for your Android devices.


Do you want to know more about MIUI 11? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about Xiaomi's MIUI 11 update.

Part 1- What Is MIUI 11?

MIUI is Xiaomi's in-house custom ROM built on top of Android phones. In simple language, Xiaomi has taken idea from Google's Android operating system and built its own Operating system that is Xiaomi MIUI. And, MIUI 11 is company's latest software for android devices.

On 22nd October 2019, the Xiaomi released MIUI 11 with the best ROM rollout features.

miui 11 introduction

The best thing is that Xiaomi's MIUI 11 also support older devices like Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4. In MIUI 11, Xiaomi has made many visual changes, which makes this update more exciting.

Moreover, it focuses on content viewing and also introduces some nifty additions to it for a better customer experience. When talking about MIUI 11 price, you can get the Mi phones with MIUI 11 around USD 700.

List of the Mi Phones that support MIUI11

Xiaomi has reeased its MIUI 11 for about twenty-eight Redmi devices. They are introducing this latest update in diverse phones in different phases.

Let's check out the list of phones that support MIUI 11in different phases!

    • In the first phase

Redmi K20, Poco F1, Redmi Y3, Redmi 7, Note 7, Note 7s, and Note 7 Pro.

    • In the second phase

The phones that get MIUI 11 update in the second phase are Redmi 6, 6 Pro, Redmi K20 Pro, 6A, Note 4, and Redmi Y2. Other phones are Redmi Y1, Y1 Lite, 4, Note 5, Note 5 Pro, 5, 5A, and Mi Mix 2.

    • In the third phase

The phones that fall under phase three are Redmi Note 6 Pro, 7A, 8, 8A, and Note 8.

So, if your Android phone supports MIUI 11, then you must check out the new features of it in the below section.

Part 2- How is MIUI 11 Easy To Use?

MIUI 11 is gaining popularity and also received two Red Dot design awards for its latest sound effects as well as visual design.

Given below are the lists of Xiaomi MIUI 11 specs which make it easy to use and better than MIUI 10.

Take a look!

New UI Design

MIUI 11 comes with an innovative classical theme as it also eliminates the excessive colors and undesired elements. This makes the UI intuitive as well as minimalistic.

The best part is that it features a new colorful iconography on the settings page. In addition, the MIUI update uses a new font titled 'Milan Pro' for text.

The font also supports the "Dynamic Font Scaling" that permits the applications like notes to adjust the content. The main idea behind dynamic font scaling is to give a full-screen experience to the users.

new ui design

Mi Share

Mi Share is the next most famous feature of MIUI 11, which is very helpful to share files across your devices. It is like an Airdrop alternative for Android devices and allows you to share files within a fraction of seconds.

You can locate Mi Share in the "Connection and Sharing" menu on the Settings page of your device. Further, it is going to be a game-changer for the users and make the file sharing process very convenient.

mi share

Ambient Display Customization

With the new MIUI ambient display, your lock screen is a complete pack of customization options for the ambient display. This feature brings kaleidoscope presets for Always-on display.

Ambient Display Customization

You also have the option to choose from colorful backgrounds, animated clocks, and moving quote for the lock screen.

Note: >This feature is available only on the smartphones with AMOLED display.

Ultra Battery Saver

The new MIUI 11 comes with an ultra-power-saving mode. This will disable all the system functions of your device except for the calls and messages when battery running low.

Ultra Battery Saver

In addition, it also allows you to turn off all the colors on the user interface to a neutral mode to save the battery. You can also customize the power saver mode and choose the apps according to your preferences.

Moreover, by turning on the ultra battery saver mode, you can use your phone for a whole day even if there is only 5% of the battery.

Dark Mode

With the new MIUI 11, you can use the anticipated wide dark mode system. It is more eye-pleasing for the users as it removes the additional colors, lines, bars, and boxes. You can look for dark mode in the Display settings of your Xiaomi devices.

dark mode

Mimoji in Camera

Earlier, when Xiaomi users want to use Mimoji, they have to install a separate app. But with the new MIUI 11, you do not have to struggle for it as they are baked into the Camera app.


You just need to switch to the Emoji tab located at the bottom of your device to create your animated emoji.

Tasks in Notes

With MIUI 11, you can bring tasks to make your plans more productive. It is not a separate app but is integrated right into the Notes app for the users.

When you note down your to-do list on the Notes app, at the same time, you can also create a task for yourself with a simple left-swipe. In addition, to make it more convenient for you, the tasks are also synced with the Mi Calendar.

Hence, it gives you notification of your tasks accordingly. Moreover, you can also use voice recording to create the tasks quickly.

task in notes

Dynamic Sounds

In the new MIUI 11, Xiaomi has also introduced the ambient nature sounds for the notifications as well as ringtones. The best part is that the sounds are not consistent and produce a different tone every time when a new message or call is received.

Dynamic Sounds

New Floating Calculator

With the new MIUI 11, Xiaomi also introduces the floating Calculator for its users. Irrespective of the fact that you are using anything on your phone, now you can bring the floating calculator effortlessly to calculate anything.

It is really helpful and saves a lot of your time. In addition, you can also calculate the EMI, evaluate GST, split bills with your friends, and many more.

All in all, the new Floating calculator app is an incredible feature of the MIUI 11.

New Floating Calculator

Dynamic Video Wallpapers

The dynamic Video Wallpaper feature of MIUI 11 is unique. When you use it, you can set a personal video for your home screen as well as lock screen wallpaper. Whenever you unlock your phone, the video that you have selected will play in the background like live wallpapers.

New Mint Keyboard

MIUI 11 features a new keyboard, which is known as the "Mint keyboard." It is also available in the Play Store. Further, it also supports Indic languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and 25 more.

New Mint Keyboard

Moreover, it has support for multiple stickers, GIFs, and transliteration. Further, you can also use emoji in the vernacular language. Hence, it offers a great experience to its users.

Disable all the Sensors

When you use MIUI 11, you have the option to disable all the sensors of your device. This feature allows you to manage your privacy.

If you wish to use this feature, you have to enable it from the developer options of your device.

Part 3- Reviews About MIUI 11

With the release of MIUI 11, all the Smartphone users whose device supports it have an overwhelming response. You can go through following Xiaomi MIUI 11 review of users.

  • It transfers files from phone to phone at breakneck speeds
  • There are different options for hiding the notch, which make it more useful
  • You can use your fingerprint to open the Home screen once you unlocked the device using face data.
  • Its comprehensive design for full-screen display removes the visual clutter, improves touch controls, and also redefines the use of color. Further, it allows its users to create a system where nothing stands between you and the content.
  • All the documents that are stored here stay productive and efficient with our all-new Mi Doc Viewer.
  • MIUI 11 introduces a new children's space feature in it that provides quality early childhood content. Moreover, it is specially designed to create a fun-filled world for kids.
  • MIUI 11 comes with a special display pattern and has become one of the most popular features.
  • MIUI 11 offers the world's first dynamic font system with which you can customize the text font in various device sections.


We hope that from the above article, you have gained a lot of knowledge about Xiaomi MIUI 11. It is the latest update of Xiaomi software that comes with all-new new features, which makes it easy to use as compared to MIUI 10.

Further, the company is working on another latest version that is MIUI 12, to give users new comfort and features. In the future, you will see Mi devices with more reliability and premium level security features.

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