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MIUI12 release date, specs, and comparison with MIUI 11

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

As you all know that innovation blooms within a wink of an eye in the Digital market. There are ample customizing options in the gadget world meets the expectations of the users without any compromises. The MIUI 12 is one such Xiaomi's newest Android skin comprising of mind-blowing features. In this article, you will study on this awesome Android skin and a short comparative study with its previous version MIUI 11.

You can enlighten with valuable insights on the gadget skin's new functions, specifications in detail. These facts help you to explore more customization features in Xiaomi devices. You can surf through this content to discover the hidden functionalities of MIUI 12.

Part 1: What is MIUI 12?

miui 12

The MIUI 12 is the latest and updated Android skin for Xiaomi gadgets. This new Android OS serves as a forerunner passing through the test conducted by TÜV Rheinland's “Android System Enhanced Privacy Protection Test. At present, nearly 310 million users are accessing this MIUI 12 Android skin for the Xiaomi gadgets. The release date of this system update in Xiaomi devices varies with the geographical location. In general, the MIUI 12 released on 27th April 2020. However, only few Xiaomi models support this update, and it is unavailable for all the Xiaomi devices. The supporting Xiaomi models are Mi 10 series, Mi 9 series, Redmi Note 9 series, Redmi Note 8 series etc.

This version has innovations on various perspective to meet the needs of the customers without any compromises. You can find creative changes in the display, animations etc. A lot of new applications are available to enhance the comforts for the customers. Take a quick look at MIUI 12 review below and enlighten with the changes in this new version.

miui 12 new version

Part 2: How is MIUI 12 easy to use?

In this section, discover the incredible features of this latest update of the Xiaomi gadget MIUI 12. It is an excellent Android Skin offers a comfortable environment. Every change is unique, and for optimum utilization of those new features, you need to learn about it in detail. It has the following in-built functionalities.

2.1 UI interaction

The Dark Mode

You can find enormous changes in the user interface interactions with this new update. The 'Dark Mode 2.0' option adjusts the brightness in your Xiaomi gadget automatically concerning the ambience. Depending on the environment brightness, the display screen changes for a better appearance. It varies the font shades to avoid glare effects. It gives a legitimate display of fonts on the gadget despite the external lights.

Visual Design

miui 12 visual design

It has a sensory visual design that represents the storage space and other attributes in graphical format. The data in the Settings option are in the form of graphs, charts for accurate display of numbers.

Super Wallpapers

miui 12 Super Wallpapers

The MIUI 12 has introduced stunning wallpapers with high precision in 3D modelling. You can find animated models of Mars and Earth suitable for both the lock and unlock screens. When you set your device in dark mode, the wallpapers adjust the image resolution accordingly and enhances the overall appearance.

Unique animations

In the updated version of MIUI 12, you can find animations included in various applications like a weather report. You can find a realistic display of the weather facts like a time-lapse movie format. The application icons react differently according to the gestures, direction, and speed of the Xiaomi gadgets. When you perform various activities like delete app, open or close app, and charging a unique animation runs on your Xiaomi screen.

Floating display of the notifications

The Xiaomi MIUI 12 devices provide a floating display of the notification screen. You can drag the notification window on any apps. Include split-screen effect on the pop-up screens effortlessly in this updated version MIUI 12 devices. To view, the notifications quickly swipe down from the top. Using this feature, you can handle multiple notification screens easily without any issues.

Record health care activities

The MIUI 12 Xiaomi gadgets allow you to record your health-related activities like running, walking, cycling, and climbing stairs. This device records your every step when you move by holding the device in your pockets. Using the recorded data, you will realize your daily contribution in making your body fit despite a busy schedule. The AI motion behaviour perception algorithm assists in recording these physical activities precisely.

You can also measure your quality of sleep using this updated version of Xiaomi gadget. Keep your phone with a pillow when you sleep, and the device tracks the following data such as when did you go to sleep, how long did you sleep, how deep you slept and whether you had dreams or not. All these data recorded will help you to analyze the quality of sleep.

2.2 Privacy protection

miui 12 Privacy protection

In this new MIUI 12 version of Xiaomi, gadgets provide enhanced privacy measures. You can find small changes in granting permission to the apps. You can permit only once to access the locked application. The applied lock revokes again when you had done with it. There is no such option like 'Always Allow' which was available in the older version.

It assists the users to track the app behaviour in detail. The MIUI 12 watches out the information accessed by the apps like location, media, gallery etc. In the home screen, you will receive alert messages when the apps try to access sensitive data from the phone. The 'Mask System' help the users to protect the phone data. The unverified applications in your gadget cannot access the sensitive phone data at any cost.

This new version let the user share photo, images effortlessly. Photo-sharing activity is safer than before. You can easily remove the device details in the sharing image between gadgets. This version helps to establish this task flawlessly.

2.3 AI Phone

The Xiaomi introduced AI assistant to answer calls, and the phenomena are like 'Google Call Screening' feature. This functionality is available in this Xiaomi gadget for a year, and it is not available for users outside China. The 'AI Calling' feature in the latest version, enables automatic call answers from the selected language. You can also choose between manual and automatic answering according to your needs. As per the statistics, the AI phone assistant answered more than 4 million calls for valuable users.

Part 3: MIUI 12 vs. MIUI 11

Here, you will study about the difference between MIUI 11 and MIUI 12 in detail.




Lock Screen

You cannot insert the dynamic images in the lock screen

A dynamic lock screen with earth and mars in motion are available in this version.

Home Screen

There is no option to bring changes in the appearance of the icons. You will not be able to set any animation effects for notifications.

This version allows you to personalize constructive changes in the icon appearance. Moreover, you can insert animation effects in the notification easily.



Does not support GIF creation and there is no integrating option

You can integrate the images with the GIF creation and split the subjects as per your needs. There is a settings icon for positioning system according to your room while capturing the image.


Less attractive themes. Many premium themes are available with price tags. You need to purchase to download those premium type themes in your devices.

In this version, you can find creative themes of animals, flowers with realistic animations. There are free and premium themes available for download. You can purchase the premium themes at free of cost by viewing 30-second advertisement during the download process.


You can find ordinary screen display of mobile information and security application.

The Security app displays a three-dimensional animation view in the Mobile information and Security app platform.

Application Notes

There is no built-in Application Note feature available in this version.

The Notes app allow you to create, edit and save the notes easily.

Control Center

When you swipe down from the top you will witness options like WI-FI, and flashlight forms the Control Center. Only a few options are available in this control Center.

You can find innovative changes in the Control Center. New options like Dark Mode, Floating Window, and Ultra battery saver are available in this version effectively.

The above -discussed a comparative study on the MIUI 11 and MIUI 12 gives you a clear picture of the advantages of the newer version. The MIUI 12 offers a comfortable space for the users and built a unique display of controls and apps for easy access. You can find animations, gestures included in the MIUI 12 when compared to the older version.


Thus, this article emphasizes the new features inserted in MIUI 12 updated Android OS version of Xiaomi gadgets. The functionalities are equivalent to the comforts available in the iOS devices. When compared to MIUI 11 the newer one is highly appreciable. You can switch to the latest Xiaomi gadgets to enjoy the extraordinary features implemented using this updated MIUI 12. The user-friendly interface with easy access to frequently used controls and application positions the Xiaomi devices at the top despite a competitive market. The Xiaomi gadget with the latest version excels in the performance and offers incredible features without any regrets. Connect with this article to discover the upcoming innovations of the Xiaomi gadgets in future.

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