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Handy Tips to Spy on WhatsApp Messages [Hush! You Cannot Miss]

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

"How can I spy on my wife's WhatsApp conversations without touching her phone?"

I was browsing through WhatsApp spy tools, and cheating wives and spouses kept popping up along with the search. You will find many cases of people seeking ways to spy on WhatsApp messages of their spouses mostly. People seem more concerned about the activities of their cheating partners on WhatsApp than you would imagine. One of the queries that caught my attention was a man seeking advice on ways to spy on his wife's WhatsApp without her knowing about it. Surprisingly, he got over 200 replies in a short time on Quora, one of the most popular query platforms.

Part 1. Why People Need to Spy on WhatsApp

The heartbreaking question above made me wonder about the number of people who need to know how to spy on WhatsApp messages for one reason or the other. So now, you must consider using a proper WhatsApp spy tool that will not raise suspicion, especially one that will not require installing any app on the other end.

use whatsapp web on pc

Furthermore, there are different reasons for using the WhatsApp spy app other than for cheating spouses. Some of the reasons people may need to spy on WhatsApp messages include:

  • People suspect their lover or spouse is cheating or in danger and are desperate to monitor the WhatsApp messages of their partners.
  • Parents consider using WhatsApp spy tools on their kids' phones to monitor their kids, especially minors. These tools will be efficient in keeping your eyes on the kids' activities for their safety.
  • Employers may need to monitor WhatsApp messages of the company's phones in the hands of their employees. They can install the WhatsApp spy tool to view messages and keep a tab of their business activities.

Then, how to spy on someone's WhatsApp or how to spy another WhatsApp? Let's check it out.

Part 2. Efficient WhatsApp spy tools to monitor WhatsApp messages

Now that we have shown the reasons to use WhatsApp spy tools, you may consider the effective WhatsApp spy apps you can use on your phone to monitor WhatsApp messages. There are several tools you can find online available both on Google store and Apple store. They have different features, pros, and cons that you should consider using, putting the purpose of installing these tools in mind.

  1. WhatsApp web
  2. Whats web scan
  3. What Web Clone app for WhatsApp
  4. Wutsapper(Recommended)

2.1 WhatsApp web

WhatsApp web is one of the popular website applications used to share WhatsApp messages from smartphones. The applications allow you to view messages, send messages, and download media, including photos, videos, voice notes, and other files on your computer. However, you can only use WhatsApp web on PC, and you will need access to the smartphone by scanning the code with your phone.

use whatsapp web setup

This website version is suitable for people working online with their PC and will constantly need to send and receive messages on WhatsApp while on their PCs. Therefore, I will recommend this for official use, especially when more than one persons need access to spy on WhatsApp messages. You can easily access this web app by visiting on your browser and following the guide to access your WhatsApp on your PC.


  • It is easy to set up WhatsApp Web on your PC without downloading any app.
  • You can easily download media files to your PC.
  • It is free and easy to use.
  • You can use multiple accounts with WhatsApp web.


  • You must have access to the phone at all times to use WhatsApp web.
  • The smartphone with WhatsApp must be online for you to access it on the WhatsApp web..
  • It may not be convenient to spy on WhatsApp messages.

The main idea of WhatsApp web is to log into one Whatsapp account on different devices, check this video.

2.2 Whats web scan

The What web scan is available on Google Play for Android users and App store for iPhones users. You can use it on your phone to spy on WhatsApp messages. You can download the app on your phone, then scan the bar code of the WhatsApp phone you want to spy on. With that access, you will have 2 WhatsApp on your phone, and you can receive and view messages from the other phones without their knowledge.

use whats web scan

One advantage of this app is you can view the messages of the other phone from anywhere. And if you can manage to scan the phone of the other phone, the person may not notice that you can see their messages. The Whats web scan is one of the best WhatsApp spy apps because of its accessibility at all times, for with a good internet connection, you will be connected for a long time.


  • It is readily handy for you can use it on your phone rather than a PC.
  • It is available for android and apple users.
  • It allows you to use up to 4 WhatsApp accounts.


  • It experiences loss in connectivity often.
  • The smartphone with WhatsApp must be online for you to access it on the WhatsApp web..
  • You need to be close to the phone to have continual access to the WhatsApp messages.

2.3 What Web Clone app for WhatsApp

You can easily clone a WhatsApp and have unhindered access to WhatsApp using WhatsApp's Whats Web Clone app. Now, if you want the perfect WhatsApp spy tool to spy on WhatsApp messages of your spouse, then this app is the perfect one. You can have 2 WhatsApp on a single phone and perform similar functions like sending and receiving messages.

use whats web clone


  • It is fast and stable.
  • It is secure and accessible.
  • You can chat by adding a number to contact.
  • It allows you to empty junk files.


  • You will have to switch to the pro version to eliminate adverts from popping up.

2.4 Wutsapper(Recommended)

Wutsapper solves one of the main WhatsApp problems between iPhones and Android users: the connectivity between WhatsApp from each phone. With this application, you can quickly transfer all your WhatsApp contents such as documents, media files, and other files to an iPhone by simply connecting the devices through a USB OTG cable. It is great for android users switching to the Apple smartphone to sync their WhatsApp without losing anything quickly.

The app is also efficient for spying messages on WhatsApp as it allows you to open more than one WhatsApp account on one phone, or use the same WhatsApp account on two devices, just the same as WhatsApp Web .

wutsapper transfer whatsapp between android and iphone


  • Direct interconnectivity between iPhones and Android devices without using a PC.
  • All WhatsApp data are transferable with this app, and you will not lose any data.
  • Allows you to open multiple WhatsApp on one device.
  • Fast speed of transfer and it is highly secured.
  • It supports a wide range of phone brands.


  • It requires IOS 9(and above) and Android 7(and above) to work.

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So many people are searching for methods to spy on WhatsApp messages out of different reasons. And the handy WhatsApp spy tools demonstrated above can always be brilliant choices for you. The most recommended one is Wutsapper, which is accessible on Google Play. With its help, you can either monitor WhatsApp messages stably or transfer WhatsApp data between Android and iOS devices without data loss. Try it now!

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