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How to use WhatsApp on tablet and phone simultaneously?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

"If I get a new tablet or an iPad Pro, how can I use the same WhatsApp account on my phone and tablet simultaneously?"

Ever since smartphones were released and even I started to use smartphones, there has been a yearly rise in the number of smartphone users. The present number of smartphone users stands at 6.64 billion people and takes up as much as 83.89% of the world's population. Out of this number of users, a very large percentage own more than one smartphone. Well, I am a typical example of such. There are quite a number of combinations, all depending on the user's preference.

Part 1. Can I use WhatsApp on tablet and phone at the same time?

WhatsApp is no doubt one of the most popular messaging applications globally. Quite a very large number of people make use of WhatsApp for personal needs or business needs. You see, the dilemma most WhatsApp users face is that they have more than one mobile device but have just one phone number for WhatsApp.

use same whatsapp on multiple devices

By default, WhatsApp doesn't allow users to have one account on two smartphones at the same time because of reasons best known to the company. Many users over time have found it very useful to use their WhatsApp account across various devices; hence there has been a continuously increasing demand among WhatsApp users for a WhatsApp account that can be used across multiple devices.

All these and more are the reasons many people seek to have their WhatsApp account logged in across multiple devices. And can one use WhatsApp on tablet and phone at the same time? Of course, sure!

You can watch this video guide or further to the following parts of this article.

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Part 2. Use WhatsApp on tablet and phone with WhatsApp Web

There are many methods out there, but I will be giving you some of the methods that work perfectly.

WhatsApp web works mostly on PCs; some android tablets that use chrome browsers can make use of the WhatsApp web as well. For readers who make use of android tablets, the first step to take is to navigate to on your chrome browser.

use whatsapp web setup

Next, open the three dots at the right-hand corner of the chrome browser and click on the desktop site option. Once the desktop site option is selected, the website is displayed on the android tablet just the same way it is displayed on the PC browser. It displays some lines of text with a QR code beside it.

Now, open WhatsApp on your first phone and click on linked devices; click on link a device; a QR code scanner is displayed; use this to scan the QR code generated on with your android tablet. After scanning successfully, the WhatsApp account is logged in on your android tablet through the chrome browser.

There are quite a number of downsides to using WhatsApp through your tablet chrome browser. One of these is connection glitches or breaks; also, it may send messages and receive messages in a way that is slower than it should normally be.

Part 3. Use WhatsApp on tablet and phone with Mutsapper

The heartbreaking question above made me wonder about the number of people who need to know how to spy on WhatsApp messages for one reason or the other. So now, you must consider using a proper WhatsApp spy tool that will not raise suspicion, especially one that will not require installing any app on the other end.

Another method for using a single WhatsApp account across various devices is through the use of a customized Wondershare Mutsapper application (Used name: Wutsapper).

The application has multiple functionalities these include; transfer WhatsApp data from Android device to iOS device and vice versa, WhatsApp Web functionality, and WhatsApp message recovery functionality.

wutsapper transfer whatsapp between android and iphone

This blog post will be focused on the WhatsApp Web functionality of the Mutsapper application. The application is a smooth, convenient solution for WhatsApp users who want to use android mobile phones and android tablet devices or iOS devices at the same time.

Wondershare Mutsapper provides one of the best and easiest ways to keep all the preferred WhatsApp data, settings, preferences, images, and Profile information the same on the first phone and also on an android tablet or iOS phone.

I will take you through how you can use the Mutsapper application for using WhatsApp on an iPhone and Android simultaneously and also using WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on phones and tablet devices using the WhatsApp Web feature of Mutsapper.

For using WhatsApp on Android and also new iOS phones simultaneously; the following sets of actions will have to be taken:

    • Install the Wondershare Mutsapper application after downloading from Google Play store.
    • Click the WhatsApp Web section of the Mutsapper from the home tab.
    • Next, a QR page shows up just as it is displayed on

use wutsapper whatsapp web feature

    • Now you need to open WhatsApp on your target phone and click the three dots at the top right-hand corner.
    • Then, click on linked devices and select link a device.
    • A QR code scanner view opens on the first phone, use this QR code scanner to scan the generated QR code, make sure the QR code is in center to better scan it with Mutsapper

use target device to scan qr code

    • After successful scanning, WhatsApp is automatically logged on to the new Android tablet with all data, settings, preferences, images, and profile information still intact.

use whatsapp web of wutsapper to check target phone whatsapp messages


In this page, we have learnt a lot about how to use WhatsApp on tablet and phone at the same time. Both WhatsApp Web of official WhatsApp or Mutsapper can make it easy for you. Just try and explore more interesting things when using WhatsApp.

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