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Transfer phone data without a PC

Transfer Everything from iPhone to iPhone with/without iTunes or iCloud

Axel Nash

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“Apple yearly releases new iPhone models and I'm willing to replace my old iPhone. But replacing an iPhone device for another one comes with a lot of needs. One of them is the need to move as much data as possible, such as videos, music or official documents that may have been accumulated on the old device as a result of long term use. ”

In this article we will educate you on ways you can transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone. There are several options available for you to move your data from your old iPhone device to another iPhone device. These include using a file transfer software, iTunes and even without iTunes. This article will take you through each process, outlining each step for easy understanding.

Part 1. One-Click Transfer Software MobileTrans to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud

One way of moving your photos between android devices is through the use of file transfer software. This software, when installed on a computer, enables you to connect both android devices together, designating one as the source and other as destination.

Using file transfer software to move your photos from one android device to another android device provides a secure and sure transfer window, ensuring your files won’t be lost. A reliable software you can use for this purpose is the MobileTrans file transfer software. Designed to give you a stress less experience and simplify data transfer, MobileTrans - Phone Transfer software is topnotch and user friendly. This article will carefully lead you through the process of using this software.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone With 1 Click!

  • • Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud/iTunes.
  • • You can also transfer 18 kinds of data including contacts, photos, music, messages, videos and more.
  • • It also can transfer from iPhone to Android, Android to Android, and Android to iPhone.
  • • 100% safe and reliable phone to phone transfer solution, fast and easy.
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To begin this process, do ensure you have a good PC where you would download and install the MobileTrans file transfer software.

Step 1. Go to your desktop home screen and locate the MobileTrans Software icon.

Open the software by double-clicking on it. A window like the image below will open. Navigate to the “Phone Transfer” section. This option allows you to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone.

phone transfer home

Step 2. At this stage, making use of a good USB cable, connect your old iPhone device and the new iPhone device to your PC. The two phone icons shown represent both iOS devices.

phone transfer ios to ios 01

Now here is the best part, without having to disconnect both phones, you can switch both phones as “source” and “destination” by using the “Flip” button at the top of the screen.

Step 3. After doing this, all you have to do is select the contents you want to be copied and wait for the application to complete the process. That’s all you have to do.

phone transfer ios to ios 04

As an iPhone user upgrading to a new device, thoughts of starting over is scary. It is why you should opt for MobileTrans to ease the process for you. In the same vein, the transfer is faster and more efficient than other file transfer apps.

With MobileTrans, all you have to do is continue from where you stopped.

Part 2. Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

To transfer data from one iPhone device to another using iTunes:

Step 1. Ensure the latest version of iTunes is running on your device.

Step 2. Plug your old iPhone into your Mac or your personal computer.

Step 3. Launch your iTunes. A phone icon will appear on the menu bar. Click on it when you see it.

Step 4. Click on encrypt backup. If this is your first time encrypting backup, it will prompt you to Input a password. When you have done that, click on backup now.

When asked to back up apps, you can decide to skip them. It doesn't really matter as they will re-download on their own. When the backup process is done, unplug your old iPhone.

Now, assuming you don't have a separate SIM card for the other iPhone device, take your SIM card out of your old iPhone. But wait for the backup process to be completed

Step 5. Insert the SIM card into the new iPhone device and turn it on. Plug your new iPhone device into the Mac or personal computer use for the backup.

Slide to set up your iPhone device. Choose your language option.

Step 6. Set up your Wi-Fi network and choose “Restore from iTunes backup” when the welcome to your new iPhone window appears.

And on the iTunes on your Mac or windows PC, tap on the device tab and choose summary in setting app.

Step 7. From the list, select your most recent backup. Depending on the Backup you Want to restore, select Restore from this Backup.

Step 8. When you are done with restoring backup, click on “continue”. You will see a prompt to enter your password appear. This prompt will only appear on the assumption that your backup is encrypted.

While the transfer is ongoing, do not unplug your iPhone device from the system and ensure your Wi-Fi connection is is still switched on throughout the duration of the transfer. This would ensure successful completion of the transfer and re-downloads. The transfer may be slow or fast depending on the amount of data to be transferred.

Part 3. Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes

iphone migration 01

The iOS 12.4 version released by Apple also came with its own iPhone migration feature. This feature is a much needed improvement that provides some flexibility. It has been designed to make it easier to mover data between two iPhone devices wirelessly and at a quicker rate than previous methods. It does not require iCloud backup. As a result of of this migration process following that of iTunes encrypted backup, some application logins and apps are migrated over automatically. Currently, this migration feature is only available to iOS 12.4 or latter devices only.

The following steps will take you through the process of utilizing the iPhone migration feature efficiently in moving your data from one iPhone to the other.

Step 1. Switch on the receiving iPhone device. Place it close to the iPhone from which the data will be sent. This will initiate the Quick Start proximity-based initial setup utility. An authentication pattern will appear on the receiving iPhone. Authenticate this pattern by using the Source iPhone camera. On the receiving iPhone, enter the pass code of the source device. This will create a wireless connection that will allow you to migrate settings between both devices automatically.

Step 2. A “Transfer Your Data” screen will come up. On it, three options will be available for you to choose from:

  • • Transfer from iPhone — which is the new iPhone migration tool
  • • Download from iCloud — which will allow you restore from iCloud backup
  • • Other Options — this option include access to the old Apps and Data page for migrating from Android, restoring from iTunes page, or to set up as a new device.

While on the “Transfer Your Data” Screen, another way to launch the migration tool is through a wired setup using a Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter and a USB cable.

Step 3. Select the “Transfer from iPhone” option. This will initiate a data migration using a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi between the two devices.

At this stage, an “Agree to Terms and Conditions” page will appear. Tap on “Agree” and set up automatic updates. Now, a new screen will appear, indicating that iPhone migration has started.

iphone migration 02

On the screen of the source device, you will see a “Transferring data to iPhone” message. Same message will appear on the destination device, only this time it will be “Transferring data from”. You will also notice the time duration for the migration process. Both devices should be kept together to avoid a pause or disconnection.

iphone migration 03

A “Transfer Complete” message will appear on the destination device when the migration process is complete. Tap “Continue” to go back to home screen on the source device. Now you can factory reset the iPhone if you wish without worrying about loss of data.

The destination device will start a rebooting process automatically. Apps that have been moved from the source device to the destination device will initiate a downloading process. If you want to continue the process, make sure you have a good network connection.

iphone migration 04


Transferring data from one iPhone to another can need not be a problem for any user and this is the purpose of this article. To educate you on what is needed to successfully transfer your data. Using any of the method stated above i.e. mobile transfer and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection will ensure 100% data transfer between devices but the steps must be judiciously followed to avoid any pitfalls. So you can go get the new iPhone device of your choice, transfer files, videos, songs and all that you have saved up on the old device and enjoy your newest upgrade.

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