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How to Transfer Files from Mobile via OTG?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Are you confused or weeding through the Internet to find how to transfer files/photos from your phone via OTG? Here is all you need. Explore our today’s article to see the complete guide for the task.

“Is it easy to transfer files/photos from a phone via OTG?”

When it comes to transferring files or documents from mobile to computer, a USB cable is more than enough and has been in usage or prevalence. But, is it possible to transfer files or photos between mobile devices? Yes, of course, with technical advancements, everything is possible where all you need is just an OTG cable that accomplishes the task in seconds. Not just within devices, but with an OTG cable, you can transfer files from mobile devices to flash drives or pen drives too. Widely preferred for instant file transfers, it is an inexpensive transfer mode as people at present have upgraded to storage drives to keep their photos, files, and documents safe.

However, there are high chances of data loss in an Android device due to unexpected deletion activities. Thus, people have moved to such storage devices as flash drives and pen drives. While the USB mode of transfer is accessible, working with an On the Go (OTG) cable is quite different where it could be complex to the person who is new to the file transfer. Although OTG allows communication between card readers and flash drives, attention and caution is required as you could result in loss of files at times.     

When you transfer files/photos from your phone via OTG, you can incur the following benefits:

  • File transfer through OTG cable is fast, stable, and secure.
  • With less prone to data loss, you can connect OTG cables to a wide range of devices like Android, Huawei, Motorola, and so on inexpensively.
  • OTG-based file transfer is a clean process without the requirement of any tangling wires as it is short with practical functionality leaving no distortion in turn.

Are you excited to know how to transfer files/photos from your phone via OTG? Scroll this article further.

Part 1: How to Transfer files from Mobile to Pen drive via OTG?

For instance, put yourself in a scenario where you need to copy a file from your mobile to a pen drive, but you don’t have any USB cable or laptop but just an OTG adapter. Do you think it is possible to transfer files/photos from a phone via OTG to a pen drive? Yes, it is, and here is how.

Step 1: Connect your mobile and pen drive with an OTG cable.

Step 2: When you swipe on the notification, you can see that the connection establishes successfully.

phone to pen drive via OTG

Step 3: Now, to transfer files/photos from a phone via OTG to the pen drive, navigate to the folder, and click on the files you wish to move. Tap the copy option, and paste it on the USB or pen drive directly.

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Part 2: How to Transfer Files between Android and Flash Drive via OTG?

If you wish to transfer files/photos from Android via OTG to a flash drive, you need to be a little cautious as you might end in files loss due to simple mistakes. Before starting up, you need to ensure or fix the location before the transferring and follow the below steps.

Step 1: As the first step, you need to connect the flash drive to the android device with the OTG cable.

connect android to flash drive via otg

Step 2: Swipe the notification drawer from the top to find whether the connection is successful or not and allow access as well.

allow access

Step 3: Finally, select the files or photos you wish to transfer from the android device to a flash drive. Click the three-dotted icon, and choose the Copy option. Navigate to the storage folder, and paste the files.

transfer files to flash drive

Part 3: How to Transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone via OTG?

Finally, found how to transfer files/photos from a phone via OTG? I believe you have.

Now, in this session, we would like to introduce Mutsapper (Used name: Wutsapper) from Wondershare. Wondering what the specialty of Mutsapper is? If you have recently upgraded from Android to iPhone and wish to move WhatsApp data safer to the iOS device, Mutsapper can fill up space. Yes, including all essential data like chats, emojis, images, videos, and attachments, you can transfer with just the USB-OTG adapter. Compatible with most iOS and Android devices, Mutsapper is easy to use and is available from Google Play Store.

So, how to transfer files/photos from a phone via OTG with Mutsapper? Here is a step-by-step manual on how to transfer WhatsApp data from android to iPhone.

Step 1: Download Mutsapper

On your android device, download and install the Mutsapper application. Once done, connect your Android and iPhone with the USB OTG adapter.

Step 2: Chats Backup

Now, click on the “Chats Backup” button to make a backup of all the files on the Android device, and once you get the “Completed” status, click on it.

Step 3: Parse and transfer data

transfer whatsapp business between android and iphone


So, this is how to transfer files/photos from a phone via OTG hassle-free.

With practical interpretation or a complete guide on transferring files/photos from a phone via OTG, I hope you have found a way to safeguard your critical files in few clicks. If you haven’t tried such a trick of transferring files from mobile to flash drive or pen drive through OTG, it’s time to upgrade to this new trend of file transfer from now on. While transferring files from mobile to computer via USB cable is the best practice as well, for time instance and reliability, you can put the above-discussed techniques into practice.

Besides, when it comes to transferring critical WhatsApp data between Android and iPhone devices, give Wondershare MobileTrans a try that comes with inbound data moving abilities!

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