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How to Check or Delete the Transfer History in MobileTrans App?

MobileTrans app can transfer WhatsApp data, photos, videos, contacts, and all the data on your phone smoothly and efficiently. Yet, after transferring, you probably worry about how to check and manage your transfer history.

No worries. MobileTrans app have you covered. Everything you transferred is organized and shown in "Transfer History". You can check it anytime as well as backup or restore it. The following steps will tell you how to check/delete the "Transfer History" in MobileTrans app.

Check this video guide for a quick look.

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Step 1

Launch MobileTrans app on your phone.

launch mobiletrans app

Step 2

Tap "Me" at the bottom of the screen.

tap me in mobiletrans app

Step 3

Choose "Transfer History" shown in "Me". You can check all the files you've Sent and Received. Also, you can see the source device by "Received from Samsung SM-G9910" for example..

By tapping the sign at the upper right corner, you can select a specific kind of transfer history you need, such as All, Phone Transfer and File Transfer.

check the transfer history in mobiletrans app

Step 4

If you want to delete your transfer history, first tap the pen-like sign at the upper right corner. Then select the data history to delete.

select the transfer history

Step 5

Choose "yes" to confirm your deletion. Wait a few seconds, and you'll see the transfer history "Deleted successfully".

choose yes to delete waiting for deleting delete transfer history successfully


You can check the transfer history anytime and manage it as you like. Thus, you don't need to worry about transferring your data with MobileTrans app. It will keep your data as well as its history safe and sound. Just start with MobileTrans app.

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