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An Easy Cross-platform Transfer of your Essential WhatsApp Data

Do you want to move your WhatsApp chats and related data to a new phone? MobileTrans app helps you move your WhatsApp between different types of phones.

If you're changing from an Android to an iPhone or the other way around, this guide will show you how to transfer WhatsApp via the MobileTrans app.

You can also follow the video guide:

From Android to iPhone

Step 1 Download MobileTrans App

First, you need to download and install MobileTrans app on your Android phone. Next, choose to tranfer WhatsApp. (You can also transfer WhatsApp Business here). Then choose Android to iPhone. You can read the instruction given by the app before you start.

mobiletrans app store QR
app store
mobiletrans app google store QR
google play

instruction 1 instruction 2 launch mobiletrans app

Step 2 Back up Your WhatsApp Data

If you haven't saved your WhatsApp data before, don't worry. You can back up yur data before transmission.

back up whatsapp

Step 3 Log in Your WhatsApp Account

You type in your phone number for WhatsApp, but don't forget to include the code for your country. Then tap Next. Then you'll get a special code through a message or a phone call. You enter the code to log in.

write your phone number enter the code

Step 4 Select Data to Transfer

You'll see all kinds of WhatsApp data you saved. Then choose the data to transfer to the new iPhone and tap Next.


Step 5 Connect Devices

You can use a USB-C to lightning cable to link your Android and iPhone. After that, press Next and do what the app says.

 connect with usb-c to lightning cable

Step 6 Restart and Check Your Data

Once everything moves over, restart your iPhone. You can see your WhatsApp data on the new iphone.

transfer completed

From iPhone to Android

Step 1 Launch MobileTrans App

Open the MobileTrans app and choose the WhatsApp transfer option. Then choose iPhone to Android.

launch mobiletrans app

Step 2 Connect Devices

After selecting iPhone to Android you'll get two ways to connect your iPhone and Android. Using a USB-C cable or without using a USB-C cable.

connect devices

Method 1: Connect with an OTG cable.

There are two different OTG cables, standard USB to lightning or lightning to USB-C. You can connect the Android and the iPhone with one of the cables. And select Trust on the iPhone. Then Allow WhatsApp to get the permission on iPhone. Finally, both devices connect easily.

 connect with usb-c to lightning cable connect with otg cable

select to trust allow iphone permission

Method 2: Connect with the MobileTrans desktop toolkit.

If you don't have the cables, it's also okay to install the MobileTrans desktop toolkit on your computer. it will ask you to connect both phones to your computer.

use mobiletrans desktop toolkit

Step 3 Start File Transfer

Finally, return to the MobileTrans app and complete the transfer.


It doesn't matter if you're changing from iPhone to Android or the other way around. The app has different ways to help. Follow the easy steps we discussed, and you can shift your WhatsApp stuff to your new phone and keep chatting like before.

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