Transfer Files from Huawei to PC: 4 Smart Solutions

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Huawei is a well-known provider of smartphones, offering high-end phones at affordable pricing. These smart Android phones are feature-filled, easy to carry, and simply remarkable. However, when you need to Huawei transfer files to a PC, how can you achieve it without hassle?

Can you transfer files from Huawei to PC without challenges?

There are some methods for Huawei to transfer files to PC. We have discussed the most popular ones below. Have a look, find the right way for Huawei P30 to transfer files to PC.

Part 1: Transfer Files from Huawei to PC with MobileTrans

How to transfer files from Huawei phone to laptop?

Can you transfer files without Hisuite?

In this section, we have used an amazing tool, MobileTrans, for Huawei P30 Pro to transfer files to a PC. Here are some features of MobileTrans that are beneficial for users:

  • Not only you can transfer files from Huawei to PC but also it is possible to move data between two different phones.
  • Before you use Huawei P20 Pro to transfer files to PC, you can preview data and select specific files to transfer to PC.
  • You can transfer multiple data types using MobileTrans. For example, your WhatsApp data, images, and other app data.
  • When you are switching your phones, MobileTrans is the best tool to transfer files from PC to Huawei or vice versa.

There are two important modules under this tool, let’s see how these help you transfer files from PC to Huawei and Huawei to PC.

Using File Transfer

Step 1: Connect Huawei to Computer

The first step is to connect your computer to your phone. Use a USB cable for your Huawei phone and connect it to MobileTrans.

When you open the MobileTrans tool, you need to go to File Transfer and select Export to Computer.

export files to computer

For this process to complete, you need to Allow the device from your phone.

Step 2: Choose Files For Huawei Transfer Files To PC Without Hisuite

Once you open this module, you will see your Huawei phone on one side and a computer icon on another side. You will find the types of files on your Huawei in the middle section. From here, select the data types that you need to transfer to PC.

choose files to transfer

Step 3: Export Files

After you select the files that you need to transfer, click on Export and wait. This may take some time, but you need to keep the connection stable to avoid losing data or starting to export to the computer again.

transfer completed

Method 2: Using Backup&Restore

This module is used to backup your Huawei to your computer for further data transfer or just protect your personal data. Let’s see how that can be achieved:

Step 1: Open Backup&Restore

Similar to the previous section, you need to open MobileTrans and connect your phone to the computer. This phone should be the new phone in which you need to restore your Huawei backup.

From the front page, go to the Backup&Restore module.

backup&restore home

Step 2: Open Backup

Now, you need to select a previously taken backup file. This file will be visible on the MobileTrans tool.

Step 3: Select Files And Restore

On this screen, you will see types of files. Select the types of files that you need to transfer files from PC to Huawei. Now, just click the Start button to transfer the entire data.

restore from mobiletrans to android

If you want to delete data from the phone, select “Clear Data Before Copy”. In this way, you don’t even need to reset or erase your phone.

Part 2: Transfer Files from Huawei to PC with Huawei Share

For Huawei P20 transfer files to PC, you can also utilize Huawei Share. When you have a Huawei smartphone, this app is somewhat handy. You only need to connect both receiver and PC with one WIFI connection.

Once you achieve that, follow these steps:

  1. On your computer, visit the Control Panel. Under this tab, you need to find Programs and Features.
  2. Here, you will find Windows Features on or off, under which you need to check 0/CIFS File Sharing Support.
  3. After this, switch on File Sharing and Network Discovery on your computer.
  4. Once you set up your computer for Huawei share so that you can transfer files from Huawei to PC, go to your phone.
  5. On your phone, visit Device Connection under Settings.
  6. Here, switch on Huawei Share settings and put it on Computer Share.
  7. Once you turn it on, you need to use a password and username.
  8. Now, visit My PC and under Network find your computer.

find your computer

This will enable your phone to photo transfer files from Huawei to PC.

Part 3: Transfer Files from Huawei to Laptop via USB cable

One of the most well-known methods for Huawei P30 to transfer files to PC is using a USB cable. You need to connect your Huawei to the computer using the USB and then transfer data manually to the PC.

Here are the steps you can follow to transfer files from Huawei to PC:

  1. Use a USB cable and connect your Huawei phone to the computer.
  2. You will instantly get a notification on your Huawei to connect for MTP/File Transfer. At this point, you need to allow USB Debugging.
  3. This will allow your computer to install Huawei drivers. If not, then you can achieve that manually.
  4. On your computer, go to My Computer and find a DCIM Folder, under which you can locate your data.
  5. Copy and paste data to your computer’s drive.

select huawei

Part 4: Backup Files from Huawei to PC with Hisuite

The last method to transfer Huawei files to PC involves using Huawei Hisuite. This is an app that we can use for backup and recovery. You can back up your phone to the computer and then restore the backup on your new phone.

Here’s how to achieve Huawei P30 transfer files to PC:

  1. Download Huawei for Windows on your computer.
  2. After this, connect your phone and computer using a USB cable.
  3. From Settings on your Huawei phone, find HDB and allow it.
  4. Offer privileges on your phone.
  5. In Huawei Hisuite, go to Backup and select files that you need to move to your computer.
  6. After this, select the folder on your computer where the backup data will reside.
  7. Finally, click Save and wait for the data to transfer.

back up with Hisuite

Part 5: FAQs

1. How To Transfer Files From Huawei To Computer With Hisuite?

When you need to transfer files from Huawei to PC using HiSuite, you need to download Hisuite on your PC and connect your phone to it. After this, you can move files, like pictures and other media from Huawei to PC.

2. How To Transfer Photo From Huawei to PC?

To transfer photos from Huawei to PC, the best method is to use MobileTrans. In the above list, MobileTrans offers the easiest and most dedicated option to move your phone’s data to a computer and then recover it back in another phone from the backup file.

To know more about MobileTrans, visit our website and start exploring.

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