4 Ways to Transfer Data from Huawei to Samsung S20

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Well, Samsung has bring its brand new S20 phone loaded with some attractive features in the market. So, if you are going to buy it, then what will you do with the data on your old phone? Those of you, who own a Huawei brand and are planning to switch to S20, must know how to transfer contacts from Huawei to Samsung.

In our article, we shall talk in detail about the transfer of data from Huawei to Samsung S20 using the four most secure methods.

Part 1: Transfer data from Huawei to Samsung S20 with one click using MobileTrans

The first and the best software on our list for Huawei Samsung transfer is Wondershare’s MobileTrans. It also permits the backup and restoration of your phone’s data and gives you the potential to transfer data smoothly within a few minutes. You can transfer videos, images, audios, documents, photos, call logs, contacts, alarms, etc. This app is for every person who wants to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung or Symbian and blackberry phones.


  • • Super-fast Huawei to Samsung Transfer
  • Mobiletrans work on advanced data analysis technology. It allows data transfer from Huawei to Samsung S20 at an incredibly faster rate than any other application.

  • • Cross-platform experience
  • It can transfer a vast amount of data between various devices in just one click. It supports more than 6000 devices, including Xiaomi, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, OPPO, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, and many others. As a result, it enables a superb cross-platform experience between iPhone and Android, Android and Android, and so on.

  • • Accessibility
  • iTunes, iCloud or Bluetooth make data transfer complex. Mobiletrans , on the other hand, simplify the process of Huawei to Samsung transfer. Everything happens with just one click.

  • • Restoring and Backup
  • Mobiletrans allows the users to back up all the smartphone data into a computer. Later on, you can restore them on your new smartphone without overwriting the data. Besides, you can use it for restoring the backup from iTunes to other mobile devices.

  • • WhatsApp backup and restore
  • When you own your Samsung S20 or your friend will, help him with the WhatsApp chat history transfer and much more with MobileTrans.

Steps to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung S20

Step 1: Download and install the Mobile Trans

First, download MobileTrans and install it on your computer. Wait for the installation process to finish. It will take few minutes only.

Mobiletrans interface

Step 2: Run the Mobile Trans application

Open the app and choose the Phone transfer method. Connect both the Samsung S20 and the Huawei phones to your computer via USB. If you want to transfer WhatsApp messages and received or sent media files in it, then choose WhatsApp transfer.

Step 3: Check the connection and source or destination device

When both the phones will connect, check the source and destination device are showing correctly or not, and if not, click on the “Flip” for flipping them. Here, we have used LG K11+ to represent how it works.

Mobiletrans interface

Step 4: Start the transfer

A new page will appear that will show all the transferrable data. Select the data you want to transfer and then click on “Start Transfer” to initiate the data transfer between Huawei and Samsung S20.

Step 5: Backing and restoring

When you want to transfer backed up data from Huawei to Samsung S20 phone, choose the “Restore from Backups Mode” on the homepage of the app.

Then, another page will appear, showing the backed up data. View and check them; click on “Start Transfer.” It will start to transfer data to your Samsung S20 from a Huawei phone.

Mobiletrans interface

Note: Don’t try to disconnect the mobile phone from the computer during data transfer, or else the transmission will not be successful

Part 2: Transfer data from Huawei to Samsung with Smart Switch

Anyone can transfer data from Huawei to Samsung without using MobileTrans. By applying smart switch Huawei to Samsung, people can effortlessly transfer data from Huawei to Samsung S20. Smart Switch is a unique application created by Samsung for transfer from Huawei to Samsung S20 or from any other phone.


  • • Fast Connection and fast data transfer
  • Smart Switch can transfer data at a rapid speed. For best results, download it on your computer and connect Samsung S20 to it. It is capable of identifying the data in your old phone and transferring it to another phone.

  • • Seamless data transfer
  • Some data transfer software is time-consuming. It takes a lot of time, even during the sending of photos. Smart switch Huawei to Samsung saves a lot of time by allowing you a seamless data transfer.

  • • Data Synchronization
  • The built-in feature of data synchronization can assist in synchronizing contacts and schedules between devices with Windows Outlook or Mac Address Book and iCal. Utilize this smart functionality for managing the program anytime and anywhere you wish.

  • • Simple Back and Restore
  • Backing up all your Huawei phone data to the computer is a task of a few minutes with Smart Switch Huawei to Samsung transfer.

  • • Device update
  • Smart Switch desktop version can help you in the upgrading of your Samsung S20 software to the latest version. It will raise the device performance.

Steps to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung with Smart Switch

Step 1: Download Smart Switch application

Go to the PlayStore and install Smart Switch application on both the phones. Wait for a couple of minutes for the installation process to complete.

Step 2: Run the Smart Switch Application

Keep the phones nearby and run the Smart Switch application. Choose the source and the target device. Select Huawei as the sending phone and Samsung S20 as the receiving phone.

Smart Switch interface

Step 3: Connect the phones

Connect the phones wirelessly and type the code generated on the receiving device and then move to the further process

Smart Switch interface

Step 4: Check the data that you want to transfer

After the devices connect, select which data you want to move. Mark those files you want to send and then tap on the “Send” button. Wait for some minutes for the transfer process to finish.

Smart Switch interface

Part 3: How to transfer contacts from Huawei to Samsung via Google account

Google eases the data transfer between Huawei phones and Samsung S20. If you have created an account on both devices with the same email, follow the given steps to learn how to transfer contacts from Huawei to Samsung.

Step 1: Unlocking Huawei Phone

Unlock your Huawei phone by going to settings>account>Google for Huawei to Samsung transfer. Then, turn on the sync your data option.

Google transfer

Step 2: Perform a similar action in your Samsung device

Do the same thing on your Samsung S20 to move a synced file on your Google account to the Samsung S20 to transfer contacts from Huawei to Samsung.

Another method is to take a backup from the Huawei phone to the Google account. To do so, go to Settings in Huawei’s phone and turn on the “Back up my data.”

Google transfer

Step 3: Restore backup files

Later on, restore this backup files on your Samsung S20 by selecting restore data from an existing backup on your new Samsung S20,.

Google Transfer

Part 4: How to transfer photos, videos from Huawei to Samsung via Bluetooth

Bluetooth helps transfer photos and videos. Although it is a little slow and transfers only a limited amount of data, it does the transfer securely.

Here are some of the steps to start Huawei to Samsung transfer with Bluetooth.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth

Turn on Bluetooth on both the devices by sliding the notification down or manually by going to Settings>Bluetooth.

Bluetooth transfer

Step 2: Pairing devices

Pair them to initiate the Huawei to Samsung transfer

Bluetooth transfer

Step 3: Select the files

Once the devices get paired, select the files you want to share

Bluetooth transfer

Step 4: Share files

Find and tap on the share option after making a selection and click on Bluetooth. Within a few minutes, it will transfer data from Huawei to Samsung S20.


Well, our only goal is to make the use of technology convenient and straightforward for the readers. Hence, we listed the top-most methods that will work successfully on all the supported devices. Although MobileTrans or Samsung’s Smart Switch apps are the most popular and useful applications for Huawei to Samsung transfer, Google and Bluetooth are also viable choices.

So, go ahead and implement these methods for data transfer from Huawei to Samsung with the latest Samsung 20 device.

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