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4 Easy Ways to Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPad

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

What is the best method to transfer apps from iPhone to iPad? You might want to work on your favourite apps at a larger display screen on your iPad. Which transfer method gives you the desired results without any issues.

In general, the apps and it’s connected files are larger, while moving these bulk sources you must make it a point that the transfer should occur without any data loss.

While transferring apps between similar platform you will not encounter any compatibility issues but when you impose the transfer techniques on the cross-platform then choose the perfect method which tackles the problems related to cross-platform between the gadgets.

iphone apps

Part 1: Transfer apps from iPhone to iPad via MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

The third-party programs are highly effective to deal with apps transfer between multi-platforms effortlessly. There are hundreds of tools available in the digital market which works on the transfer process between gadgets. You should be wise enough to select the right tools which suit your needs perfectly. Do not compromise on any factor while choosing between the available programs. Many professionals and worldwide experts recommend MobileTrans - Phone Transfer to transfer apps from iPhone to iPad due to the following reasons:

  • • It is a recognised program for data transfer.
  • • Transfer large size data between gadgets without any loss.
  • • The process completes quickly despite the data size.
  • • The user-friendly interface helps the users to work on its platform effortlessly.
  • • Performs well between cross-platform.

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Steps to transfer apps from iPhone to iPad

Step 1: Install MobileTrans

Visit the official website of MobileTrans and download the tool according to your device compatibility. Then install it by following the wizard. Launch the program and hit the "Phone Transfer" option on the home screen.

MobileTrans home

Step 2: Choose the desired app for transfer

In the left panel of the screen, choose Apps from the data types and connect your iPhone and iPad with the computer using the USB data cable. Then hit the "Start" button.

transfer apps from iPhone to iPad

Step 3: Make a transfer

Press the ‘start’ option and wait patiently until the backup process completes.

transfer apps from iPhone to iPad

Part 2: Transfer apps from iPhone to iPad Using Family Sharing

The Family sharing procedure performs well only with iOS gadgets version 8 and later. This method assists you to share a wide range of files with your family members easily. Here the files include apps, books, TV shows, movies and music etc. If you want to transfer apps from iPhone to iPad using Family sharing then ensure you had set up the program in your iPhone and shared the purchases with your connected gadgets.

    1. Go to 'Settings – iCloud' in your iPhone. Then enter the Apple ID credentials to log in.

icloud login

    1. Press "Set up Family Sharing" option and then click the "Get Started". Add your Family members and agree to pay for the purchase made on iTunes, iBooks, and App store etc.

get started

    1. Confirm the payment method in the next screen, then hit "Managing Family Purchases" and press "Done".
    2. Next tap "Continue" then 'Share Location or Not Now'. Invite 5 additional members in this program. Here you can add your iPad device.

set up

    1. After the Family sharing set up a log in your iCloud account and tap your name. Enable 'Share my Purchases' toggle switch, this action allows you to access the apps from any iOS gadgets through Apps and Store option.

share app

    1. In your iPad, tap "App Store" then hit your name from "Today" tab.
    2. Select "Purchased" and select your name in the next screen which is displayed by the Family sharing option. Choose the desired apps from the list and finally press the " Download" button.

download app

The desired apps are now available in your iPad using Family sharing. You can make use of this method to access any apps from your common Apple ID on your desired iOS device.

You can try out this procedure to transfer apps on any iOS gadgets at any time because the Family sharing tool maintains the apps purchase list in your Apple ID similar to the iCloud virtual storage for ease access of any iOS devices.

Part 3: Transfer apps from iPhone to iPad Using iCloud

In this section, the transfer process occurs with the help of the iCloud platform which is accessed using a common Apple ID credentials.

    1. In your iPhone, hit 'Settings’ and then select 'Apps and iTunes store' option.
    2. Log in with Apple ID to access the content in the iCloud platform.

enable app

    1. Turn 'On' the toggle switch beside the 'Apps' option which is available below ' Automatic Downloads'.

automatic download

  1. The changes made in your iPhone will reflect on your iPad. In your iPad, log in with your Apple ID and access the iPhone apps effortlessly.

Part 4: Transfer apps from iPhone to iPad via Bluetooth

If you want to prefer a wireless data transfer between gadgets then enable Bluetooth to complete the task. Follow the below instructions for successful transfer

    1. In your iPhone, enable the Bluetooth option by navigating ' Settings – Bluetooth'.
    2. Turn on the Bluetooth feature in your iPad by tapping the settings option.

enable bluetooth

  1. Now add the iPad in your iPhone by pairing technique.
  2. After establishing a wireless connection between the gadgets then press right-click in your mouse on the desired app and select the ' Share' option.
  3. You will be listed with feasible ways to share the app, select Bluetooth and tap the iPad from the paired devices. Now press 'Send' option to trigger the transfer process.

bluetooth transfer


It was an informative discussion of the app transfer process between iOS gadgets. When you take a deeper note on transfer strategies there are a lot of ways which knocks your door in a queue. You have to be wise enough to select the best process to transfer apps from iPhone to iPad.

From the above-discussed scenarios, MobileTrans - Phone Transfer overruns other transfer strategies because of its precise transfer features at a rapid rate. It is the best alternative for traditional methods which was implemented before for the transfer process between gadgets.

It is high time to update your knowledge on the transfer procedure using this informative article. Switch to MobileTrans - Phone Transfer and transfer large size data within a fraction of minutes between gadgets easily.

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