How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac?

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Here are the four optimal ways to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac, MacBook, iMac through a few simple clicks on the right options.

It is a wise practice to import contacts from iPhone to Mac because you need not worry about data loss and you can connect with your loved ones using the address book in your Mac system. You can call your friends and families from different gadgets if you have a backup of contacts in your system. Choose the perfect method which adheres to your expectations without any compromises. All four methods are reliable and you transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac easily without any hesitations.


Part 1: How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac via iCloud

Step 1: In your iPhone, hit the ‘Settings’ option in the home screen, select your device name and tap the ‘iCloud’ to enable the ‘Contacts’ option.


Step 2: Now, in your Mac systems click ‘System Preferences’ and choose ‘iCloud’. Enter the credentials to log in to your Apple ID. Here, you have to check in the ‘Contacts’ item in the list to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac

sync iphone contacts to mac 3

Step 3: Open the ‘Apple Contacts’ app in your Mac systems and select ‘All iCloud’ to view the iPhone contact list.


Make use of the above steps to sync contacts from any iOS devices into Mac systems flawlessly.

Part 2: How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac without iCloud

Step 1: Launch the iTunes or Finder window in your Mac system and connect your iPhone using the USB cable.


Step 2: Choose your device name from the Finder environment which lists on the sidebar of the screen


Step 3: Now hit the ‘Info’ option and check-in ‘Sync Contacts’ on the screen. Finally, hit the ‘Apply’ button to save the changes.


Your iPhone contacts synchronize automatically with your Mac system using the above method without using the iCloud interface.

Part 3: How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac via Airdrop

Step 1: Ensure the devices iPhone and Mac systems are accessible to the Wi-Fi network.


Step 2: Now, turn on the Bluetooth in your iPhone as well as in your Mac system. To enable the Bluetooth option in your iPhone, go to ‘Settings -> Bluetooth’ and then turn on. In your Mac system hit ‘Apple Menu-> System Preference -> Bluetooth’ and then enable it.


Step 3: Next, turn on the ‘Airdrop’ feature on your iPhone. Go to the ‘Control Center’ -> press the ‘Network settings card’ -> select ‘Contacts only’ or ‘Everyone’ in the list.


Step 4: To activate the ‘Airdrop’ option in your Mac systems navigate to ‘Finder -> Go -> Airdrop’. Next tap ‘Allow me to be discovered by’ and choose either ‘Contacts only’ or ‘Everyone’.


Step 5: In your iPhone, click ‘Contacts’ icon and choose a contact. Press ‘Share Contact’ option in your gadget.


Step 6: Choose ‘Airdrop’ from the expanded list and select your ‘Mac’ system name to trigger the transfer process


You must authenticate the notification in your Mac system regarding the contact sharing process from iPhone gadget. The contacts stores in the ‘Download’ folder in your Mac system.

Part 4: How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac via MobileTrans – Backup

The Wondershare MobileTrans is the perfect application to handle any data transfer between gadgets and systems. You do not require any technical skills to work on this tool. It has overwhelming features to assist you in effortless data transfer. The user-friendly interface of the application enables you to identify the right options quickly to carry out the desired tasks.

Mind-blowing functionalities of MobileTrans app

  • • Lossless data transfer between any gadgets and systems comprising of different OS environment
  • • Compatible to OS and Mac systems without any issues
  • • Back up your iPhone and Android gadget’s data effortlessly into your system for future use
  • • Restore the backup data from your system
  • • to your new gadgets quickly
  • • You can create a backup for your WhatsApp messages using this innovative program.

Step 1: Launch the MobileTrans app

Connect your iPhone with Mac using the USB cable. Then download the Wondershare’s MobileTrans from its official website. Based on your system OS version download the appropriate application and install it by following the instruction wizard. Before commencing the procedure ensure the iPhone in the source location and Mac book as the destination.

Step 2: Backup data

In the home screen of MobileTrans app, you must choose ‘Backup&Restore’ option and go to Phone Backup & Restore. This action will switch to the next screen.

mobiletrans home

Step 3: Select Contacts

Choose the desired data in the next screen which needs a backup in the Mac book. Here you must select ‘Contacts’ option in the list.

backup phone to computer 01

Step 4: Backup Completed

You have to wait for a few minutes until the backup process completes. All the selected data enters into the Mac system as soon as this procedure ends.

backup phone to computer 02

Now the desired data will be available in your Mac system for future reference.


Therefore, it is high time to end the discussion on optimum ways to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac. If you require a lossless data transfer at a faster rate, then you have to use the MobileTrans software. Besides moving contacts from iPhone to Mac, you can also transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. So get it now to take care of data transfer for you. 

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