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Transfer phone data without a PC

Transfer Videos from Android to iPad with or without Computer

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Although the iPad is the most popular tabs in the world, people still prefer Android tabs or smartphones because of affordability. If you are interested in an iPad and want to avoid using an Android device, so, this content is crafted for you. You can get a broad idea of how to transfer videos from Android to iPad without strenuous efforts. You will also learn how to transfer movies from Android to iPad using some simple applications. We have tried to keep everything simple for a better understanding of the file transfer between Android and iPad. Keep in mind that both are running on the unique operating system, so the approach to transfer files would be different too.

Part 1: Transfer videos from Android to iPad on a computer

By using your computer, you can transfer videos from Android to iPad effortlessly. All you need to do is download iTunes or MobileTrans. iTunes is software for managing media files. It provides an efficient way to sync videos among portable devices. You can use it for transferring videos from your Android phone to iPad or else, MobileTrans offers a great option to move around 15 file types to multiple devices. Therefore, with your computer, you can use both these tools to transfer videos to your iPad even if you have an Android phone.

Method 1: Transfer via iTunes

If you are using iTunes and your PC to know how to transfer videos from Android to iPad, then follow the given steps. Ensure that you install the latest version of iTunes on your PC. It is a great way to move all the videos from an Android device to an iPad.

Step 1: Connect your Android device.

Firstly, connect your Android device to the Windows PC with a USB cable. Wait until the system detects your device. Mac users have to install Android File Transfer to initiate the process of transferring videos because the devices are running on different operating systems.

Step 2: Browse and select Videos

In your Windows device, browse videos. You can find videos in the DCIM folder and then go to the Camera. Select the videos you want to move and copy them to the folder of your choice. Now, detach your Android device and connect the iPad.

Step 3: Launch iTunes

iTunes interface

Now, open iTunes on a Mac with macOS Catalina and then open Finder. If you are using Mac with macOS Mojave or older version, or on a Windows PC, open iTunes. Sync your photos to your iPad by going to photos and videos on your device in Photos > Albums.

Method 2: Transfer via MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

MobileTrans provide an easy transferring of images, videos, contacts, and much more at a click. It works faster than any other method. Moreover, it is an excellent tool to back up a phone’s data. With this tool, you can carry out plenty of other tasks like WhatsApp media backup, and much more at a single click. You can expect this kind of application from a top developer, and we know what importance Wondershare holds in the software industry.

Step 1: Install MobileTrans

MobileTrans Interface

Go to the official site at to get the application. Download it to your Mac or Windows PC. Wait for a minute when the app is installing. After installation, run the application and select Phone Transfer to move videos from Android to iPad.

Step 2: Connect the devices.

Selecting File Types

Connect both of your Android devices and the iPad to the system using USB cables. If it does not detect the Android device, enable USB debugging. Go to Settings>About Phone>Tap on Build Number 7 times and then open the developer option. Scroll and find USB debugging, switch it on. Check if the devices are showing in the right manner and, if not, click on Flip.

Step 3: Choose the file types

File Transfer Done

Now, choose all the files that you want to transfer and at last, click on Start to transfer all the videos from Android to iPad. Do not disconnect the devices to avoid any interruption in the data transfer.

Part 2: Transfer videos from Android to iPad without a computer

Is it possible to transfer video from android to iPad without a computer? Of course, you can do it by using applications like Shareit or Move to iOS app. Move to iOS app is available for Android and iOS users. With this app, you can move all your stuff from Android to the iPad. Besides, Shareit is a popular application available for iOS, Android and windows users. After MobileTrans, Move to iOS app, iTunes, this is the most efficient tool that can even help you in learning how to transfer movies from android to iPad.

Method 1: Transfer via Move to iOS app

Move to iOS is developed only for moving files from an Android to the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Follow the steps mentioned here if you prefer to Move to the iOS app for file transfer rather than any other application. You don’t need to take much stress because this application has made the data transfer simpler. Thanks to Apple for always creating user-friendly apps.

Step 1: Install Move to iOS

Move to the iOS app interface

Click the Google Play Store on your Android device and install the Move to iOS app on to the device. Give all the necessary permissions. Run the application when it gets installed on your device. Hit Continue and then read the terms and conditions. Agree to it and touch Next to take further steps.

Step 2: Set up everything

Set up everything on your iPad after getting the Apps & Data screen. Choose Move Data from Android and move to the next step. Also, hit Continue on the iPad to get a 12-digit code. Enter this code into your Android device.

Step 3: Select File Type

Selecting Files

After entering the 10-digit code, you are ready to transfer the files. Select all the file types you want to shift along with videos. Be patient for a few minutes, and you will be able to access the videos on your recently purchased iPad.

Method 2: transfer via Shareit app

Shareit offers a safe, faster, and secure alternative to transmitting data from Android phones or tablets to an iPhone or iPad. These steps work effectively to help you in the file transfer process.

Step 1: Open the Shareit Application

Open the Shareit Application

If the Shareit app is not present in your Android device, go to the Play Store and install it first. Launch it after the installation, then click on Start and grant all the permission. Choose your Avatar.

Step 2: Select the videos.

Tap on Send and go to Videos. Open the folders or files. If you want to transfer all, then keep tapping on the folders to select them.

Step 3: Send the Files

When you select the files that you want to transfer, then click on the Send given at the lower right position on the bottom. Make sure to turn on Bluetooth, WLAN, and the hotspot. The app will start to scan nearby devices.

Similarly, you have to open Shareit on the iPad and tap on receive. Apart from it, turn the hotspot on and the Bluetooth too on the iPad. Now, wait for the Shareit on your Android to show your iPad device. When you see, just touch it to start the file transfer immediately.


Thus, it is incredibly swift to transfer video from Android to iPad using the four different methods above. All you require is the best tools available for your PC or smartphone. iTunes and MobileTrans are the top choices of techies. Moreover, when you don’t have access to any computer, then also you can transfer the contents from an Android phone or tab to the iOS device. So, go ahead and execute the methods based on the resource you have and the need.

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