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Switching to a New iPhone? Transfer & Keep All Your Data

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Unboxing a new iPhone is always exciting, whether you are setting up the device for the first time or upgrading to a new one.

So, if you are switching to a new iPhone, you might wonder how to transfer and keep all your data. Well, no worries, we got you covered!

In this article, we will tell you how to switch everything from one iPhone to another iPhone! Switching iPhones and restoring data can be hassle-free if you know the right way, so read this article till the end!

restoring data

Part 1: What To Do Before Switching to a New iPhone?

People switching to a new iPhone often wonder how to transfer everything from one iPhone to another. However, switching devices is easy, and transferring the data can be done painlessly if you know what to do before switching iPhones:

  1. Consider backing up the data on your current device. You can easily do it using iTunes, iCloud, or even MobileTrans. Apple Support or applications like MobileTrans help you to back up the data for free. This is a very important step because it will help you restore all your data from the current device to your new device and prevent data loss if something goes off track during the transfer process.
  2. When done, remove the SIM from your current device, and insert it into the new device.

Part 2: Switch To A New iPhone Without Losing Data Using Official Methods

If you plan on switching from one iPhone to another, there are three major ways to restore the data from your old device offered by Apple support. Simply follow the outline, and you will know how to do it.

Method #1 Change To New iPhone Without Losing Data Via iCloud Backup

When you buy an iPhone, it offers you temporary storage that allows you to back up your data on the current device and later transfer and restore it on the new device.

Planning to prepare a backup before you switch devices? You can do it using a temporary backup of iCloud. Here is how

Creating a Backup

creating a backup

  1. Head to Settings, and then click on General
  2. Scroll, and you will find the option Transfer or Reset. Tap on this option
  3. Under the option Prepare for New Device, simply tap on Getting Started
  4. Now, if you see the iCloud backup is disabled or turned off, simply click on Turn on Backup to Transfer
  5. Wait until the backup is complete

Restoring the Backup on Your Brand New Device

brand new device

  1. Time to turn on your new iPhone and complete all the instructions displayed onscreen
  2. Set the device up
  3. When the Apps and Data screen shows up, tap on Restore from iCloud
  4. Use your Apple ID and passcode to sign in to iCloud
  5. Select the backup you have recently created
  6. Wait until the backup is completed

Note: Do restore the backup within seven days, as it will get permanently deleted after the seventh day.

Method #2 Switch Over iPhones While Keeping Data Using iTunes Backup

Apart from iCloud, there is another alternative offered by Apple Support. You can use iTunes, but you must also use your computer.

Creating a Using Backup iTunes

using backup itunes

  1. Use a functioning USB cable to connect the computer with your iPhone
  2. As you do it, you will get a pop-up on both your devices saying, "Trust this device?" click on Continue
  3. Now, click on iTunes on your computer, click on the tiny mobile-like option
  4. Now to back up the data, select This Computer under the Backups option,
  5. Do not forget to encrypt your data. You will have to encrypt the data using a password
  6. Then simply select Back Up Now
  7. Wait until its completed, and your will device will restart

device will restart

Restoring the Back-Up

  1. Now turn on the new iPhone, and set it up according to the instructions onscreen.
  2. Follow until you reach the Apps and Data Screen
  3. Then select Restore from Mac or PC
  4. Then connect your new iPhone to your computer with a cable
  5. Launch the iTunes application on your PC, and then select your device
  6. Click on Restore Backup, and choose the most recent backup. Click on Continue
  7. Enter the password that you set while preparing the backup
  8. Now, you have to wait till the transfer is completed

Note: Do not forget to plug in both the iPhone and the computer, as the time taken to complete such processes depends on your network and, of course, the size of your backup.

Method #3 Switch from One iPhone to another via Quick Start

Backing up the data on your current device would take a lot of time, but what if I tell you that you can still keep your data even without a backup?

To do this, you will need to use Quick Start, an alternative to iTunes and iCloud, and here is what you have to do

  1. Turn on your brand-new iPhone and keep it near to your old device
  2. Now you will see a screen on the current device that gives you the option to set your new device using the Apple ID

You need to use Apple ID and tap Continue. If you do not get to see this option, turn on the Bluetooth of both the devices

  1. Wait a moment, as animation will show up. As you get to see it, hold your current device over the new, and then you will have to center the animation using the viewfinder
  2. Next, a pop-up will appear saying, Finish on New (Device). If you are not allowed to use the camera, select Authenticate Manually, and follow the directions on the screen
  3. After you complete the procedures, you will be asked to re-enter the password of your current device on your new iPhone. Then do follow the instructions on your screen, i.e., Touch ID or Face ID
  4. Next, you will see the option of Transfer Data, simply tap on Continue to initiate the process. Easy!

transfer data

Note: Do not forget to keep both devices plugged in until the data transfer is completed. The transferring periods depend on your network and the amount of data.

Change Over iPhones And Transfer Data After Setup

The three aforementioned, i.e., iCloud, iTunes, and Quick Start, can only work when it's between two iPhones, and is capable of transferring data only before setup.

But when it comes to MobileTrans, it is capable of transferring data after setting up your new iPhone. This is what makes MobileTrans so special. And no wonder, it is one of the very best alternatives to the steps mentioned above!

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

  • • Faster Speed: Performs faster data transfers compared to iCloud, Quick Start, and iTunes
  • • Transfer after setup: It allows you to transfer your data after setting up your new device
  • • Transfers data to different Apple IDs: Capable of transferring data from one Apple ID to another
  • • Does not affect existing data on both devices: Sometimes, transferring data may cause data loss, using MobileTrans does safeguards your data
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Follow the outline to transfer everything between old and new iPhones

  1. Open the MobileTrans software, and navigate to the section Phone Transfer > Phone to Phone. This section will allow you to transfer everything from your old iPhone to the new one.

open the mobiletrans software

  1. Use an USB cable to connect the old and new iPhones to the computer. Select the source and destination by simply clicking on the Flip button without the need to disconnect them.


  1. When done, select the items and files you wish to transfer to your new iPhone. Wait until the entire process is complete.

select the items and files

As an iPhone user, transferring the data after setting up the new device is pretty scary. But it is not that hard when you have file transfer software like the MobileTrans by your side. Moreover, it is way faster and more efficient than other file-transferring software.

Download MobileTrans, today!

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So, how to change to new iPhone? It is easy and painless! You may use Apple Support's service or file transfer software like the MobileTrans.

But, before you swap to a new iPhone, check out what you need to do before switching to a new iPhone, as mentioned above!

Good luck!

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