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2 Ways to Transfer Music from Android to iPod

Written By Nicola Massimo |

“It is taking for ages for my songs to download to my iPod. How to transfer music from my Android phone to iPod without wasting so much time?”

So far, the standard procedure to transfer music from Android to iPod was to do the long way, meaning transfer everything manually. This, of course, always ended up consuming too much of your valuable time. Plus, the two devices having different operating systems makes it much more difficult for you to use, say, Bluetooth, to put your songs from Android to iPod (and vice versa). But, you had no other way to go around this since there was no platform or software available to help you speed things up.

Luckily, the landscape is now much more promising, with innovative 3rd party solutions coming into play, such as MobileTrans, which enable you to transfer music from your Android phone to your iPod directly. We will get into that in a second.

Part 1. How to transfer music from Android to iPod with one click

MobileTrans is a desktop application that allows users to transfer data between smartphones, restore data from cloud-based backups, and transfer social apps from one phone to another with a single click. To date, it has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Here are the detailed steps involved so that you can transfer music from Android to iPod devices.

    1. Opening the data transfer software

Launch the MobileTrans program and open the feature called “Phone Transfer”.

music from android to ipod

    1. Connect your Android phone and iPod to your computer.

Just make sure both devices are connected with the Mobile Trans software. If you wish to change the Destination (where your music will be transferred to) and Source (where your music will be transferred from) device by clicking the “Flip” button.

music from android to ipod

Step 3: Begin the transfer

First, choose the desired files you want to transfer from your Android device. Then, click on “start” to initiate the transfer. Wait until the process is completed before you remove or disconnect your phone. Note that you are also provided with the option to delete the existing data on your iPod by ticking the “Clear data before copy” option. Give it a few minutes and then check if all your files have been transferred to your iPod.

Transfer Music from Android to iPod

In the following section, we also give you an alternative way to transfer music from Android to iPod without a computer.

Part 2. How to transfer music from Android to iPod with one click using iTunes

If you are wondering how to transfer songs from Android to iPod using iTunes, the drill is as follows:

    1. Connect & Select the Songs

Plug in your Android phone to your computer. Find your songs in Music. If you are using a Mac computer, you will need to download Android File Transfer software first. Then, simply open the software and head to Music. Tick the songs you wish to transfer to your iPod. Create a new folder on your Pc and drag the files there.

transfer music from android to ipod

    1. Connect the iPod

Disconnect your smartphone and connect your iPod device to your computer. Open iTunes and then click on Songs (on a PC or macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier) or Music (for macOS Catalina 10.15).

    1. Transfer the files

Open the folder you created a little while ago (where you dragged your songs into) and move them to either the iTunes Library or the Music app (the Songs section). Select your iPod and hit Music. At this point, you may choose the sons you just added or sync your entire library by clicking Sync. Your files should now be transferred to your iPod (check the Music app).

Note: If you are using Apple Music, you will need to sign in on your iPod. Otherwise, you will have to go to the App Store, get the streaming music app you are using, and then sign in with your log-in details (username and password). Now, you can transfer music from Android to iPod.

Part 3: How to transfer music from Android to iPod without computer

Again, the MobileTrans platform has the solution to transfer music from Android to iPod without having to use a PC. The MobileTrans app allows you to transfer data (from music, photos, and calendar to Viber and WhatsUp chats) from one device to another fast and easy. You only need to go through three simple steps, which are listed right below.

    1. Make the connection

Launch MobileTrans and use a USB Connector to connect the Android and iPod devices. Then, allow MobileTrans to have access to these devices via the USB Connector. This is, therefore, a wired transfer with the use of an OTG cable.

connect two devices

    1. Select the files

Choose which types of files you wish to be transferred to your iPod (in this case, music) and hit start Importing.

choose the data to transfer

    1. Wait for the process to end

Within only a few minutes, your data will have been successfully transferred to your iOS device. Don’t disconnect your smartphone or iOS device before the transfer is completed.

wait for transfer

Note: MobileTrans supports iPod Touch from 2nd to 7th generation. Also, you don’t need to worry about losing data while transferring files from your smartphone to your iPod. This is because MobileTrans does not require you to clear your data before creating a copy, which means that whichever files you have on your Android phone stay there unless you wish to delete them!

Clearly, you now have lots of options to help you transfer music from Android to iOS devices. The best way to get things done swiftly and effortlessly is via third-party software such as MobileTrans that enables you to even transfer music from Android to iPod without a computer. Of course, you may use the platform to transfer data between phones, recover data, backup your data, or restore backup from iTunes and other sources via your computer. The greater news? It can all be done with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

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