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Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone 14

Axel Nash

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"I just got my new iPhone 14. Does anybody know how to transfer messages from Android to the new iPhone 14?"

Over the years, one of the difficulties Android users who switch to an iPhone is syncing content from their Android device to the iOS device, especially when transferring content like text messages.

Most people who switch from an Android device to an iOS device lately forget their messages on the Android device because they lack the knowledge of how to transfer messages from Android to iPhone.

Well, if you just acquired the latest iPhone 14 device and are in this same situation, you've come to the right page to find a solution.

Here we introduce you to the best methods to efficiently transfer messages from Android to iPhone 14.

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Part 1: Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone 14 Eaisy [Best Choice]

Supported text messages: SMS, MMS

If you want a fast, efficient, and seamless text messages transfer from Android to iPhone 14, we highly recommend the powerful data transfer tool - MobileTrans. This advanced tool supports many robust features that allow users to perform easy data transfer operations from Android to iPhone and vice versa in just one click.

Also, besides text message transfer, MobileTrans allows the transfer of other kinds of data, including photos, contacts, and lots more.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone With 1 Click!

  • • Support transfer of both SMS and MMS messages.
  • • Support transfer of 18+ types of data between 6000+ phones.
  • • Boast lightning-fast data transfer speed.
  • • Cross-platform data transfer is as easy as ABC.
  • • Do not affect existing data on mobile devices.
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How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone 14 using MobileTrans

  • Step 1: Install the MobileTrans software on your Mac/Windows computer > Launch MobileTrans and click 'Phone Transfer' then select 'Phone to Phone' and connect your Android device and iPhone 14 to the PC.

click on phone transfer

  • Step 2: Android should be the source device, while iPhone should be the destination device. But if they're detected wrongly, click on Flip to correct the placement.

click on flip to correct

Afterward, select 'Text Messages' as the category of data you want to transfer. Then click on Start.

  • Step 3: The text message transfer process will commence. You can disconnect the Android device and your iPhone 14 from the PC when completed.

disconnected android device


  • Fast data transfer
  • Easy to use
  • Your iPhone 14 doesn't need to be brand new.


  • You have to use a computer to help

Don't hesitate! Use MobileTrans to help you jump on the iPhone boat without losing any data.

Part 2: Transfer SMS from Android to iPhone 14 without PC

Supported text messages: SMS, MMS

For users who don't have access to a PC, you can use the Move to iOS app from Apple to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone.

Apple created the Move to iOS app to make it possible for Android users to switch to iPhone 14 without problems. The app allows users to move data, including text messages. However, your Android device runs OS 4.3 or later for Move to iOS to work with it.

That said, check out the detailed steps outlined below to learn how to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone 14 with Move to iOS.

  • Step 1: Download and install the Move to iOS app on your Android phone from the Playstore.
  • Step 2: Set up your new iPhone 14. Then once you get to the 'Apps & Data screen, select 'Move Data from Android'.

select move data from android

  • Step 3: Tap on 'Next.' You'll notice a six or ten-digit code displayed on your phone screen.
  • Step 4: Now, open the 'Move to iOS' app on your Android phone and tap continue. Then read the terms and conditions and tap on Continue to accept it.

open the move to ios app

  • Step 5: Tap on Next at the top right corner of the screen to prompt the Code screen.
  • Step 6: Now, enter the code generated on your iOS device. Then, from the Transfer Data screen, select 'Messages'.

select messages

  • Step 7: Tap on Next to transfer messages from Android to iPhone 14. The process might take a few minutes to get completed. Afterward, you can access your text messages on your iPhone 14.

tap on next to transfer


  • It's easy to operate.
  • You don't need to connect your phone to any computer.


  • Clears existing data on iPhone 14
  • The transfer process will be slow if you transfer considerable text message data

Bonus: What's the Difference between SMS and MMS

SMS (Short Name Service) is a fancy name for a text message. Since introduced in the 1980s, SMS has been widely used globally. However, SMS contains only texts, no media included. And each SMS can only hold 160 characters at most.

MMS, also known as Multimedia Messaging Service, is more advanced than SMS. Unlike SMS, MMS allows users to share multimedia files via text messages, including videos, pictures, audio, and more. Also, with MMS, users can send messages with up to 1,600 characters, which is more than the amount you can send via SMS.


Transferring messages from Android to iPhone is now made easy with the help of different advanced innovations like MobileTrans and Move to iOS. And the article above has covered all you need to know about using these tools to transfer messages from Android to iPhone 14.

Also, for users who don't understand the difference between MMS and SMS, we hope you now understand how both text message format works.

MobileTrans - Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone

Easy Message transfer between different phones. The 1-click solution to backup data on iOS/Android devices.

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