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The Most Popular 10 WhatsApp Stickers You Should Use in 2024

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

What are the best WhatsApp stickers in 2022? Cartoon, cute, funny, or personal WhatsApp stickers? This article will show you the TOP 10 popular WhatsApp stickers you should use in 2022. In this article, We valued each kind of sticker and give them "recommended index" and "recommended reasons" according to Google Search and other authoritative search results. What's more, we offer ways to get these popular stickers!

Part 1: Why Are WhatsApp Stickers So Popular?

First launched in 2018, WhatsApp Sticker has now become one of the most popular features on WhatsApp.

Although the emoji that comes with Android and iOS is updated every now and then, we still prefer to use stickers on WhatsApp to chat with each other. This is because emojis are just emoticons without words, which is rather monotonous. While stickers can be embedded with rich emotions and meanings as it combines pictures, texts, and emojis.

sticker on whatsapp

Especially, WhatsApp introduced an animated stickers at the beginning of 2020, which enriched the expression of our emotions even more.

Sometimes, when you are chatting with someone and you don't know very well how to reply or just want to end the conversation, a sticker on WhatsApp may be the best choice for you.

You can also make your own WhatsApp stickers, like an animated sticker of your pet dog, or a funny sticker made by a picture of your friend.

personal sticker for whatsapp

Part 2: The Most Popular WhatsApp Stickers You Should Use in 2022

Everyone has their own favorite stickers, some like funny WhatsApp stickers, some prefer cute ones, and others like to use cartoon stickers. Here are some WhatsApp stickers that are very popular on the internet, come and see if there is a sticker you like!

No.1 Cartoon WhatsApp sticker- Encanto WhatsApp Sticker

If you are a fan of Disney anime, it's time to use this sticker! Encanto is one of Disney's most popular animated music films, and it has won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

Encanto WhatsApp Sticker

Recommended Index:★★★★★

Recommended Reasons:

  • When using this WhatsApp sticker pack to chat with your contacts, you are like being in the magical world of Casa Madrigal, where every message you send becomes an adventure!
  • This Encanto animated sticker on WhatsApp can be downloaded from the WhatsApp sticker library, available for both iOS and Android devices.

Cartoon WhatsApp Sticker

Encanto Whatsapp Sticker Download for FREE:

WhatsApp has made the new Encanto animated sticker pack available to all its users. If you like it, just open WhatsApp, go to Sticker and you will see the Encanto sticker pack on the first line, then tap the Download icon to get this sticker pack! Or you can click Download Encanto Whatsapp Sticker to get it.

No.2 Cute WhatsApp Sticker- Pokémon WhatsApp Stickers

No one can refuse a cute WhatsApp sticker! Why not try Pokémon?

If you are a ’90s kid, then you might grow up watching or playing Pokémon. Premiered in 1996, this popular Japanese animation has brought lots of good times for kids.

Pokémon are incredible creatures on this planet. Whether in the sky, sea or land, they can be seen almost everywhere around the world. You can also catch Pokémon in real life in the popular mobile game Pokémon Go.

Pokemon cute sticker whatsapp

Recommended Index:★★★★☆

Recommended Reasons:

  • It is such a good choice to zing up your chats! Very suitable when you want to show kindness to your friends and family, and bring smiles to them.
  • Cute and fun Pokémon stickers are applicable for every occasion! Dozens of Pokémon stickers are there for you to choose from! Besides the most popular Pikachu, you can also use other Pokémon such as the funny Squirtle, the goofy but cuddly Psyduck, the changeable Eevee, the number one Bulbasaur, etc.

cute sticker on whatsapp

Pokémon WhatsApp Sticker Download for FREE:

Since there is no Pokémon sticker pack in the predefined stickers on WhatsApp. If you want to get this cute WhatsApp sticker pack, you can click the following links to download it:

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No.3 Characters- Celebrities WhatsApp Sticker

Do you have a favorite or admired celebrity? Do you like to use their stickers in chats? If the answer is YES, then this kind of sticker is a good choice for you!

Character sticker is one of the most used WhatsApp stickers. Some iconic or funny moments of celebrities, such as an expression or an action, will be used as stickers to spice up chats.

celebrities sticker on whatsapp

Recommended Index:★★★★☆

Recommended Reasons:

  • Since the expressions and actions of the characters are relatively rich, so the celebrity stickers are so applied to different scenes. For example, when you have completed today’s task and want to share your happiness with your friends, you can send a Cristiano Ronaldo sticker to them.
  • Some funny moments of political celebrities, such as Putin, Merkel, and Trump, can also be added to your favorites as a funny WhatsApp sticker pack.
  • Or you can send a “Success Kid” sticker to your college to cheer for the coming weekend.

Use Celebrites sticker on WhatsApp

Celebrities WhatsApp Sticker Download for FREE:

Following are some links to get celebrity WhatsApp sticker packs for free:

No.4 Animals- Funny Cat / Dog Meme Stickers

What will you do when your friend tells you a joke which makes you speechless?

I think I will…

WhatsApp Chat

Yes! I will send a Kitten or a puppy meme back to “hit it back”! Funny cat and dog stickers are the very whatsapp sticker pack that I want to recommend to you!

Recommended Index:★★★★☆

Recommended Reasons:

  • If you want to show happiness, anger, indifference, or any other feelings in a chat. Kittens and puppy memes can satisfy you all at once!
  • Cats and dogs are never aggressive, so no matter what kind of cat and dog stickers you reply to, they will always bring laughter to your contacts.
  • When your friends send you pictures or videos that you are not interested in, or jokes that make you feel speechless, reply with a cat sticker, as cats are always indifferent to their owners.

funny sticker whatsapp

Funny Cat / Dog Meme WhatsApp Sticker Download for FREE:

These funny stickers need to be downloaded from third-party tools, you can click following links to get them:

No.5 Funny WhatsApp Sticker– Prank Stickers for WhatsApp

Look at the chats below, are you thinking the pics can’t be loaded because of the poor connection? Or do you really believe that there is an insect and a lizard on the screen?

Not really, it was just a prank!!! And this is the prank WhatsApp sticker I strongly recommend.

Prank Sticker for WhatsApp

Yes! I will send a Kitten or a puppy meme back to “hit it back”! Funny cat and dog stickers are the very sticker packs that I want to recommend to you!

Recommended Index:★★★★

Recommended Reasons:

  • Prank stickers are the best way to have fun. For example, send a sticker with a loading animation to make your friend think he has a bad network. You can also send an insect sticker to scare your timid sister or post a removal sticker in response to your best friend’s joke.
  • There are rich styles of prank stickers, such as broken screen, “This message was deleted” prompt, or videos that cannot be loaded and so on.
  • Tip: Remember not to play too many pranks, or your friends may get angry

funny sticker for whatsapp

Funny Sticker WhatsApp - Prank Sticker Download for FREE:

Following are some funny WhatsApp sticker packs containing WhatsApp sticker pranks, click them to get your favorite pack!

No.6 Comic Meme WhatsApp Stickers- Rage face, Pepe the frog

If you are an avid user of the Internet, it is impossible for you not to know Comic Memes, such as Rage face, Pepe the frog, and Shiba Inu Dog.

Rage comics are a series of webcomics using a growing set of pre-made cartoon faces, or rage faces. These faces express rage or some other simple emotion. They were most popular in the early 2010s, and now they are still used to share life experiences with a humorous punchline at the end.

And Pepe the frog, which is also referred to as the “sad frog meme”, is a cartoon character that has become a popular Internet meme. We often use Pepe the frog to show that even if we feel sad, we still say “feels good man” when we are asked about how we feel.

Comic memes sticker for WhatsApp

Recommended Index:★★★★

Recommended Reasons:

  • In WhatsApp stickers, comic meme stickers are one of the most common types, and among them, the rage face meme and sad frog meme are the most recognizable. Use these meme stickers and you don’t need to worry that your friends or families have no idea about what they mean.
  • These stickers are almost for every scene in chats. Whether you’re trying to express your strong feelings, your sadness, or just want to laugh when chatting, these comic meme WhatsApp sticker packs would be a good fit for you.

Comic Meme WhatsApp Sticker Download for FREE:

No.7 Styled Phrases Sticker for WhatsApp

Text alone sometimes can make chatting boring, but it’s a different story when text is colored and styled with icons or memes.

Look at the stickers shown below, aren’t they more interesting and funny than just texts?!

phrases sticker for whatsapp

Recommended Index:★★★★

Recommended Reasons:

  • When your chat starts to get boring, use these stickers combined with styled texts and icons or memes, which I am sure will bring different feelings to both parties! And if the sentence contains some humor or wit, it is a great way to make you and your contacts laugh.
  • If you want to send some really simple expressions such as a good morning or hello to your contacts, a phrase sticker may be better than text alone.

pharses sticker on whatsapp

Phrase WhatsApp Sticker Download for FREE:

Click the following links to get a phrase sticker pack you like:

No.8 Big Emoji- Emoji Sticker for WhatsApp

Text alone sometimes can make chatting boring, but it’s a different story when text is colored and styled with icons or memes.

If the predefined emoji can’t convey what you mean in the chat, then the emoji-based stickers can surely make your expression more vivid.

There are many emoji-based WhatsApp stickers with rich styles, such as enlarged funny emojis, 3D emojis, animated emojis, and so on. You have to admit that the creative ideas for emojis are endless!

Emoji sticker on whatsapp

Recommended Index:★★★☆

Recommended Reasons:

  • When you attach an emoji to the text or send an emoji alone, the effect may not be that good, because everyone is now used to the emoji that comes with the system. But when you send a mega-sized or animated version of the emoji, it might catch your friends’ attention and make them think about how you feel.
  • These emoji-based stickers can be used for different scenarios, such as greetings, birthday wishes, and even some negative emotions such as being angry, impatient, or sad.

Emoji Stickers for WhatsApp Download for FREE:

No.9 K-Pop Idols– BTS WhatsApp Sticker

Text alone sometimes can make chatting boring, but it’s a different story when text is colored and styled with icons or memes.

If are you a fan of a K-pop idol group, then you can share their sticker in your daily conversation to show your love for them!

There are some world-popular K-pop groups such as BTS, Black Pink, NCT, EXO, TWICE, and much more. Among them, BTS is the most well-known. Their brand of pop music is varied and catchy and their performances are always full of power, which places them among the most unique idol groups around.

bts sticker on whatsapp

BTS supporters and fans call themselves A.R.M.Y., which is the abbreviation of “Adorable Representative M.C for Youth”. If you are a fan of BTS, I believe you are also a member of A.R.M.Y.

Recommended Index:★★★☆

Recommended Reasons:

  • Use the BTS WhatsApp sticker pack in chat, then your friends will know that you like this idol group. What’s more, they may also become be a fan of BTS because of the stickers, and then go to their concerts with you together!
  • You can use BTS stickers when chatting with A.R.M.Y. members, which will definitely pull you closer!

use bts stticker on whatsapp

Idol Group Stickers for WhatsApp Download for FREE:

Following are the best K-Pop Stickers you can get for free:

No.10 Personal Sticker for WhatsApp

Tired of using stickers downloaded from WhatsApp or other third-party apps? It’s time to create your custom sticker!

WhatsApp has officially launched the function of self-made stickers. You can make your own stickers on Web WhatsApp or other sticker maker apps.

personal sticker on whatsapp

Recommended Index:★★★☆

Recommended Reasons:

  • If you want to have your personal sticker for WhatsApp, you can create any kind of sticker from photos and videos saved on your phone. These photos that can be made into stickers can be cute moments of kittens or funny pictures of friends.
  • You can also make the hottest picture online into a unique sticker by adding your own understanding, just like the picture shows below:

personal sticker on whatsapp

WhatsApp Sticker Maker Apps Recommended:

Since the sticker packs offered by the WhatsApp community are limited, here are Top 5 WhatsApp Sticker Makers recommended for you, so that you can start to create more funny stickers of your own!

  • Sticker maker
  • Sticker Studio
  • Sticker maker by Stickify
  • Sticker Maker!

Part 3: Transfer WhatsApp Stickers from One Phone to Another

Bonus: If you want to transfer your favorite WhatsApp stickers from one phone to another? Try this useful transfer tool--Mutsapper-WhatsApp Transfer (Used name: Wutsapper). It can easily transfer WhatsApp data between Android and iPhone without a PC!

wutsapper transfer whatsapp between android and iphone

Step 1: Choose the transfer function to transfer your WhatsApp data.

open wutsapper

Step 2: Log in to your WhatsApp account and click "Next."

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Step 3: Choose one method to connect your Android device to your iPhone and authorize it.

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Step 4: Follow the instructions on the screen and transfer WhatsApp stickers between devices. 

start transfering


After reading the introduction of these stickers above, which one do you like best?! I'm sure any the WhatsApp sticker mentioned above will spice up your chats if you appropriately use them. Try it right now!

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