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How to Fix it if OnePlus Switch Not Working?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

“How to fix the OnePlus switch not working issue?”

Got a new OnePlus smartphone recently in this holiday? It would be the OnePlus Switch as the first preference that one would recommend when securing data transferring from your old Android to the OnePlus device. Being the best data migration app introduced by OnePlus before the end of 2017, have you ever wondered why it is famous for the OnePlus data transfer and want to find out the reason behind its introduction? You are at the right page to get an answer to whatever your query related to the OnePlus Switch is. Yes, get to know OnePlus Switch and solutions to fix the OnePlus switch not working from today’s article.    

Part 1: Something you should know about the OnePlus Switch

While there are countless data migration or transfer apps available on the Play Store and the Internet as app or desktop packages, the OnePlus Ltd decided to introduce an easy-to-use app to fulfill the goal for OxygenOS. And as a result, Oneplus Switch was developed and released before 2017 as many users joined the OnePlus family. It is a single yet simple-to-use application to transfer contacts, photos, audio, videos, call logs, and messages from old to new OnePlus. OnePlus Switch is the first iteration from the organization, upgrading to provide support like camera settings, apps data, and Wi-Fi history in the upcoming days.

oneplus switch

With support to Android 6.0 or higher devices, further enhancement or update is in progress to support iOS and older versions. Readily downloadable from Google Play Store, you can also backup data from the OnePlus device as a compressed archive for restoring the process. You can migrate data from an old phone to a OnePlus device utterly safe without any network connectivity. To make the OnePlus Switch work out on your data, install the app on both devices, scan the QR code to pair up instruments, and pick the data types to get the transfer process started. 

Part 2: Full Guide to Fix OnePlus Switch Not Working

To fix the OnePlus Switch not working situation during transfer or throughout the process, try out the following troubleshooting techniques based on the case you encounter.

1. OnePlus Switch isn’t launched successfully

There are times where the OnePlus app doesn’t get installed successfully. On the OnePlus device, this utility comes pre-installed. If you have installed it from the Play Store, try uninstalling it and reinstalling it from the Settings app. Sometimes, this issue can be a result of incompatibility.

2. Data selection interface isn’t popped-up by OnePlus Switch

If you haven’t landed on the interface to select the data to be transferred to OnePlus, check if you inserted the SIM card correctly, switch off the mobile data, restart the devices, and launch or open the app again to get rid of this situation.

3. After data selection, the OnePlus Switch hangs up

If OnePlus Switch doesn’t work after data selection, maybe many files are selected for transfer. As 5GB is the allowed file size, keep the selection within the range, and still, if the app doesn’t work, disable the cellular data and WI-Fi. Close all the background apps running and relaunch the OnePlus Switch.

4. During data transfer, the OnePlus Switch stuck

What if I get stuck at 0%? You are fortunate as there are people who have to end up in this situation at 99%. There are reasons like insufficient storage space and colossal file transfer size. To get through, you need to close the app, check the storage space, restart the device, uninstall & reinstall the app, and start again.

5. File transfer to OPbackup folder not recognized by OnePlus Switch

There are times when OPbackup file doesn’t get recognized when they aren’t backed up by OnePlus Switch. Just because the OnePlus Switch isn’t compatible with it, and to move such files, you have to copy OPbackup files to the computer. Install OxygenOS on your phone, following which transfer the OPbackup files from computer to phone, which will become recognizable.

So, this was how to fix the OnePlus switch not working issue on different scenarios.

Part 3: The Best OnePlus Switch Alternative – Wondershare Mutsapper

If you want the best OnePlus Switch alternative to migrate WhatsApp-related data to your new OnePlus device, then, from Wondershare is the best choice. As OnePlus Switch doesn’t offer a transfer of app data, Mutsapper (Used name: Wutsapper) comes in handy.

Wondershare wutsapper

Introduced from the house of Wondershare, Mutsapper is a dedicated app available on Google Play Store to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. Highly recommended in switching to iOS, you can share everything like chats, videos, images, emoji, audio, and other attachments from phone to phone directly without a computer. Offering broad compatibility towards Android and iOS devices, you can also opt for a complete desktop toolkit if you don’t have a USB-OTG Adapter.

Key Features

It supports high-speed data transmission through USB-OTG cable.

In the trial period, you can move 50 messages for free.

Transfer or move WhatsApp data like attachments, videos, photos, and emojis.

Compatible with the latest Android devices and other iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

Switch from Android to iOS directly without a computer.


If you are also the one who has recently switched to OnePlus from your old Samsung or Oppo, all you need to do is head to the Google Play Store, surf the OnePlus Switch app on the list, install it and get the job done in minutes. Whereas, if you encounter or stuck at the OnePlus Switch not working issue, put the above-discussed tips into practice and try it again. Lastly, to better transfer, WhatsApp data from your old Android to the new OnePlus, use Wondershare Mutsapper, as it is the best alternative, and I hope you would have found why it is so!

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