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We know you can’t afford to lose your precious photos. No one in this world can. And therefore, the best way to keep those safe is to transfer photos from Huawei to Mac. By transferring Huawei photos to Mac, you can keep them back up and avoid future loss. 

However, things become difficult when you are using Mac and need to transfer data from an Android phone to it, as Mac is from Apple and running Mac OSX. But worry less, we gathered several smart solutions for you to conduct this job for you. Let's dive in.

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Method 1: Transfer Photos from Huawei to Mac with MobileTrans

To transfer photos from Huawei to Mac, the most practical way is to use MobileTrans. The tool is of the highest quality and is created to help you transfer files from your phone to your computer directly and take backup of your data. Check out the key features of MobileTrans.

MobileTrans - Transfer between Phone & PC

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Let's find out how to do Huawei to Mac transfer using MobileTrans

Transfer photos from Huawei to Mac directly

Step 1: Launch MobileTrans

Install MobileTrans on your Mac and go to Phone Transfer > Export to Computer.

phone transfer

Step 2: Choose Photos to Transfer

Choose Photos from the left-sidebar, and select the photos you want to transfer from your Huawei phone to Mac. And then click on the Export button to save your photos from Huawei on your Mac.

choose items to transfer

Step 3: Transfer Completed

Wait for the transfer process to be completed to disconnect your phone. Now you can view your Huawei photos on Mac.

transfer completed

Backup all your photos from Huawei to Mac

Step 1: Begin to Install the Program

The process initiates with downloading of the program. Simply visit the official website and get MobileTrans – Backup downloaded. Once done, install it and then open the program. After opening it, click on the “Backup & Restore” tab given on the main screen.

backup home

Step 2: Choose the File Types to be Back Up

When you hit on the Backup button of Phone Backup & Restore, the program will show up the list of files supported by it. You simply need to select the data that you want to backup, “Photos” in this case. Subsequently, hit on “Start” button.

backup android

Step 3: Backup Photos from Huawei to Mac

Please keep the device connected until the backup gets completed. When the process is over, you can view the backed-up data by “MobileTrans backup file” module.

Tips: If you own a Windows computer, check here to find out how to transfer photos from Huawei phone to Windows PC.

You can also watch the tutorial video:

Method 2: Transfer Photos from Huawei to Mac with Android File Transfer

Taking help of a tool named Android File Transfer is another way in the list to transfer files from Huawei to Mac. With the help of this, you can easily transfer videos, photos and music. Following are the steps to transfer photos from Huawei to Mac using this method.

Step 1: First of all, download and install Android File Transfer on your Mac.

android file transfer 1

Step 2: Get the USB cable supplied with the Android device and use it connect your device with the Mac.

Step 3: Now, you are supposed to give permission to further the process. For this, tap “Yes, Allow Access” on your Huawei device in order to grant access.

Step 4: Launch Android File Transfer now and go to the “DCIM” folder. Open the “Camera” subfolder now.

android file transfer 2

Step 5: Begin to select the photos that you want to transfer. After doing this, drag the selected photos to the folder you want.

android file transfer 3

Step 6: You can detach the USB cable now and you are done with Huawei to Mac transfer.

Method 3: Transfer Photos from Huawei to Mac with Huawei Share

Have you heard about Huawei share? Well! If yes, we would like to introduce it as the third method to transfer files from Huawei to Mac. If you are new to it, Huawei Share is a service developed by Huawei. The program focuses on helping users in Huawei to Mac file transfer wirelessly. The condition is that the Huawei phone and the Mac computer should be connected to the identical wireless network. Go along with the steps mentioned below for Huawei to Mac file transfer via Huawei Share.

Step 1: Enable Huawei Share

  • • Grab your Huawei device and open “Settings”.
  • • Go to “Device Connectivity” and turn on “Huawei Share” by tapping on it.
  • • Now, enable “Computer Share”.

huawei share

  • • Next, under the “Verification on computers” section, give a username and password.

Step 2: Make Connection between Huawei and Mac

  • • Open “Finder” in Mac and choose “Network” given in the “Locations” section.
  • • Click twice on the Huawei device followed by “Connect As”.
  • • Key in the username and password.

Step 3: Transfer files from Huawei to Mac

  • • Now that the two devices are paired, you can now begin transferring. On Mac, hit on the device name.
  • • Go to the folder having the files to be transferred. Preview them and copy the file from Huawei to Mac.

Method 4: Transfer Photos from Huawei to Mac via Bluetooth

Bluetooth functionality has not been unseen from anyone. And hence, we will be listing it as the next way for Huawei to Mac transfer. Using this as a transfer method, you can migrate photos, videos, documents and contacts. While working with this, however, you may get annoyed with the relatively low speed. The steps for this method are as follows.

Step 1: Enable Bluetooth

  1. • Click on “System Preferences” on Mac followed by “Bluetooth”.
  2. • Hit on the “Turn Bluetooth On”.
  3. • For Huawei, go to the notification panel by swiping down on the Home screen and tap on “Bluetooth” option.

huawei to mac bluetooth 1

Step 2: Pair Huawei and Mac

  • • You will be able to see Huawei’s Bluetooth name on your Mac. Hit on it and click “Pair”, a code will come up.
  • • Get the Huawei device and confirm the code to give the pairing request permission.

huawei to mac bluetooth 2

Step 3: Set For Bluetooth Sharing

  • • Open “System Preferences” on Mac and hit “Sharing”.
  • • Select “Bluetooth Sharing” and start choosing the local folder where the received files will be saved.

huawei to mac bluetooth 3

Step 4: Make Huawei to Mac Transfer via Bluetooth

  • • You can now begin to select the files on your Huawei device. Go to Gallery and select Photos in this case.
  • • Click the Share icon or option and choose “Bluetooth” as the medium.
  • • Select Mac computer to get the files transferred.

huawei to mac bluetooth 4

Method 5: Transfer Photos from Huawei to Mac HiSuite

Here is the last method and that is Mac HiSuite. This can be referred to as desktop manager application or Huawei PC Suite whose work is to let the users backup or manage their data. Also, one can update the firmware with this. We will be learning how to transfer photos from Huawei to Mac using this method in this section. Let us find out.

Step 1: Establish Connection between Mac and Huawei via HiSuite

  • • Firstly, get the Huawei HiSuite for Mac downloaded. Install it afterwards.
  • • Using the USB cord, connect Huawei device to the Mac and run HiSuite.
  • • On your device, look at the USB notification and set it to “MTP mode”/”Transfer files”.
  • • Also, don’t forget to turn on USB Debugging when asked.

Step 2: Transfer Multiple File Types Altogether

  • • Click on the “Back Up” option on the HiSuite interface.
  • • Start choosing the file types to be migrated to Mac.
  • • Hit on the “Back Up” button and the files will be transferred.

Step 3: Transfer Selected Files in Small Numbers

  • • Head to “Pictures” in the main interface and choose the needed photos.
  • • Hit on “Export” and the Huawei to Mac transfer of photos will be done.


Bottom Line

Here we are ending the topic with a hope that you have learn well about Huawei to Mac transfer. Photos are unarguably an integral part in today’s world and therefore transferring them to Mac as a backup is always a sane idea. We hope that we could help you learn better ways to transfer photos from Huawei to Mac. If you have any queries or concern, do let us know in the comment section below. We are happy to help you. Also, stay tunes for more such interesting topics.

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