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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Oppo

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Switch from iOS to a new oppo phone? Congratulations! Were you worried about transferring your data from iPhone to Oppo? One significant issue frequently faced by us is data transfer from one to another. It can be incredibly hard if two different brands of phones are involved. In particular, since the iPhone is not compatible with most apps, iPhone to oppo data transfer can be quite overwhelming.

So, the question remains how to transfer data from iPhone to Oppo?

Let me answer your query by introducing the two easiest methods to transfer data from iPhone to Oppo.

Method 1: how to transfer data from iPhone to Oppo with MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Wondershare is here to save the day again with its desktop application MobileTrans for data transfer and phone backup. As we all know that Wondershare’s applications are famous for being super easy to use due to a straightforward interface, MobileTrans is no different. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert when it’s come to technology. MobileTrans makes sure that the users are guided every step of the way with simple instructions.

Moreover, you can transfer huge loads of data in a matter of seconds. So, apart from being super easy, it is super fast too. Hold it, that’s not all. MobileTrans lets you choose what data you wish to transfer to your new phone. This way, you can exclude out the content that is useless hence leaving more space on your new phone.

MobileTrans has been designed in such a way to allow data transfer back or forth between phones of all brands. It uses a computer to link two phones together to enable seamless data transfer. From media files to contacts, anything can be transferred through this user-friendly app in the safest way possible.

Now I will show the steps of the iPhone to oppo data transfer.

Step #1- Install the MobileTrans app on your PC. Launch it. On the welcome page, select Phone transfer

phone transfer home

Step #2- Connect both the iPhone and your oppo phone to the computer using cables. Once connected, MobileTrans will automatically detect the phones and display them on a page showing the source and destination phones. In the top middle, there is an option of Flip, which can swap the positions of the phone.

phone transfer ios to android 01

Step #3- The iPhone will be instantly get connected, but the android phone, Oppo, in our case, requires USB debugging to enable the data transfer. To do that, open Settings, go to About phone, and click on Version seven times to enter developer mode.

transfer data from iphone to oppo 01

Step #4- Now go back to Settings and tap on Additional Settings.

transfer data from iphone to oppo 02

Step #5- Click on Developer Options, enter the security key and press Use.

transfer data from iphone to oppo 03

Step #6- Switch on the developer mode and click on Enable.

transfer data from iphone to oppo 04

Step # 7- Now, you will be able to start the process. In this case, we are transferring data from iPhone (source) to Oppo (destination). Make sure you have positions right. Choose the content that you wish you transfer. Press Start

NOTE: Make sure that both the devices are connected until the transfer is complete.

Method 2: how to transfer data from iPhone to Oppo with Clone Phone

Another method I am going to tell you about is the Clone Phone. But what is Clone Phone? It is a data transferring app that is usually built-in in oppo phones, but you can easily download it too.

If you want to avoid using a computer or it is unavailable at the moment, you can still transfer data in a matter of minutes by using Clone Phone. No PC or any cables are needed to establish a connection. You will only need your old and new phone and a wifi connection.

Let me explain the steps in detail.

Step 1- On your new phone, open tools, and the Clone Phone. Select This is the new phone.

transfer data from iphone to oppo 05

Step 2- On your new phone, i.e., Oppo, select the old phone type, which is the iPhone in our case. At the same time, on your iPhone, open Settings, and sign in to your iCloud.

transfer data from iphone to oppo 06

Step 3- Enable two-factor authentication. And login to the iCloud of your iPhone. You will receive an Apple ID verification code on your iPhone. Enter that code.

transfer data from iphone to oppo 07

Step 4- On your iPhone, select the data you wish you to transfer to your new phone. Then start the transfer.

NOTE: To import data from your iPhone, make sure the data is backed up to your iCloud account.


Oppo and iPhone are two very different and equally popular phone brands. It is a well-known fact that the iPhone is not compatible with many apps and might pose a problem in data transfer. However, over time, new advancements in technology have rendered the iPhone to Oppo data transfer almost effortless. Both the methods mentioned above are super fast and free for use. Now you can stop worrying about how to transfer contacts from iPhone or Oppo or any other kind of data that is important to you.

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