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Transfer phone data without a PC

iPhone to Motorola transfer: transfer data from iPhone to Motorola now

Nicola Massimo

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Apple iPhone and Motorola are strong rivals. iPhone is expensive, and some people can’t take the risk of investing in it. Motorola phones come in different variations and top-notch finishing. If you are putting Motorola above iPhone, it’s a superb choice. Affordability makes it the winner here, so switching from iPhone to Motorola is the best option.

We centered this content on providing you the methods of iPhone to Motorola transfer. Readers will also encounter with two of the best tools available today to transfer data from iPhone to Motorola. Both have a unique operating system, and hence, the data transfer becomes a little complicated process.

Part 1: Transfer data from iPhone to Motorola via Mobile Trans - Phone Transfer

MobileTrans is an all-in-one data transfer application which is developed by Wondershare. It allows the transfer of data among numerous devices. It has the functionality of transferring contacts, text messages, photos, music, application, call logs, and many more. It also works in backing up and restoring the data of your phone. You can use it for seamless transfer between iPhone to Motorola transfer. You can use this app to successfully switching from iPhone to Motorola. You can transfer contacts from iPhone to Motorola, too, with the MobileTrans app.


    • • Super-fast transfer from iPhone to Motorola

MobileTrans software comes with advanced data analysis technology. It allows data transfer from iPhone to Motorola at an impressive speed.

    • • Cross-platform experience

It can transfer an array of data between various devices at a click. The app has support for more than 6000 devices, including Xiaomi, HTC, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, and many others.

    • • Accessibility

No matter to which phones you have to transfer data, the app desktop application simplifies the process of data transfer between iTunes, iCloud, or Bluetooth..

    • • Restoring and Backup

MobileTrans enables the users to back up data from smartphones into a computer. This way, you can move the data on the newly purchased phone without making any hassle.

    • • WhatsApp backup and restore

Switching from iPhone to a Motorola smartphone means you will lose old WhatsApp chats and media. MobileTrans prevents this loss by allowing you to transfer them to your new Motorola device from an old iPhone.

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Steps to transfer data from iPhone to Motorola

Step 1: Installing MobileTrans in your desktop or Laptop

Mobiletrans interface

The first step is to install this software on your computer. Open the Chrome browser or any other browser you like and visit the official link Wait for the installation and then run the software. Choose the phone transfer mode to start.

Step 2: Connecting Phones

Connect the old iPhone and your new Motorola device to the computer via USB cable. Select the iPhone as the source, and Motorola as the destination device. If the app shows the iPhone as the destination and Motorola as the source, then choose the flip option located on the top. We are representing this process using the Huawei device and iPhone 7.

Step 3: Data Transfer

Data transfer

Select the essential contents you want to transfer from iPhone to Motorola and click Start to initiate the data transfer. Wait for the transfer to finish. It will take few minutes only. As the data transfer complete, the application will present a message saying ‘Your iPhone transfer is complete’ or something similar.

Part 2: Transfer data from iPhone to Motorola via Motorola Migrate

Motorola Migrate is the best alternative for MobileTrans application. Although some newer version of Android has lost the support of this software, you can still use it to transfer data from iPhone to Motorola. It can transfer various media files, contacts, brightness, volume, text, call logs, and a lot more. You can use this software while switching the iPhone to the Motorola device.

Step 1: Download Application

Motorola Migrate Interface

Motorola’s application retired by the company. Therefore, it is not available on the Google Play Store. You have to download it from a third-party website. For transferring data from your iPhone to Motorola device, it is vital to install Migrate on both phones. Use the older version, though, as the last version restrict the data transfer from iPhone to Motorola phones.

Step 2: Entering credentials

Signing in to iCloud

Open the Migrate applications and enter your iCloud credentials, i.e., Apple ID and password. Tap on continue and move to the next step. Now you are required to tap on ‘Begin Transfer’ to start the data transfer process.

Step 3: Logging into Google Account

Motorola Migrate Transfer Contacts

As soon as you log into your Google Account, the migration of data begins and completes within a few minutes.

Part 3: Compare MobileTrans - Phone Transfer with Motorola Migrate

Comparing MobileTrans with Motorola Migrate has resulted in the collection of the following data.


MobileTrans is a powerful desktop data transfer application as it can transfer around 15 kinds of data, including contacts, messages, media files, notes, apps, wallpaper, voice memos, and others between Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Motorola Migrate lacks the feature of transferring media from devices running on Android Marshmallow and above. It can transfer media to some phones of older models and few new models of Motorola. The application supports the transfer of media, volume, screen brightness settings, call logs, text history, contacts, and so on.

Ease of Transfer

All the devices available in the market today are loaded with new features. They all need a modern tool for data transfer. The users have a good option in the form of MobileTrans. It is much better and natural to transfer several files with MobileTrans than Motorola Migrate, which has become more difficult after the retirement of the latter. The former is ruling today on the heart of users.


MobileTrans super-fast transfer rate can beat Motorola Migrate. The Motorola Migrate takes around 10 minutes for the transfer of 2GB of data. It’s significant to note that this depends on the types of phones and their free space.

Success rate

The success rate of MobileTrans is superlatively higher. The chances of getting errors are almost zero. Many times, it does the job without causing any problem in data transfer. Now in the case of Motorola Migrate, the condition is the opposite. Sometimes, it’s common to get a symbol that represents an error in the content during data transfer. It requires an immediate restart of the application. It will resolve the issue, but you can get it again.


MobileTrans is a commercial application. You must pay for using the full features. There are four plans to choose from, and all are affordable.


iPhone users are not able to use the application for transferring all types of files. They have the freedom to transfer limited data from iPhone to any other device with MobileTrans. Motorola Migrate has lost its popularity after retirement, but still, it can deliver high performance under certain conditions.

Supported Devices

MobileTrans supports over 6000 devices, including Samsung, LG, HTC, OPPO, Huawei, Motorola, Google, iPhone, and so on. Apart from it, Motorola Migrate supports some devices operating on Android 2.2 to Android 5.1 and few models of Motorola Phones like Moto G, DROID Maxx, DROID Mini, etc.

Application Data Ease of transfer Speed Success rate Supported Platforms Price
MobileTrans Supporting data transfer of around 15 types like calls, messages, media files, notes and others Super Easy 3x faster 100% works Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android. Affordable plans:
1 year subscription-$29.95, Personal license- $35.95
Family License: $67.72
Business License- $499.00
Motorola Migrate Support essential files such as media files, documents, etc. Almost same Comparatively Slow Gives errors in few cases Android 2.2- Android 5.1, Moto G, DROID Ultra, DROID Mini, DROID Maxx and iOS Free


Both companies are offering a plethora of smartphone variations and designs. Innovation is the first thing which both of them are keeping at the top. Even after all this, Motorola wins in some conditions. So, once you decide to change to the latter model, our guide on transfer from iPhone to Motorola will be useful to you. Thank us later for this, and do not forget to share this valuable info with someone who is planning to buy a new Motorola phone model.

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