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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Sim | Updated

Axel Nash

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Assume you've been considering switching from an iPhone to an Android handset. Transferring existing data from your old device to the new one is critical in such a situation. Regarding contacts, you may want to know how to transfer contacts from your iPhone to SIM. But how to do that?

No worries, we have got your back. This article will tell you how to save contacts to SIM from iPhone. Here, we also have some of the best methods to transfer contacts. Give this article a read. Why don't you?

copy contacts from iphone to sim

Part 1: Does Apple Allow to Save Contacts to SIM on iPhone?

Wondering if you can save contacts to the SIM from your iPhone? Well, iPhones are not designed to store data like contacts on SIM simply because there is no need. Again, it simply does not match Apple's philosophy regarding Apple users using their data. 

If you look at the older cell phones, they saved the data to their SIM card because there were no means that would allow them to back up data and transfer it to new phones.

Part 2: Is It Necessary to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to SIM?

It is only occasionally required. To be honest, moving contacts from iPhone to SIM card is dependent. You may consider transferring your contacts from your iPhone to your SIM card in various situations. However, you always have alternatives or even better options. If you cannot find your contacts on your iPhones, there might be some issues, and you need to fix them first.

Reasons Why You Might Consider Transferring Contacts to SIM:

  • Purchase a new phone:

You do not need to transfer your contacts if you purchase a new iPhone. You can sync the contacts instead. But, if you are shifting to Android from iOS, you could consider transferring contacts to the SIM.

  • Adding contacts from a work phone to a personal phone:

If both your phones are iPhones, you can synchronize the contacts to your phone. But if your phone is an Android, you could copy the contacts to the SIM to import to an Android phone later.

  • Retrieve contacts from iPhone malfunction:

There is no need to copy the contacts to the SIM as long as you have the contacts synced to the iCloud.

Part 3: Methods to Transfer Contacts to SIM on iPhone

As long as you are using iOS devices or iPhones, there is no need to copy your contacts to the SIM card. But, if you are shifting to an Android device from iPhone, you must export your contacts.

To export contacts, we have listed some of the best methods that can help you. Check it out.

Method 1: How To Save Contacts to SIM on iPhone by Jailbreaking

If you are determined to save your contacts to the SIM of your iPhone, you can easily do it by using Jailbreaking.

Jailbreaking will give all sorts of options generally not provided by Apple by default. And it is the only way to transfer your contacts to the SIM without using any external means. The jailbreak will make your device less restrictive, and you can do everything you were not allowed to do.

You can use Cydia to download the SIM manager app to copy your contacts from your iPhone to the SIM card. However, using Jailbreak will void your warranty and is quite tricky; if you do not have technical skills, you should not opt for this method.

Method 2: How To Export Contacts from iPhone to SIM via E-Mail

Jailbreaking may void your device's warranty and make it less safe. It's preferable not to risk it and instead try exporting your contacts from iPhone to SIM card via e-mail.

Steps to Export Contacts from iPhone to SIM via E-Mail:

  1. Head to your iPhone's contact.
  2. Choose the contact that you wish to export to your SIM card.
  3. Hit on the contact, select Share Contact, and then select the Mail icon.

copying contacts via email

  1. On your Android phone, download and save the contacts.
  2. Open your default Contacts app or Google Contacts app.
  3. Select all the contacts and choose to export to SIM card.


  • Easy method
  • It is best when you have selective contacts to move


  • Manually transfer each contact

Method 3: How To Transfer Contacts from iPhone to SIM Card via iCloud

Another simple approach to transfer contacts is to sync them to iCloud, download them to your computer, transfer them to your Android phone, and then import them to your SIM card. Make a follow-up:

Steps to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to SIM card via iCloud:

  1. Head to Settings and click on your account. Now, hit on iCloud and select Contacts.

sync contacts on icloud

  1. Toggle to turn it on, enable sync, and ensure you have a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  2. From your computer, head to
  3. Log into iCloud and navigate to contacts.
  4. Hold the Command or Ctrl key while you select the contacts.
  5. Hit on Export vCard.

exporting contacts

  1. Now, the selected contacts will be downloaded to the computer.
  2. Securely connect the phone (Android ) to the PC.
  3. Head to Contacts and move all your contacts from USB Storage.
  4. Now, navigate to Export or Import contacts one more time and hit Export to SIM Card.

Note: After you have synced the contacts on your iPhone to iCloud, instead of downloading your contacts to your computer from, you may consider using MobileTrans. The iCloud to phone feature will instantly allow you to move all your iCloud data to your Android phone.

Method 4: How to Import Contacts from iPhone to SIM via the Best Tool

What if I tell you that you can transfer your contacts directly using MobileTrans and later export the contacts to your SIM card on your Android device?

Yes, it is conceivable. Here is the greatest file transfer application for moving contacts, videos, calendars, photographs, and other important files. It is secure and easy to use. You can first transfer the contacts from iPhone to Android before transferring the contacts to the SIM card.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

  • • Transfer both small and huge data sizes from Android to iPhone or vice versa fast without lagging.
  • • Supported on both Mac and Windows computers and can be used to manage data in over 6000 types of mobile devices.
  • • It doesn't compromise existing data on a device during data transfer, backup, or restoration.
  • • Transfer different types of app data including WhatsApp data, Viber data, Photos, Videos, and lots more.
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Steps to Import Contacts from iPhone to SIM via MobileTrans:

  1. Install MobileTrans on your PC and launch it. Then navigate to Phone Transfer.
  2. Connect your Android phone and iPhone to the PC. Let MobileTrans detect the devices.
  3. Use the Flip button to arrange their positions (iPhone as source and Android as destination). Select Contacts and hit the start button.

hit the start button

  1. The transfer will be completed soon.

completed transfer

  1. Insert the SIM and go to the Contacts app to export all contacts to the SIM card.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does iPhone store contacts in SIM?

Your iPhone does not save contacts on the SIM card. To transfer contacts between iPhone devices, you can utilize iCloud to back up or transfer content between devices.

2. Will I lose my contacts if I change SIM cards?

No, SIM cards do not store any data.

3. Do iPhone Contacts automatically back up?

When you enable iCloud Contacts, the data stored on different devices is synced to iCloud. If you disable iCloud Contacts, your data will not automatically sync back from iCloud to your device.

The Closing Thoughts

Now that you have read this post till here, you must crack the code for how to copy contacts from iPhone to a SIM card. You can use all the methods mentioned in this article.

However, as mentioned earlier, you do not need to save contacts to a SIM card on your iPhone to transfer contacts to a new phone. MobileTrans is an easy-to-use tool for anyone.

MobileTrans - Transfer Data between iOS and Android

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