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How to Copy Contacts from the iPhone to Sim

Axel Nash

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How can one copy or transfer contacts from iPhone to Sim in a simple way?

Congrats on my behalf if you have got a new iPhone, and if you are surfing on various websites on how to copy contacts from your old iPhone to the Sim, hopefully, you have reached the correct destination. If your iPhone needs a tune-up or is changing your phone, and needs a copy of all the connections from the iPhone to the Sim, here is what you can find useful. Unlike a copy/paste job, this type of copy task isn’t possible in iPhone to sim transfer and hence needs certain modifications. Today’s article on how to copy contacts from iPhone to Sim will instruct you on how to make it over.

Part 1: Can I copy contacts from iPhone to sim directly?

Usually, one thinks copying contacts from iPhone to sim is simple as a copy/ paste job. But in the current scenario, it isn’t possible. Before the emergence of the revolution of smartphones and cloud, mobile users haven’t encountered contacts loss issues from their address book as they sim cards stored them. iPhone and other iOS devices are excluded from this category as it isn’t obvious to do so.

If your question is that-can one copy contacts from iPhone to sim directly, then the answer is no as it would result in jailbreaking of the iPhone, and once if jailbroken, users can do such a copy task of contacts directly. It isn’t a recommended style.

Copying contacts to sim isn’t possible in the iPhone, because it doesn’t fit into Apple’s Philosophy. In contrast, the older type cellphones facilitated such backing up of contacts, data to the sim card, or SD cards, which Apple considers a substandard one.

Rather than such backup options, it has proposed reliable backup and transfer options involving syncing data to a computer or storing them in the iCloud database. As an important note, such copy activities to sim card aren’t allowed because those removable devices have a more risk of getting lost or damaged, and Apple doesn’t want it to happen to the users.

For such reasons, Apple products and iOS devices never have CD drives or SD cards in them. Despite users can back up their data in iCloud account, or iTunes, and transfer them when needed. Although the iPhone doesn’t support saving data to the sim card, it allows backing up of contacts in a different way. The next session will let you know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to sim without jailbreak.

Part 2: How to transfer contacts from the iPhone to sim card without jailbreak

With email, one can copy contacts from iPhone to sim card. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to sim without jailbreaking it.

MobileTrans - Phone transfer from Wondershare is a great tool which can help you transfer contacts from one phone to another. In the present scenario, one can firstly transfer contacts from iPhone to an android phone, and then export contacts from android phone to Sim card.

Some Features of MobileTrans from Wondershare

  • • You can transfer More than 15+ kinds of data, including documents, videos, media files, and photos with MobileTrans.
  • • 8000+ mobile devices support MobileTrans that include the diverse origin of Android and iOS models.
  • • The one-click mobile transfer is fast and user-friendly.

Step 1: Transfer contacts from iPhone to android phone

    1. Download and install MobileTrans from Wondershare in your desktop, and launch it. To facilitate, hit the “Phone Transfer” button from the primary window.

MobileTrans “Phone Transfer

    1. Now connect both iPhone and the Android phone to the computer. The software will automatically detect the devices. From the contents tab, tick on the “Contacts” checkbox and hit on the “Start” option present on the bottom of the screen.

Contact copying from iPhone to Android

    1. The process is now get started and will be completed in seconds. This way, phone transfer is made easy by MobileTrans from Wondershare.

Process completion in MobileTrans

Step 2: Insert sim card to Android phone

In the Android phone, insert the sim card to which you want to copy the contacts.

Step 3: Backup contacts on an Android phone to sim card

With USB cable, connect the Android phone to the computer. From the contacts app in the Android phone, click on the option “Import from USB storage.” Once the contacts get imported, click on the “Export to SIM card” option from Import/Export contacts.

Importing iPhone contacts to sim card

You successfully transferred the connections from the iPhone to the sim card. Using this way is how one can transfer contacts from iPhone to sim. As you can see, copying of connections from the iPhone isn’t a direct process but involves Android phone in hand to complete the task.


Here is the end of the article. Thus, that’s all on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to sim. I hope you will find this a simple way, and the foreword of MobileTrans from Wondershare a useful one in moving data from phone to phone. Stay tuned for more!

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