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How To Transfer Data From Oppo to iPhone - 5 Workable Solutions

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Have you recently switched from Oppo to iPhone and are looking for ways to transfer data in the best possible way? Data transfer is important when switching devices, but sometimes, data gets lost during the transferring process.

That's why we have listed five of the best ways that can help you transfer data from Oppo to iPhone in no time. And we have tested these data transfer methods and can vouch that the methods work very well.

So, read this article till the end.

transfer data from oppo to iphone

Part 1: How To Transfer Data from Oppo to iPhone via Move to iOS

The fastest and most reliable way to transfer data from Oppo to iPhone is via Move to iOS. This app is solely designed to help users transfer data from Android to iOS. It transfers almost everything.

Data supported: photos and videos, mail accounts, contacts, calendars, message history, and more.

Let's see how to transfer data from Oppo to iPhone via Move to iOS::

  1. Before you transfer photos and contacts using Move to iOS, you need to enable Wi-Fi on your Android phone, plug both devices on power and have sufficient space on your iPhone.
  2. Set up your new iPhone, and click on Move Data from Android on the Apps and Data screen.
  3. Download and open Move to iOS on your Oppo phone. Agree to the terms and conditions > tap Next > tap Continue.

agree to the terms and conditions

  1. Following this, a ten-digit or six-digit code will appear, which you need to enter on your Oppo phone. Then the Data Transfer screen will appear.

enter the code on oppo phone

  1. Select your data to move to iPhone, and tap Next. Once the loading bar completes on your iPhone, you can access your Oppo data on the new iPhone.


  • Move to iOS app is easy to use.
  • It offers information security.


  • While Move to iOS is reliable, it is slow.
  • This method can only work when your iPhone is not yet used. So, if you have already completed the setup, factory reset your iPhone.
  • You may encounter glitches while using this method.

Part 2: Transfer Data from Oppo to iPhone Through Google Account

While restoring your Android phone backups on your iPhone is impossible, you can still transfer some data from your old Oppo phone to your new iPhone through Google Account.

If you also wish to transfer photos and videos from Oppo to iPhone, you need to create a backup of all the media on Google Photos app on Oppo. Then install the app on your iPhone.

Data supported: notes, calendars, contacts, emails, photos

Steps to Transfer Data from Oppo to iPhone via Google Account:

  1. First, you need to enable Google Backup on your Oppo phone. For this, visit the Settings app > Additional Settings > Backup and Reset option. Then click on Backup my data option > Backup Accounts. Lastly, enter your Google Account.

transfer photos to google photos

  1. Then add the same Google Account to your iPhone.

add google account

  1. Lastly, Sync data on your phone.


  • Transferring data from Oppo to iPhone via Google Account is safe and reliable.
  • It is also fast.


  • Unfortunately, this method only supports limited data types.
  • Different methods for different data.

Part 3: How To Transfer Data From Oppo to iPhone 11/12/13/14 Manually

If you don't want to transfer data from Oppo to iPhone using the Move to iOS app or Google Account, you can transfer the data manually. It's an easy and convenient way to get your data on an iPhone without losing anything in between.

Data supported: photos, videos, music, and other files

Steps to Transfer Data from Oppo to iPhone Manually on Windows PC:

  1. You first need to plug your Oppo phone into a Windows PC.
  2. Then select the photos and import them to a new folder on the PC.
  3. Next, remove your Oppo phone from the PC and plug in the iPhone.
  4. Then open iTunes on your PC and select the device button on your iPhone.
  5. Select what you want to transfer. Next, click the checkbox for every category you want to Sync and click apply Sync.
  6. Or you can connect Oppo and iPhone to the computer and paste content from Oppo to the iPhone.


  • While transferring data from Oppo to iPhone using Windows PC, you don't need any apps.
  • It's a simple and convenient method.


  • It only supports limited data types.
  • You need to perform all the processes manually.

Steps to Transfer Data from Oppo to iPhone Manually on Mac:

Do you have a Mac? If yes, you can try this data-transferring method. But unlike Windows PCs, you need to install an Android file transfer tool to transfer data via Mac.

  1. First, download the Android File Transfer app.
  2. Then plug your Oppo into your Mac to access your Android device.
  3. Select the files and copy them to your Mac desktop.
  4. Connect your iPhone and transfer the files from your Mac to your phone.

transfer data through mac


  • It's a simple and convenient data-sharing method from Android to iPhone.


  • It supports limited data types.
  • It requires manual operation.

Part 4: Transfer Oppo to iPhone Using The Best Tool [Best Choice]

Remember that data transfer between Oppo and iPhone is a cross-platform transfer. So, you can only trust robot software. Wondershare MobileTrans is a widely accepted data transfer tool. It's one of the best platforms that lets you establish cross-platform transfer in no time.

Besides transferring files between 6000+ devices, it also allows the phone-to-computer transfer. And you would be surprised that you can even restore your WhatsApp backup on Google Drive to your new iPhone. Plus, you can create a phone backup for free.

Data Supported: Photos, Music, Videos, Calendar, Bookmark, Contacts, Text messages, Voice Memos, WhatsApp data, and Apps

Wondershare MobileTrans

  • • Transfer data from one phone to another effortlessly.
  • • Capable of transferring all essential WhatsApp data between phones.
  • • Transfer data from phone o computer and vice versa.
  • • Backup phone for free.
  • • Restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iOS devices.
4,085,556 people have downloaded it
logo trustpilot 5 stars 4.5/5 Excellent

Steps to Transfer Data from Oppo to iPhone Using MobileTrans:

  1. First, you need to install MobileTrans on your system. Then, launch it and connect both of your phones to the computer.
  2. Choose the Phone Transfer module > Phone to Phone to proceed.

phone transfer module

  1. Select the files and start the data transfer. Once the process is completed, you can check your iPhone to look for the transferred data.

start the data transfer


  • MobileTrans lets you transfer data between phones whenever you want.
  • This data transfer method requires no internet connection.
  • It is the fastest and does not affect data quality.


  • You need to use this tool on a computer.

The Closing Thoughts

The five data transfer methods from Oppo to iPhone mentioned in this post can help you transfer any data.

But if you want to stick to a stable and reliable way, Wondershare MobileTrans should be your choice. It is fast, convenient, reliable, and does not affect the quality of transferred data.

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